Women Confess Which Things Men Should Know About The Vagina

Female genital anatomy is not some mystical unlockable box holding an ancient curse or anything complicated like that.

Still, men often seem to struggle to understand it.

Reddit's here to help.

Reddit user Slow-Bluejay9648 asked:

"Girls, what should men know about the vagina?"

So listen, let's have a quick anatomy lesson, shall we?

All humans start out as "female" - fetuses don't develop "male" anatomy til later in the game and obviously not all of them do. It can be easier to understand anatomy if you understand that men and women are built from the same stuff.

Men are just women, the re-mix.


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"For the first timers, the hole where you put the peni in is a little lower than you think."

- DayaBen

"That was definitely a surprise the first time lol"

"I think we just assume you guys have your stuff where we have ours and vice versa. That's why so many girls ask questions like 'what happens when you ride a bike.' "

- ShellSide

"Fun fact, the 'seam' in a guy's scrotum is the result of their vagina closing up when they develop male body characteristics in utero."

- dewey-defeats-truman

"That really puts it into perspective."

"As a kid you’d think the opening and the penis were in the same location. But since your penis is analogous to their clitoris, which is above the opening, you have to go much lower."

- that1prince

Pee Pointers

"We don’t pee out of it."

- starro11

"This is too hard to comprehend."

- [Reddit]

"Women have two holes other than the anus."

"One that is their vagina and then they have another hole higher up that is the urethra. But the urethra is really tiny so it's not really visible at quick glance."

- Nefarious_No2

"Female anatomy is glossed over so quickly in early schooling, so lots of people - women included - didn't realize there are three holes for women, not two."

"I’m a full grown woman and I didn’t really understand that the uterus wasn’t just a big vacant sac in my body until I was like almost 30. It’s shameful! Sex education really needs to be revamped."

- lilmorphinannie

Moans = Same

"When we moan out in pleasure it does not mean speed up or do it 'harder.' It means keep doing exactly what you're doing."


"I literally have to remind my husband of this ALL THE TIME. Stop speeding up when you’re literally doing PERFECTLY."


"There's no harm in a little correction if they change what's working in the moment... 'no, don't stop, just like that...perfect.' "

"A moan is just a moan. Use your words to get what you want/need."


Acid Spit

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"Vaginas are quite acidic, to the point were discharge can bleach under garments."

- KennyJacobs1

"I buy my vajayjay cute panties and the b*tch thanks me by ruining them. 😠"

- awkwardaznbabe

"When I was young I was confused because I thought the discoloring on panties was a sign of being dirty."

"Turned out I just have a very high ph."

- Balding_Unit

"A lot of men (and women) think the discolored underwear is a sign of the woman's vagina being 'dirty' when it's not at all."

- sinistergzus


"Just because your ex liked certain things doesn‘t mean your current partner does. Communication is key and porn not a good teacher."


"It always baffles me that people don't seem to talk that much before/during/after."

"Sex in a relationship gets even better if you know what your partner likes, so be attentive and talk about it. Obviously don't overdo with the questioning, but a bit goes a long way."

"Don't be shy about 'Does this work for you? Can we try x? Do you mind if i wear my fluffy earmuffs while we do it?' "


"It doesn't help that many people just expect you to know what they do/don't like."

"They assume since you've had previous partners you should know how to 'please any man/woman.' Had a couple experiences where the lady would get a bit pissy because I ask a few questions to find out what she's feeling while I'm doing something."


"I would honestly be super disappointed in my partner if they didn't ask questions. I don't care if you've had 0 or 300 partners, don't assume."

"Hell, ask me as much as you want, it shows you care enough to want to really, truly please me"


The Mother Of All Myths

"The hymen has nothing to do with your virginity."

- zelihaalyshia

"People really do describe it like a freshness seal."

"Pop it open and you have 3 days to consume the vagina before it spoils, 4 if you refrigerate it."

- uuuuuuuhburger

"Also it’s not common the hymen completely covers the vagina."

"Most of us still have our damn hymen and it just stretches open- it’s very obvious when you know what it looks like!"

- throwmedownthequarry

"And also that there are so many different types of hymens that we don't get taught about."

"I thought I was a freak of nature because of my weird hymen."

"Turns out it's called a septate hymen."

- -Saraphina-

Terminology Troubles

"That the vagina is the inside of the female genitalia."

"If you’re referring to the outer genitalia like clit or labia, that’s the vulva."

- Myble

"Over 90% of the clitoris is internal. What most people call the clit is the clitoral glans."

- tallbutshy

"Ive been scrolling forever looking for someone commenting on this, thank you for pointing it out because I think more people should know this!"

"My genitalia is more than just the hole where things go in."

"But I agree with comments saying that there are no good words in English if you dont want to use 'p*ssy'."

"Imagine if we started to refer to the male genitalia as 'the shaft' or something like that. There are other fun things to also play with down there ;) "

- marresaurus

" 'Vulva' is just the exterior stuff, 'genitals' takes you all the way to the ovaries. Is there no in between word?"

- HRHHayley


"The vagina reverts to its original snugness."

"It shrinks after babies. Your penis is meaningless to it."

- garmonbozia66

"This! Women push babies out and go back to normal afterwards, sometimes the vagina even gets tighter after birth."

- Particular-Coffee-52

Your Potential Pool

"Dudes, if you openly use terms like 'meat curtains' or make fun of different types of labia, I can guarantee you that you have minimized your potential hookup pool."

"A) it can make a woman (who may have otherwise been interested) insecure."

"B) Women can’t help what their labia looks like."

"C) it’s a turn off to hear people talking bad about others’ bodies- just like it’s sh*tty for women to make fun of penis size."

"Making fun of body parts isn’t cool or sexy."

- 15nyb179

Rug Burn

"Ramming a penis that's dry on the sides into the vagina because its "kinda" wet does not feel good."

"If they're moving uncomfortably while you're trying to stick it in thats probably why. Either spread the wet to cover entire vag area outside or make the sides of your dick wet."

"Edit: for clarity. Friction doesn't equal pleasure. No one wants to feel rug burn on their delicates."

- Any-Cup-91

Proof This Thread Works

"Okay so man here."

"I came across this thread yesterday and didn’t think much of it except it made sense. But not in an eye-opening way."

"A couple of ‘sessions’ ago, my wife asked me to slow down and I realized how much longer I could last just by that little bit of criticism. But there was still that instinctual rush to finish."

"Anyway, so last night, things got hot and heavy and I remembered this thread and made an effort to actually slow down and just keep doing what I was doing when she reacted well."

"Wow. Oh my god."

"I’m not going to go into details, but um…this was a big improvement."

"So from a man who has only ever been with his wife, thank you for this."

- LilBueno

Before You Get Into It

"1) Don't learn sex from porn."

"We can tell what men have learned sex from porn. Vs. Having a long term girlfriend where men get comfortable asking questions and taking feedback."

"Most things in porn are done to look good, not because they feel good."

"2) Sex is extremely intimate, be comfortable with the person you're banging before banging them."

"Talk, ask them about their relationship with sex, approach to sex, what they are into etc...before you get into them."

- Lauraleone


"I haven’t seen this one here yet: when a woman is aroused the vulva swells up like a plum because blood is flowing thru."

"It may also slightly change color depending on her skin tone."

- SituationSpecial6247


"Honestly…you don’t have to know anything."

"Just be open to communicating & hearing what your partner has to say about what pleases her."

"That’s it. Boom."

- alexan3

Hold It???

"You can't hold the blood in when your period hits."

"I seriously hate it when guys say: 'oh just hold it.' "


"The school system will say that guys shouldn't know that since its not their business. 😬 It should be!"

"Cause then if they know about it he'd be a 10x better boyfriend, father, friend, and human for that."

"It seems to be very underrated of guys knowing female bodies and how they work and what is and isn't healthy."

- Rosy_cookie143

Salty Skin

"As a kid, I always thought vaginas must be really tasty, like sweet n all because I'd seen men just feast on it in porn."

"Boy was I disappointed when I learnt it's just... skin. Same old salty skin."

- dumbsheet_


"Discharge is normal and unlike body hair (which we can control, but sometimes choose not to, which is totally okay) we literally can’t control when it comes or doesn’t."

"So don’t call it gross because that’s equivalent to shaming somebody for living."

- Ssplitheartt

G Spot

"Not everyone who has a vagina necessarily has a G-spot."

"Try not to get so offended when someone can't finish from fingering/penetration alone. Some people find that hard because their bodies simply aren't built that way."

- baybaluzza


"Be tactful with your comments on appearance."

"I dated a blithering idiot who went down on me and literally said 'wow that's the biggest one I've even seen!' not in a sexy way like a woman would say about a man's dick."

"It instantly annoyed me. I still don't know if he was talking about my clit or my labia which are - at most - both slightly bigger than average."

"It was 5 years ago and I still think about that moment when I realised in a millisecond that I didn't want to be involved with that man."

"Have a filter don't just blurt out dumb shit that comes to your mind. It just makes you look and sound very inexperienced and unsexy."

- [Reddit]

What major vaginal misunderstandings have you witnessed in your life?

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