People Break Down Which Things Are 100% A Scam
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We are inundated with lies every day.

Now in this era, our job is to call them out.

One simple truth?

Nothing is as good as it seems.

It's all a fake.

Redditor Doctor_Engineer wanted everyone to be warned about lies we need to be ready for.

They asked:

"What is 100% a scam?"

I think the biggest scam I fell for was Publisher's Clearing House. But who didn't?


ducks GIFGiphy

"The people that call my house trying to sell me duck cleaning. I don't have a duck."



"The individual who called me yesterday claiming to be 'US Customs and Border Patrol' who said I had an illegal package from Mexico in my name."


"I love these. I have an array of responses, including: 'Listen very carefully. You need to make absolutely sure that s**t moves. They know where you live' and, of course, 'What a coincidence! I work for ICE. Let me talk to your superior real quick.'"


"You too? I was told they had someone detained at the border that had my personal info and that I was the one who gave it to them. I asked them, being they claimed they were in possession of said information, what my full name, DOB, and address were?"


'good faith'

"The 'sugar mommies' on Instagram that keep trying to talk to me."


"I talked to one for awhile trying to figure out what his scam was. I'm pretty hot but I'm under no illusions that a 40 year old MILF is in very high demand for sugar daddies. He stopped talking to me when I insisted on a $300 'good faith' deposit to proceed."


Work Hard

We can’t give you a raise yet because (X), but if you work hard and prove your competency, there will be a raise next year."


"We don't have the money to give you a raise but if you quit we'll hire someone (probably less good at the job and with less experience) to replace you at a higher rate than you're currently making."


"Or better yet, work hard and take on responsibilities of the next level with your current pay and you might get promoted to that next level."



im sorry andy samberg GIFGiphy

"Nutriboom. But I will say this, Debbie Stovelman is happy, healthy, and alive."


Damn you Debbie.


Angry Lets Go GIF by BrownSugarAppGiphy

"Those Alpha Male courses."


"I took a beta male course once. In the first lesson, the instructor slept with my girlfriend. I learned a lot."



"Hydrogen-rich water. Had someone I know (this person is also into MLMs) try to sell me a thousands of dollars water filter. I looked up if there were any legit studies done on the health claims, and as I suspected, I didn't find any really compelling science. Turns out most of the claims pretty much line up with the health benefits of just drinking more water in general."



"Pretty much all Youtube ads these days. If it starts with 'this one trick can' or anything like 'doctors hate this' doctors hate it because they have to explain green tea doesn't cure type one diabetes. To be honest it's flat-out dangerous false advertising but youtube doesn't care."



"Kids iPhone/iPad games. My kid is downloading these 'free' games that constantly ask her to buy an extra skin or a treasure box of thousands of coins to upgrade and keep playing. It’s really scummy because they know exactly who their audience is, children who have no concept of money."



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"Anyone - A-N-Y-O-N-E - promising to teach you the secrets of becoming wealthy at a free seminar. I have a family member that got sucked into the Kiyosaki bulls**t vortex. It's a damn cult."


Beware the scam. People will do anything to part you with you money.

Do you have anything to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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