It's all too easy to think very little of ourselves, be it based on the opinions of others or just our own innate self-esteem.

As a result, we might look for things or words that might empower us, and feel better in the moment.

But, do these things or sayings actually empower us?

While they might make us feel better or stronger for a moment, does doing these things actually help us in the long run?

Redditor weltallic was curious to hear things people say or do that would appear to be empowering in theory, but less so in practice, leading them to ask:
"What is seen as empowering, but really shouldn't be?"

The Haters Gonna Hate...

"Insisting that you are perfect just the way you are and anyone who says different is just a 'hater' and shouldn't be listened to."

"Yes, haters exist."

"But if you're consistently hearing that you have problems from people around you, you need to do some introspection instead of cutting those people off for being 'negative' or 'toxic'."- Vero518

It's Just Plain Rude... And Agressive!

"Being rude and aggressive."- SuvenPan

You Are Worth So Much More Than That!

“'The grind' for money."

"I work in a warehouse and everyone just brags about all the overtime they’re working."

"One of the guys who has been there for 15 years told me 'we don’t get paid well because the job is hard, we get paid well because it takes up most of our time'."- AverageCartPusher

Empowered Doesn't Mean Awful!

"Often 'being empowered' is put forward to veil selfish behaviors."- Ruggiard

"Being a bully just to show your friends your 'cool' and can boss around others."

"Humiliating others to show you are above them is just pathetic."- idkybutt

Be Mindful Of Where You Invest Your Money...

"Buying courses from online business gurus."- YLRESS


"You are not a 'small business owner' if you have no say in branding, pricing, packaging, etc."

"These are predatory companies that sell the idea of empowerment through sub par products and practices."- OneBigOne

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Being In Charge Doesn't Mean Being A Dictator!

"'I'm a Boss B*tch' and the male version, whatever that is."- dirtycimments

"Being a b*tch/a-hole to everyone else."

"Example, I had a Sister-in-law that would always say, 'I'm sorry, I'm just one of those people that if it comes up, it comes out'."

"and I would always say 'OH so you have no filter for your mouth?'"

"'isn't that just an excuse for being a b*tch?'"- Feels2old

Name One Time This Turned Out Well...

"Mob mentality."

"Usually, the mob is emotionally stunted and without all of the facts."- ilaissezfaire

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It is important to find one's inner strength to get through the day.

Just always be mindful that being strong doesn't mean not treating others with kindness.

And "power" can be dangerous when used improperly.

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