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Let's face it, no one likes explaining something to someone over and over again.

Of course, there are exceptions. Maybe the recipient of pertinent info missed key points from a discussion. Or perhaps the room was too loud.

But when it comes to telling a person something about yourself repeatedly because they passively listened to you can be annoying.

Or it could be that something personal shouldn't warrant justification for every inquisitive person because it truly is none of their business.

Unfortunately, these scenarios are not always so easy to avoid.

Curious to hear what annoyed strangers online the most, Redditor ihatenuts69 asked:

"What are you tired of explaining to people?"


"How tall I am. No, I do not play basketball."

– Skrivus

The Twin Dilemma

"Yes, we are twins."

– AcanthocephalaLess95

"My ex was a twin, and despite us being together for 6 years, I never could wrap my mind around it. I can't tell you how many times I asked when his sister's birthday was, only to to be met with an 'are you kidding me?' face."

– lbeaty1981

Why or why not someone doesn't do anything is also not anyone else's business.


"Why I don't drink alcohol. I'm in recovery but that's none of their business. So many people cant comprehend that not everyone drinks!!!"

– Littln12


"I am perfectly happy doing nothing. Nothing could be just sitting on my couch, or my porch, or on my phone."

"Not having plans is the best thing ever. I am a very, very, simple man."

– Racthoh

Language Identity

"That we don't speak Spanish where I come from."

– Much_Committee_9355

Just because people are a certain way or appear different doesn't mean they owe anybody an explanation.

My Condition

"That my eczema, and other skin conditions, are NOT contagious."

– spartanleaves

Manner Of Speaking

"Just because I stutter doesn't mean I'm mentally challenged. You can stop looking at me like that, thanks."


Hat Lover

"i wear a hat, beanie, or some sort of a head covering to work every day since i developed alopecia areata in 2013. i work in a plant and it's dusty/dirty/dry and so that i don't have to wash my hair every day, the hat keeps the debris out of my scalp. with alopecia, i lose a lot of hair when i shampoo."

"i am a woman, so many coworkers have asked why i always wear a hat. when i downplay it to i don't like to wash my hair every day, other women are like 'Eww, i bet your head smells. I wash mine every day.'"

"indeed, because it gets filthy from the environment we work in. every now and then, i will try to explain alopecia to others and they are horrified with the thought of an autoimmune disease that makes you lose hair in patches and then they treat me differently, like i'm gonna die soon..."

"so now i just say, 'I f'king love hats. Can't get enough of them.'"

– suminorieh77

Repeatedly explaining how things work can get old, fast.

Tax Brackets

"How tax brackets work."

– NameOfChoice

"Hell yeah. I just smile and nod now when my coworkers tell me their magic number of overtime hours you can't go over or you'll make less money, then just do whatever I want. I've tried explaining it so many times and they always end up looking at me like I'm the stupid one."

"Maybe it's cuz so many people live paycheque to paycheque, they don't consider their finances on a yearly basis. Or maybe it's because no one does their own taxes and think that math is some kind of mystical thing."

– remotetissuepaper

It's Not Personal

"That disagreeing with someone's opinion isn't an attack on them."

– LordPimpernel

I don't know if it's because I'm Asian and apparently we all look the same to non-Asian people, but I always get asked if I've met them already once before.

The answer is almost always an emphatic, "no."

This happened when I was introduced by a friend to Hugh Jackman at a party when he was performing on Broadway several years ago.

I certainly would have remembered if I already met Wolverine before, but that night, it was my first time being graced by his presence.

I gave him a pass though, because, he is GORGEOUS in person.

But still, c'mon, Hugh.

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