People Break Down Which Things Are Ethical But Illegal

So much of this world makes no sense.

Don't you agree?

Why do some laws even exist?

How can doing good deeds land one in jail?

Yet actual criminals walk free.


Ah... The yin and yang of it all.

Redditormonsterhunter128 wanted to discuss what the things we see as sort of the Robinhood method.

They asked:

"What is something ethical but illegal?"

I feel like a lot of these rules are only going to apply to the lowly of us. The rich will be able to do all of these. Let's see...


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"Paying off kids school lunch debt."


"I remember there being a school district with some kids who weren't allowed to graduate cuz of their school lunch debt so a local millionaire offered the district the money to pay off their debt. They refused it."


Oh America

"Apparently American pharmacists subsidizing insulin for their regulars. I remember reading about one who bought a month’s supply for a customer and she ended up fired and charged with like black market drug dealing."


"Technically, your job isn't to mess with the prices of the life-saving drugs, even if they're manufactured and inflated to 2000% of the cost of production. You're just supposed to give the people whatever prescription they need at whatever price the company says its worth. It's awful."



"Feeding the homeless. You can get fined in my city."


"How do they define 'homeless?' Also, it's not like operating a charity soup kitchen is illegal, you just need to follow the same food safety rules and permitting requirements as any restaurant. The main complaint was people violating certain food safety laws and handing out discarded stuff. The idea being you can't use homeless destitute people to discard of food waste for free."


Jump In

"Dumpster diving behind grocery stores."


I totally get it but also keep in mind most grocery stores sell bleach and as far as I know if there is a leaking bottle they have to throw it out and if they do that they probably open it and drain it in the dumpster. There are other reasons as well such as sharp objects and so on."


Good Night

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"Apparently sleeping it off in your car is still considered operating while intoxicated."


"Change my mind: The car should actually have to be in motion, or at least the ignition on, before it's considered DWI/OWI."


The world really has ludicrous rules.

Toss It

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"Taking food that was going to be thrown away, especially as an employee."


"The employee reasoning is because there was always 'accidental' food at the end of the night. That being said typicaly good restaurants will give their employees a meal for their shift."


No Adding

"Putting money in other people's parking meters which are about to expire."


"Similarly. In many states (including mine, Oregon), it's illegal to park in prohibited spots even if they're unmarked. Think that through for a second."

"You could park somewhere that is totally legal looking. Nothing saying you shouldn't park there. Nothing saying it's a protected spot (like a carpool spot or one reserved for on-call doctors or something) and it'd still be illegal, even if you had no way of knowing."



"Pirating media no longer available for sale."


"Combine that with the fact that the cracked versions of some games work better/are less likely to mess up your computer because the developer used drm like SuckuROM, sometimes for the consumer, it’s better to get the pirated version anyways."



"Pirating college textbooks. Half the time you don’t need them, and when you do, they’re often marked up 500% against what they’re worth. Downloading free digital copies may be illegal, but you bet your a** college kids share those links."


"Adding onto this, pirating any piece of media that has been abandoned or otherwise no longer obtainable through legal means. A lot of software is probably going to be lost forever because the companies behind them simply don’t care enough after a certain point."


Sour Options

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"Children selling lemonade without a license."


"I've seen videos of grown adults calling the cops on kids selling lemonade, it's pathetic. Those adults should get charged for wasting time and resources."



"Housing a child that ran away from their abusive/stressful situation at home. I still don't understand this to be honest."


"Because unfortunately if the child runs away and the parents are looking for them, it could be considered kidnapping I believe."


"Many many many many many predators target children and teens from abusive or neglectful homes. Legalizing this would be incredibly dangerous."



"Downloading pirated movies that either aren't available for sale or for which you have already purchased a DVD or other copy."


"And video games as well."


"I say as long as you own a legitimate copy, and you are not planning on distribution, you should be allowed to."



"In Morocco, you cannot hurt or kill someone to stop them from hurting you, even with the presence of thousands of witnesses or if that person was trespassing, you will simply have to hold back and gently let him hurt or kill you while you can't do anything because he has the right to sue you when he gets caught."


find a space...

"Putting money in strangers parking meters."


"Why is this illegal??"


"Because meters are supposed to keep people from parking in one place all day so that other people can park there. If you could just keep filling the meter, it’d be cheaper daily parking than most garages and would be full 24/7 and no one would ever be able to park anywhere."



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"If you work in a restaurant and the owners want you to throw away unused food, taking it for yourself or giving it away could technically be considered theft."


Let's Heal

"Healing plant medicines/paychedelics. Yet alcohol and cigarettes kill millions yearly, yet are still legal. Completely Immoral laws. What I do with my exploring my consciousness is my business if it does not hurt others."


"I can't stand drug laws. Sure let's have a drug that makes 99% of people be calmer than buddha himself be illegal and put you in jail. While allowing a drug that makes someone not have any sense for 'Oh wow I should not do this' be legal."



"In some cases, killing your kidnapper/rapist."


"Imagine being kidnapped for week, hell months and killing your kidnapper to get away and getting locked up for murder. Freaking horrible."


Home Issues

"In Spain, it is illegal to hurt in any way a home trespasser. If you find someone at your house in the middle of the night and you hurt him, he is able to sue you and, depending on the case, you might end having to pay a fee or even get to prison."

"If someone squatters your house when you are away (they change the lock and stay inside) and you cut off the light service, you will get sued for threatening. You aren't also allowed to use the force to get them out, you would get to prison. Your only chance is to sue them and wait for maybe years to a Judge to give you your home back."



"Wow. 99% of these are people with no money trying to survive in a way that doesn't actively hinder others. Taking food/recycles from the trash, eating food at work that a customer didn't want or that otherwise couldn't be served, pirating college textbooks, is it just illegal to help the poor?"


This list is ridiculous. I say feed the homeless and let the kids sell lemonade!!

Do you have similar experiences to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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