People Explain Which Non-Sexual Things They Derive The Most Pleasure From
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It's hard to beat great sex.

But, particularly for singletons, sex isn't always easy to come by.

Then too, as far too may people know, there is also never a guarantee that sex is going to be great.

Luckily, sex is far from the only known form of pleasure.

Some might even say there are other things which are even more pleasurable than sex, and likely much easier to come by.

Redditor sparklingshanaya was curious to learn the things people find as or more pleasurable than sex, leading them to ask:

"What is an alternative but equivalent pleasure to sex?"

Always a relief.

"One of those really big pressure relieving poops."- jimmygreen717

"Taking a big long pee after holding it in for an age."- BilboSwaggins1993

Side-splittinngly funny!

"A real good laugh."

"I mean a real, hearty, can barely breathe laugh."

"Sadly rare, though."- dqflynn

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"There... right there... oh, yea, that's the spot..."

"A really, really good backscratch from someone when you just can't reach an itch."- DaynoDestroyer

Quench my thirst...

"Drinking fresh water when you're extremely thirsty."- Angiiiiii

Unbridled comfort.

"Very rare nowadays, married with kids, but sitting down in comfy clothes for uninterrupted gaming."

"No chores, no plans, snacks as a plus."

"The dream."-KnackeredParrot

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Hot and steamy... literally...

"On a cold and rainy day, taking a hot shower after you have been outside for a while."- 177Columbus

Hitting the sheets...

"Putting clean, fresh sheets on your bed, and then crawling under them while they're still cool, enveloping you in that fresh laundry scent as they gently settle around you."- NihilisticPollyanna

True love

"The joy of realizing someone you like loves you."- DRMRCX

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Goodbye and good riddance!

"Quitting a lousy job and peeling out of the parking lot!"- canadaguy9

For those of you going through a dry spell, maybe consider giving some of these a try.

Or who knows, maybe you'll soon discover a sensation which makes you miss sex a little bit less.

Or completely.

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