People Explain Which Things They Can Never Say No To

People Explain Which Things They Can Never Say No To
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There are some things I just won't say no to. Food, for one. I just love to eat. Bonus points if we're going to go somewhere. Eating can be a very intimate and communal experience.

It's the best, okay? Chinese? Indian? Want a burger? Why don't we hit up a pub somewhere and sit down for a pint and see where our stomachs lead us?

Yeah, my wallet doesn't always like it, but you know what, food is what makes life worth living.

There are plenty of other things out there that people are equally as passionate about.

We heard all about them after Redditor fistbump101 asked the online community:

"What is something you can never say NO to?"

"Free money."

"Free money."

"Well, I wouldn't say no to it, but I'd need some pretty darn concrete assurances that it was actually free. People rarely just give away money with no strings attached."


In our time of rampant economic inequality, there are countless people out there who would looove some free money.


"Food. I never say no when offered free food."


To be fair, I think I'd draw the line at a stranger offering me candy...

"Staying in..."

"Staying in over going out."


You know, even as someone who is pretty much an extrovert... the occasional moment when I've had plans get canceled is a level of joy that I really enjoy experiencing.

"In that order."

"Money, weed, ice cream, sexy times. In that order."


I'm pretty sure Lil Wayne has a song about that.

"Walking in the woods..."

"Walking in the woods when the weather is pristine."


A lovely feeling. Want to feel at peace? Take a nice stroll in the woods. Just make sure to stay on the path.

"My mother's Sunday roast."

"My mothers Sunday roast. And I mean a PROPER. English Sunday roast. With actual gravy, not the American stuff. Roast potatoes, roast leg of lamb, carrots, peas, Yorkshire puddings."

"Especially on a cold, wet, rainy Irish winter day after you’ve just come in from the cold and changed into sweatpants and a warm hoodie. Very particular but amazing."


Oh, you're definitely speaking my language. I love all of that and it's one of my favorite things whenever I'm in Ireland or the UK!

"The best I've done..."

"Buying a pet I want. The best I've done is wait three days but we went back and got the rats."


I hope those rats are doing well!

"Cinnamon rolls..."

"Cinnamon rolls and almost anything from Taco Bell that doesn't have beans potatoes or gravy."


You had me until you got into all your Taco Bell stipulations! How dare you, sir or madam! How dare you!

"A big piece..."

"Cutting myself a big piece of chocolate cake."


You had me in the first half, I'm not going to lie.

"A new Xeno game..."

"A new Xeno game from Tetsuya Takahashi and his team."


Ah, I see that you, too, are a person of culture.

Admit it, you have weaknesses too! There is something out there that is your kryptonite!

Have some suggestions of your own to share? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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