Thankfully, certain types of misogynistic male behavior is simply no longer tolerated in society.

Namely objectifying women, being loud and rowdy with no concern for other people around you, or expecting women to serve them and clean up after them.

Unfortunately, some stigmas are much harder to erase.

As a result, behaviors and hobbies which don't seem particularly "male" or "manly" are still often met with judgment by others.

Shocking as it may seem, no matter how admirable their behavior or actions, some men still find their masculinity coming into question when behaving a certain way, or doing a certain thing in public.

So closed minded certain people remain.

Redditor bewarethechameleon was curious to hear what modern men should be able to openly do without fear of judgment or ridicule, leading them to ask:
"What should men be allowed to do without being judged?"

Some People Always Assume The Worst

"I just want to go out with my nieces without people giving me weird looks because they are teenagers and I'm in my 30s lol."- PsyFi_ZA

"Be alone with children."

"Taking care of your kids without their mom around."

"Everyone thinks adult males are creeps around kids unattended."

"I can assure you most normal men are just taking care of their children."- soobidoobi

"Watching their kids at the park without someone thinking they’re a random creep."- Weirdo_palate

Seriously, Do People Forget Children Have Fathers, And Uncles, And Male Baby Sitters?

"Take their daughters into public bathrooms, parents rooms, without all the judgey b.s."- Xtina_TheGreek

"Interacting with children."

"I remember seeing a kid, under 5 y/o, looking seemingly lost and tried help him."

"Kid ran away, which is understandable, but then an old lady was looking at me with a horrified expression."

"I was eating at the time, if I was up to something you'd think I'd pick a better time."- ShienXIII

Surprising Though It May Seem, All Men Have Feelings

"Honestly the whole showing emotion thing is huge."

"Needing friends or emotional support."- DarkAndDepravedDaddy

"Cry."- numbskull56

It's Not For Everyone...

"Decline to drink beer."- fkredditadminteam

Kindness Is Not Defined By Gender

"Compliment each other."- SuvenPan

It's REALLY Uncomfortable!

"Getting their sack away from their thighs in peace."- ayresian999

One's manhood should not be defined only by the way they behave, or the things they like and don't like.

More to the point, however, should someone's manliness ever be the first point of concern?

Or rather, whether or not they treat others with the kindness and compassion they deserve?

Something to think about, before passing judgment.