Things That Make A Potential Romantic Partner Instantly Unattractive

Things That Make A Potential Romantic Partner Instantly Unattractive
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As the saying goes, true beauty comes from within

While physical attraction is indeed important in finding a romantic partner, it can be the sole factor one bases their decision on.

As some unpleasant surprises might be disguised in attractive packages.

No matter how chiseled their jaw-line, how much their eyes glisten, or how luxurious their hair feels as you rub your fingers through it, it might take only one small action from this seemingly perfect specimen to overshadow any and all remnants of beauty.

Making one think they might as well be on a date with a troll from under the bridge.

Redditor Thick-Lime-9113 was curious to hear the things which will instantly make even the the most beautiful people seem unattractive, leading them to ask:
"What immediately makes a man/woman unattractive?"

When You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say...

"Snidely putting down other people for no reason."

"Especially if the other person was talking about something they’re passionate about."

"That sh*t hurts my soul."- serbianspy

Compliments Are Easier Than You Think...

"Speaking down to someone else in order to get the group’s attention/laugh."- spaceflower890·

A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way

"How they treat others."- bawbsmith

insulting dan levy GIF by CBCGiphy

Open Your Eyes!

"Ignorance and a wish to stay that way instead of improving."- Tigydavid135

No One Loves A Know It All

"When they think they know everything/ are always right."- SoupAddict34

"Do You Know Who I Am?!?!"

"A sense of entitlement."- podgeek

Homer Simpson Fox GIF by AniDomGiphy

"But Enough About Me, What Do You Think Of Me?"

"Not being interested in anyone outside of themselves."- peywally

"It's OK If I Do It..."

"Years ago, before meeting a blind date for the first time she told me over the phone that she hoped that I didn't wear glasses because she found them unattractive and couldn't see herself dating a guy with glasses."

"So, I met her later, and she wore glasses."

"I find Hypocrites unattractive now."- nsvxheIeuc3h2uddh3h1

We All Have Our Limits

"They say they don't like dinosaurs."- SuvenPan

Jurassic Park No GIFGiphy


"Constant whining."- BulldawgHokie

There's nothing wrong with being stopped dead in your tracks after an impossibly gorgeous person walks by you on the street.

But best to reserve judgment on that individual until sharing at least a word or two with them.

As the first thing they say might camouflage their beauty in the blink of an eye.

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