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In order to live a happy, healthy life, it's important to look to the future and leave your past behind you.

Even so, very few people don't find themselves laying awake in bed at night, or ferociously chopping vegetables in their kitchen feeling resentful, or holding a grudge from something in their past.

Losing a lead role in a school play, not making varsity, being excluded from a birthday party everyone else was invited to.

No matter how long ago it was, it's still hard to shake off the feeling of disappointment and anger you felt at the time.

For some, the bitterness is. like a pot of tea, and only grows stronger the longer it steeps.

Redditor xefarar565 was curious to hear the things people still can't quite get over, leading them to ask:

"What are you STILL salty about?

When The Teacher Was Wrong

"In a 5th grade science test the question was, 'are there any stars in the solar system'."

"I answered, 'yes'.

"Teacher marked it wrong."

"I went up afterwards and said, 'What about the Sun?'"

"He said, he meant that all the other stars are not in our solar system and kept it marked wrong."

"Although I am harboring this for 50 years now, he was all-around one of the best teachers I ever had and just passed away a week or so ago."

"But damn, that should have been marked 'right'."- tres_chill

"On a fourth grade math test we had to make a shape that had only four sides, one set of parallel lines, and only ONE right angle."

"There were probably more requirements but I cant remember."

"I remember almost crying at my desk and spending 20 minutes on that one question while constantly telling my teacher that it wasn't possible but according to her it was."

"And the next day we went over the answer key, and the answer had two right angles."- Gloomy_CowPlant·

"In fourth grade English class (EU) I've used the word 'gross' in a random sentence we had to write."

"The teacher argued that it isn't a real word, I said that it is, that I saw it a few times in video games and movies and she said that they aren't a reliable source."

"I said to her that I'm gonna show it in the dictionary, but she instead grabbed me by the arm and took me out of the classroom and locked the door."

"To this day I am still fuming about this."

"And then she had the nerve to be all chummy when I met her once in a supermarket."


"In both cases it was meant like 'disgusting' and I know there are even more meanings behind the word."

"I wonder if she knows by now."- kuroishi_x

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Falsely Convicted

"When I was in high school someone tagged up the school."

"They announced there would be a reward for anyone who rats anyone out."

"I get called in the office and find out I’m suspended for vandalization."

"I didn’t do it and had no idea who."

"4 days later I’m allowed to come back to school because they found who actually did it."

"I just got an apology."- Imlouwhoareyou

When Nobody Believes You

"Me and some others in primary school were saying the biggest numbers we knew of."

"Everybody was saying like 100 thousand and a million and then I'm like 'a trillion'."

"And they refused to believe it was a real number."- Jhyanisawesome

When Parents Don't Believe You

"When I was in high school, I was occasionally allowed to drive my family's third car."

"It had a slow leak in one of the tires, so we were all supposed to check the pressure and put air in it if we needed to."

"I picked up a friend to go to a movie, and when we came out one tire was completely flat."

"It wasn't the one with the leak, so I put the spare on and drove home."

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"I got absolute hell from my parents about it."

"How irresponsible I was to not check it, I'd have to pay for the repair, why didn't I call roadside assistance, etc."

"Took it to get fixed, repeat the whole lecture as we're dropping it off, and the tech who did it called my mom and told her he'd found a nail in the tire and there was no way I could have seen it coming."

"She refused to apologize and I still had to pay for it."- EradiKate

Huge Fee For A Crappy Job

"Being charged $1000 for a battery an alternator change."

"They also destroyed my starter motor in the process and rounded a bunch of my bolts."

"They left tools in the engine bay."

"I don't even have that car anymore and I'm still salty."

"F*ck you Midas!"- funkyjiveturkey

Undervalued At Work

"3 months ago I went on maternity leave."

"The woman hired to cover for me was being paid 3 dollars more than I'm currently paid."

"She was going to be kept on as a full time accounting assistant after I returned, but she couldn't keep up with my daily tasks and completely fucked up several databases that I had to correct when I returned to work the following month."

"When I asked for a raise, they offered me .50 after telling me how crucial I am to the structure of the company."

"Needless to say, I'm looking for a new job."- chumbokosh

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It sometimes feels like it's impossible to get a bitter taste out of our mouth.

That's when we remember how in every recipe, you'll likely need a little bitterness to offset the sweet, salty and sour.

So, rather than stew in our anger and resentment, maybe take a minute to really think about how we somehow grew from these otherwise awful situations.