People Break Down Which Things Were Discontinued Without Anyone Even Realizing
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Literally every natural/curly hair enthusiast who read that headline just took a deep cleansing breath and needed to re-find their inner peace after having a montage of all the discontinued hair products they have loved and lost.

RIP, my beloved sea-salt texture spray that donated a portion of its profits to wildlife charities and foundations.

You helped me AND a ton of African lions rock our manes a little more fabulously.

Most people never even knew that line of hair products for natural hair existed - but those of us who did were crushed and had flatter hair about it for a long time.

Reddit user TurbulentDesigner829asked:

"What's something that disappeared/discontinued without people even realizing?"

Here's what Reddit has been secretly crying about lately:

Trailer Voice

audience preview GIF by South Park Giphy

"Trailer voice over guy. It was used in every single trailer and then it was like he was snapped by Thanos."

- Strumfius

"The original guy who made it legendary passed away in 2008, then people were copying him for awhile. Then the trends moved on."

- bebemochi

"You mean Don Lafontaine? Unfortunately that’s pretty much how life works on a smaller scale. One day it just ends and it’s like you were snapped by Thanos."

- Neil_sm


"Ring back tunes. So when someone called you they heard a song of your choice instead of the ringer."

- luvzandkisses

"Funny story: My buddy's least favorite song in the world is a certain upbeat Journey tune. Knowing this, I set it as his ring back. Then every time he'd call he'd hear..."

" 'Any way you want it, that's the way you need it. Any way you want it...' "

"His first voicemail to me after that was: '[Long pause] ... You a$hole. [Click]' "

- ifixpedals

"I remember that, still popular in Korea I think. Looks like most companies in the US discontinued it... probably due to the fact that they were charging a monthly fee."

- tarnin

"I remember going through a bad break up with this toxic lady and calling her back after some big fight and having to listen to Gwen Stefani yelling 'This sh*t is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!' "

- Pope00

Colorful Infections

"Colored toilet paper, tissue and paper towels."

"In the seventies toilet paper came in different colors to match the decor of the day. Green, yellow, pink and so on. Paper towels and tissues too, usually in yellow and green."

"They were discontinued when it was found they were a contributing factor to UTI's in girls. Also if you had a septic system the dyes interfered with the biological process in the tank."

- Ill_Maintenance8161

Wonky Wonka

Get Out No GIFGiphy

"The Wonka labeling on Nerds, SweetTarts, etc."

- PsychedelicLizard

"I never noticed that. I wonder why."

- alup132

"Looks like all the OSHA violations finally caught up with old Willy."

- flyingtoaster0


"Waterbeds? Those aren’t a thing anymore right?"

- marabou22

"My dad has had the same one for longer than I've been alive and had to reinforce the floor under it like a decade ago because his house is like 100 now."

- Aetherometricus

"Friend of mine in college lived with his dad who had one."

"Apparently him and a buddy were playing Xbox and his dad was talking to someone laying on his water bed and it exploded and flooded the whole house then his dad was stuck in the frame just cussing up a storm. Hilarious."

- Kulladar


"Public phone booths."

- Lallner

"We don't need the pay phones but a lot of people could still use the booth; sometimes you need a quieter spot to take a call."

- LeonardGhostal

Life In 3D

Season 5 Friends Tv Show GIF by FriendsGiphy

"3D TVs"

- NegInk

"I never understood it."

"I was like 12 when it was at the peak of its popularity, my dad had bought a 3D TV, all the cinemas had 3D screenings, I hated it."

"I just sat there thinking 'this doesn’t elevate the movie experience at all, it makes it worse because I’m focusing on the fact that it’s 3D rather than the actual movie.' ”

"Plus on top of that the ‘3D effect’ was just plain bad, it was never good."

"So at 12 I thought 'yeah this 3D thing is going to disappear soon I’ll just have to wait for it' and sure enough, I don’t think I’ve seen anything that was marketing it’s 3D abilities since like 2014."

- denizgult

"To work well they require good and equal vision in each eye. That excludes a large percentage of the population."

- addakorn

Sexist Toilets

"Pay toilets in the United States."

"They were everywhere until about 1970, but no one remembers. There used to be a box on the door; you had to pay to unlock it."

"I remember it being a dime, but it might have been a nickel. Not much money, but so annoying if you didn’t have the correct coin."

"They were eventually outlawed for being sexist, because urinals were always free."

- Sparky-Malarkey



"Movies, games, music, software is largely now rented, and can be taken away from you at the whim of the company."
"Some companies will even brick your hardware if you're using it in a way they take issue with."

- proximalfunk

"Seems like everything is a subscription nowadays."

"I don’t want to pay monthly for an electric toothbrush. Just let me buy the damn thing."

- DogMedic101st

Makes No Cents

heads or tails spinning GIFGiphy

"The cent symbol."

- passiveattackcat

"Woah. You’re right. Can’t even type it."

- buildadoor

"On my iPhone I finally found it when I held down the dollar sign, and it gave me some other options, like Euros and pounds and stuff I didn’t recognize."

"Apparently the cent has been relegated to foreign currency."

- nutlikeothersquirrels

Okay that cent symbol one really got me...

What about you? Did anything on this list make you a little nostalgic for something you'd forgotten about?

Is there anything you'd add?

Sound off in the comments!

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