We are big believers in the idea that there are no absolutes and words like "always" and "never" are pretty typically hyperbole. Having said that, some stuff really almost never works out well and we should probably just ... ya know ... not.

Reddit wanted to talk about it, so let's talk about it.

What is ALWAYS a bad idea?

For sure the first thing that popped into our head was the "just one more time" thing with that one ex from college who was a total disaster but looked so good in those jeans. Lord.

It's never a good idea, though, fam. Never. NEVER.

Forget the buns. Let 'em go. There are other, more delicious, buns out there. These ain't the buns for you.

Careful Who You Vent To

Venting to a blabber mouth

- [Reddit]

Oof. I remember being in middle school and hanging out in the restroom asking my friend if she knew if any guys liked me and her saying no. She left first and when I left later all the kids on the bleachers (lazy day in gym) were looking at me and then they all looked away when I asked "what?".

My friends all pulled me aside talking about how it's so embarrassing and I'm just standing there super confused.

Apparently, she walked right out of the bathroom and asked the entire gym if anyone knew of any guys who liked me...

She was shocked in high school when she found out I had stopped telling her secrets for the past 2 years and promised she learned from the past and could now keep her mouth shut.The guy I told her I liked pulled me aside and told me he was flattered but didn't feel the same way the very next day. Jesus.

- AnimalLover38

The Last Word

Saying out loud that final line you know will "win" an argument you are in with your spouse. It won't win. You won't win. And it be better for everyone to shut it and walk away.

- mtftl

Yep. No winners with the final low blow. Just a lot of hurt and words you can't take back. It's never worth it.

- DramaticFantastic

The Lies We Tell Ourselves


Telling myself that If I stay up all night and the following day, I'll get my sleep schedule right.

Yeah, right!

- _lilBarry

I have a friend who does this. If he's got an interview or important meeting any time before midday he'll stay up all night so that he doesn't sleep thru it.

What happens every single time? He falls asleep about 8 ish and misses it.

He has lost so many meetings events and opportunities because of this. He's been doing this for at least 25 years now.

- Redland_Station

Social Media

Honestly, as an HR pro, I am always surprised by the amount of people who think it's a great idea to add their supervisor as a friend on Facebook... Then turn around and openly complain about the workplace or manager.

Personally, I do not add any coworkers on social media (with the exception of LinkedIn). It's just easier to keep personal/work separate.

- DannyC990


Telling your mum that you're bored.

- overwhelmed_banana

I made that mistake a couple times when I was a kid... Most of the time I wasn't even saying it specifically to her, just within her hearing.

Me: sigh I'm bored... Mom: You can do the dishes. Me: It's not my turn! Mom: It is now.

- I_btrfly

I would get a long speech about how much she misses being bored then a list of chores to do.

- zerbey

Fix-It Baby

Having a baby to fix a failing relationship.

Like what's even the mindset on that ? "Let's bring another person in all this mess, it sure can't worsen things"

- Matrozi

"Hey you know all that stress we are under and how we are having difficulty getting on common ground? How about we fck up our sleep schedules, make me incredibly hormonal, give us both a lifetime physical reminder that we resent each other and then fck that kid up by treating them as leverage instead of a person"

- JordanLeveledUp

Google M.D.


Googling a symptom.

- flyingsaucerinvasion

I did this when I was 13 and it said I had neck/lymph node cancer & I cried my @ss off.

- Qwerty172XX

My husband and I have a game we call "clicks to cancer" where you see how many clicks it takes before Dr. Google says you have cancer. It's usually less than 5.

- tah4349

Oddly Specific Bad Idea

Letting that married woman talk you into having sex with her. 10/10, sooner or later she's gonna tell her husband. And name you, you know, just to "come clean" about it all.

- SeeTeeThree

LOL I had a friend that slept with 4 of our married coworkers. She broke up one of the marriages and caused major problems for another that he was eventually able to smooth over with his now-wife. Two of the guys are quietly sweating in the corner waiting for that shoe to drop.

Some people don't care who they hurt as long as they get their nut.

- tonkotsuburps

Morning Alarm

Closing your eyes after turning off the alarm in the morning.

- 5hineepinee

I don't even hit snooze anymore. Once I break the seal of waking up, i've gotta move or else I fall back asleep even harder and miss the snooze alarms.

- NotSureNotRobot

A Losing Game

Gambling on a fart.

- Kingpin32

You roll the deuce, so to speak.

- gruv_3

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