People Explain Which Things Everyone Else Finds Attractive But They Just Don't Get

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which basically means when it comes to someone's looks, everyone has their specific tastes and opinions.

And while everyone is entitled to the certain aesthetics that turn them on, there are some beauty standards that some people generally can't get on board with.

Curious to explore what those might entail, One Redditor asked:

"What don't you find attractive that society says you should?"

If it makes them confident about their appearances, people should have the right to enhance their look in any fashion.

But some observers prefer the look of natural, physical blessings you're born with.

Luscious Lips

"Based on what I've seen in Miami... lip injections...apparently."

"Looks horrendous... and yes, we can tell."

– ImBecomingMyFather

A Specific Sensation

"I don’t like the look or feel of injected lips…I just recently kissed a girl with them and it felt like I was kissing jello 😑"

– TallestSiren

Being Full Of It

"Lip and cheek fillers. Please stop making us think we need these things, especially really young people who's thin lips suit their face perfectly."

– AngelicWooGirl

Fabulous Gnashers

"Super white, super fake veneers teeth."

– machoseatingnachos

Pulling Up The Rear

"And those huge a** butt fillers where it looks like you have 100 pounds of potatoes tied to your waist."

– PolyGlamourousParsec

Dramatically Defined

"Jaw lines so sharp that they make their heads look like a yassified Minecraft Steve."

– YeahSheIsALesbian

These examples don't involve procedures. But they do elicit "tsk tsk" responses.

"Brand culture. People spend way too much in the name of brands."

– Naik0n_

Voluntary Marketing

"Fashion items with the designer logo THIS BIG all over it. Cringe."

– wiredandtired1980

Body Baking

"Artificial tanning."

– little_thing28

Find Your Boundary

"As someone who works at a tanning salon, yes. It’s very easy for people to over do it. That’s why I normally don’t recommend anything with a high intensity bronzer. We wanna make you look sun kissed, not sun f'ked."

– Catbuds123

Let's take a look at behaviors that are considered turn-offs.

Wild Fandom

"The obsession of famous people. Sure I enjoy art and athleticism in most forms but to be obsessed over someone who isn't even physically in your life is wild to me."

– 99bonanas

Pompous Punks

"A cocky attitude, I'd rather a genuine person who's awkward any day. At least you know they're trying to communicate rather than show off."

– TheTastySpoonicorn

Practically Begging For "Likes"

"The whole instagram thing in general. I do care about looks with a partner, but I care about every day looks, not making hair and makeup a personality replacement."

– gsfgf

Going For That Artificial Look

"Phone camera apps use so much processing AND THEN ON TOP OF THAT there's instagram filters and stuff like that. It makes everyone look weird and unnatural."

"I remember having to dig deep into the settings on my samsung phone to disable that crap because the selfies looked weird."

– Kyanche

Ditching The Natural look

"Filters on pics. They are getting so bad that they don't even look like they have real skin, more like mannequin skin. I'm a single guy in my 40's and looking for women in the same age range. I get turned off when I see a filtered pic of them. Like, you're older, don't hide it just to disappoint us later, have the confidence to show your true, non digitally altered self!"

– thefox47545

Desperate To Please

"I think it's more about genuine versus tryhard. A try hard cocky person is insufferable, but a tryhard cringe nerd also just makes you wish he'd stop talking."

– izactuallydolan

Bye, Felicia

"Fame. F'k that noise."

– SirPiffingsthwaite

The thing is, no one should be able to dictate to people what is or isn't "attractive."

If it makes you feel sexy, get those body enhancements and wear those designer logos proudly.

Those aesthetics may not appeal to everyone, but you doing you will get you noticed by someone who appreciates your confidence.

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