People Break Down Which Things They Genuinely Do Not Understand

People Break Down Which Things They Genuinely Do Not Understand

Life is a mystery full of mysteries.

Some we'll finally get, some will stay a conundrum forever.

Sometimes no matter how much we study or agonize over a piece of information, it just doesn't click.

But that's okay, we're all here to commiserate.

RedditorDangerous_Mobile9188 wanted to discuss what aspects of life still leave confusion.

They asked:

"What do you genuinely not understand?"

Life is full of quandaries that I give up on trying to figure out.


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"Why people can't use a public restroom without literally pooping all over the freaking toilet."


Around the grooves...

"How a single needle can run through the grooves on a record and produce a fully layered and 'separated' sound. I mean, I get how it works in theory. But like... how TF does it work?"


"I know how it works, and I understand how it works, and I was gleefully trying to convey this knowledge to a friend when I realized that I am not able to explain how it works, which essentially means that I don’t actually get how it works."


Meow Team

"The thought process of a cat trying to jump on a shelf that is clearly filled with stuff and doesn't have space for it to land safely."


"The opposite, actually... how on earth does my cat jump on a shelf filled with stuff and somehow always land elegantly with all four paws between all the stuff without dropping a single thing? It surprises me every time."


"50% of cats have a 6th sense to avoid everything and 50% of cats are clumsy as hell. 100% of cats think they have the skill though."



"How consciousness works."


"I'm shocked no one has replied to this. Because yea. I haven't the slightest clue and i honestly don't think scientists know exactly how either. Such a complex system that turns into our thoughts and feelings, this is one of those things that REALLY made me appreciate the intricacies of our bodies."



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"Every time my grandmother sees me, I seem to grow taller and more attractive."


I love grandmas. They understand everything.


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"How people can raise a functioning family at the age of 18 or 19? I can't even hold my own life together."


Staying Put

"Squatter rights! They confuse the hell outta me."


"Right! So you’re telling me, I can get evicted/foreclosed for missing some payments… but you can’t get rid of squatters who declare a house theirs ? I should just become a squatter then haha."


"Squatting is basically the same. It's not that they just get to live there, but the landlord has to use the proper legal mechanism (eviction) to get rid of them. And sometimes, that can take quite some time."



"How crypto mining works... like what exactly are these huge setups doing and why do GPUs matter so much? I've read several articles about it and I still don't get it."


"This is an oversimplification, but they're trying to solve a math problem. If they get the answer, they get rewarded with crypto. But the math problem is very very hard. There's no 'steps' to find the answer, it's just guess and check."

"So you need to make as many guesses as possible to see if one of your guesses is right. And it just so happens that GPUs are very good at making these guesses. So if 1 GPU can make let's say 22,000 guesses every second, then two GPUs can make 44,000 guesses every second. 10 GPUs can make 220,000 guesses every second, and so on."


I'm Lost

"The wave-particle duality."


"This is the one man. For me this is the biggest mystery. Look, I don't care how the universe came to be. I mean I do, but this is much crazier to me. HOW DOES REALITY REACT DIFFERENTLY BASED ON OBSERVATION ALONE I sear this haunts me at night. Do i even exist man."


"Long story short, observing something at the quantum level is not as benign as observing, say, a runner on a racetrack. In observing something so small, the mere act of doing so affects the behavior/outcome. Imagine having to knock the aforementioned runner over in order to know where they are on the track. That's more or less how it was explained to me."



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"Cameras, I’ve been explained and seen explanations 100 times. It’s still magic to me."



"Willfull ignorance. Like, never in human history have we had the ability to find correct information so easily and so quickly. I love to Google things and research so I can learn new things every day."

"However, I occasionally encounter people who are proudly set in their incorrect thinking and don’t care to learn the truth about whatever subject at hand. It blows my mind… like, why are you comfortable being wrong and not learning new things? I legitimately don’t understand how someone doesn’t want to learn and improve their knowledge."


Everyone Sees Me

"The obsession with trying to become famous for so many people."


"Honestly i struggled with this and my music for a long time. I realized over time and I’m sure it is the same for others but I think it’s just a human emotion to want to be adored and being famous can feel like an easy way of feeling constant admiration from others."


The Evil

"How have we not overthrown Ticketmaster?"


"We need to overthrow Live Nation, who owns Ticketmaster and many music festivals- including Astroworld. Live Nation is evil."


"It's actually because they're funneling a lot of that money back to the artists but that way people hate live nation and not the artists."


The Machines


"Computers. Electrical signals allow what amounts to a bunch of glorified rocks to have rudimentary thought. It drives me insane."


Ok. Whatever.

"Why people get mad when you question someone at work. Like dude, I’m just verifying info to cover my a**, I’m not questioning your competency. I pull wire sometimes and we had a 3 hour drive and needed 1000 feet. They guy that loaded it didn’t do the math to see exactly how much wire we needed and just guessed."

"It didn't look big enough and I asked him how he knew how much wire was on the spool. Dude got mad as hell, saying he knew what he was doing and that I was getting on his nerves. Ok whatever. Three hour drive later and guess what? 300!feet too short. Wasted basically 6 hours of driving and the entire day of work."


Pile On

"Where tire particles go. Millions of tires wear down but there’s no giant pile of them somewhere. It HAS to be somewhere as a collective entity."


"I read an article a long time ago that said we eat or ingest a credit card a year worth of plastic per person. A substantial amount of that plastic comes from micro plastics in our water and food chain. A lot of that plastic comes from tires. Here's an article I just found with a search but it's not the article I remember. It's just similar and equAlly as troubling."



Opening Doors

"Master keys... especially for like schools and dorms. How do they open all the doors, but not every key works???!!"


"I was an RA in a dorm that had about 400 guys and girls in it. There were only 7 different keys issued to students. If they knew they could walk down the hall put their key in and open 1 in 7 doors, guys floor, girls floor, it didn’t matter."


"The locks have several configurations for the pins to unlock the tumbler. the key specific to the door and the master key. Master keys are just keys that unlock many doors!"


The Miserable

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"Narcissists. They will never admit to any wrongdoing, constantly believe the world revolves around themselves, and the butterfly effects are that everybody else’s lives become miserable."


Maybe there are just somethings we're not meant to understand.

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