People Explain Which Things They Cannot Fall Asleep Without

There is little more important than a good night's sleep.

But getting a good night's sleep isn't always easy to come by.

As a result, many people have an important ritual or method which helps them fall asleep easily and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

So much so, that if they attempt to sleep without this method or helping hand, they might find themselves staying awake all night.

Redditor AdministrativeFox784 was curious to hear the things which were necessary for people to have a peaceful night's sleep, leading them to ask:

"What is something you absolutely cannot fall asleep without?"

Sleepless Nights...

"Apparently hours of sleep deprivation."- RaphaelSolo

Tired Stewie Griffin GIF by Family GuyGiphy

Give Your Knees The Support They Need

A pillow between my legs."- frann_ie

A Cool Dark Room

"A fan running and complete darkness."- Dangerous_Effort3355

"My fan on, I'll wake up immediately if it turns off."- keznaa

"Darkness."- MekkoL

Star Night GIF by TRTGiphy


"Ear plugs."

"I started wearing them when my wife started snoring like a buzz saw."

"Now I can't sleep without em."

"It's almost become a Pavlovian thing where putting them in almost instantly helps me fall asleep."- fartswhenhappy

When Your Mind Is Racing, It Has To Wear Itself Out Eventually...

"An underlying sense of dread and impending existential crisis."- Bigby11

Soft, But Firm...

"A pillow."- NorthernGamer71

pillow GIFGiphy

Keeping You Physically And Emotionally Warm...

"A blanket to hug."

"I curl it up and then hug it."

"I love it Soooooo much!"

"I think this is because I grew out of stuffed animals pretty quick, I was allergic to them, they made cough, and I needed something to replace those fuzzy creatures."- plop8624

Stirring The Imagination To Awaken The Dreams

"Either reading a book or watching a relaxing youtube video."- fh3131

It would be nice if we all had on/off buttons which allow us to sleep undisturbed.

But until we do, our own, personal rituals will have to do.

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