There are just somethings (behaviors, actions, fashions, foods, games, etc) that I'll just never understand.

How do we accept certain aspects of life as understandable when it is clearly over the top or out of line?

It makes no sense how we will cherry pick specific things over others.

When it's not cute... I'm going to tell you.

Cry if you want, that's even less cute.

But I need to speak the truth.

Redditor Indieriots wanted to compare notes on the things some of us just can't give our blessings to. They asked:

"What can't you find cute no matter how hard you try?"

For me it's restaurant behavior. The litany, no, tirade I could go on. First.... FEET OFF THE TABLE AT ALL TIMES!!


Miss America Wave GIF Giphy

"Beauty contest for little girls. Idk why they do that. Makes me feel sick."


Dress you up...

"'Party Girl' clothes in child sizes."


"Yes omg! I'd add children dressed up as adults in general. Sometimes I see fashion influencer moms on IG dress up their children to look like a miniature version of themselves, and then pose with them... and I just find them disturbing, just let kids be kids ffs."



"Baby voice. I share a room with my sister and when she talks to her boyfriend like that I get genuinely mad and idk why."


"Once dated a girl with a naturally high pitched voice that I guess you could consider a baby voice? Her vocabulary and dialogue were 'normal,' it was just her voice that was really high. In any case, at first, I thought it was a little unnatural, but got used to it. Never thought it was more or less attractive or anything though."


Trying too Hard

"Public marriage proposals. Why putting someone you love in such a weird position?"


"Something I've seen that might explain it is that these couples have discussed getting married, and are fully willing to tie the knot, it's just a matter of when one will propose."

"So the one doing it decides to make a big gesture out of it, typically after making sure they're fine with it but keeping them guessing on when it'll be and what will happen. The problem lies with those who don't realize all this communication is necessary and just try to do something based on movies without considering that the other one isn't ready yet."


Sit Cujo!

German Shepherd Animation GIF by Jimmy Arca Giphy

"Wrongly/poorly trained animals with bad behavior because the owner thought it was 'cute' at one point."


Second... the world is not your babysitter! Watch your kids or stay home!

Alien Lerwks!!

snapchat filters GIF by Ingrid Michaelson Giphy

"Filters that change your face into porcelain doll. you’re not fooling anyone, you’re 45. smile is way cuter than that."


Age Appropriate!

"Adults acting like babies."


"I saw a grown woman yesterday whining at her boyfriend at the grocery store, because he didn’t grab the yogurt she wanted. He kept talking to her as if he was a parent and she was just whiny."

"Then she tried hopping into the grocery cart and he was moving it away and saying 'No! No! Do that and you’re grounded.' Then she started throwing a small tantrum and stopped when I looked over at them with a concerned/confused look. Keep your weird little kinks at home please."



"The turd emoji. I know it tries. It smiles so big and tries to look firm, but I just can't accept it as an ally. It does not belong next to the tongue face or the food or even the Russian flag. No redeemable qualities, and I can't turd emoji it back as an insult, can I?"


"I don’t like it because it doesn’t actually look like a turd. Give me a haphazard stack of logs. Makes more sense. No one sh*ts like a soft serve machine."


Not Cool

"People who treat mental illness as a fashionable personality quirk. My depression and anxiety have completely changed who I am to the point I can no longer recognize my past self. I can't remember the last time I felt happy or good, even with the meds. I feel bad for girls who are told their Tourette tics are cute."


Get a napkin

Baby Eating GIF by TLC Giphy

"Kids/babies with food on their face… and I say this as a mom who generally finds kids adorable and entertaining. Food on the face is just 🤢."


Third... tip on tax you cheapskate. This list hit me.

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