People Explain What They're Absolutely Sick Of Hearing Anymore

People Explain What They're Absolutely Sick Of Hearing Anymore

How many times have you said "I've heard this before" or "I'm sick of it?"

People are tired of hearing the same old thing time and time again.

Promises, lies, and nonsense.

We're tired on personal levels, professional levels, and even global levels.

Redditor fireonplutowanted to discuss all of the aspects of life we want everyone to just shut up about... they asked:

"What's something you're sick of hearing?"

I'm tired of hearing about how things will get better in DC.


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"The ringing in my ears."


"It's fun that as you get older, and more stressed, that ringing gets worse. Very fun."



"For the past two weeks it’s been the phrase 'pain at the pump' every time I turn on the news."


"Especially since it was like 7 year ago that we had similar gas prices to what we have now. And gas was that expensive for a long time. It feels less of a pain 7 years later."


"I hate that! As soon as the war began it was gas prices this and gas prices that... no wonder it's all people can think and talk about!"


Tuned Out

"Hey do you know this song? HA HA... probably not it's not your generation"

"As if you were forbidden to listen to music older than you."


"I am 20 and get this less now, but I love reading about history, especially 20th century American political history, and during my teens I used to always get the 'how do you know that? You weren't even alive then.' It just made me mad. I started responding 'How do you know about Julius Caesar you weren't even alive then.'"


Over the Shock

“In these unprecedented times…”


"In these unprecedented times, times are more uncertain than ever, and now, more than ever, these unprecedented times are uncertain. Now, with this uncertain new normal, we're all in this together."


"Came here to say this. We've been dealing with this crap for over two years. It's past unprecedented at this point."


5 More Minutes

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"My alarm every morning."


"Do you ever get so annoyed by the sound of your alarm that you start to hate whatever the song or melody is. And I it instantly gives you anxiety anytime you hear it out side of being woken up???"


I hate my alarm. It hates me on a personal level. Though I'm the one who sets it...


"Stay healthy!"

"Yeah, that might be a nice sentiment, but, dammit, all it does is reminding me of that virus, and for a while, this was being said all the freaking time to the point that it was on the verge of fully becoming dystopian 'bye.' And the way it makes my anxiety spike surely doesn't help me 'stay healthy,' so f**k off with that crap.

User Deleted

What Year is This?

"The other day my kid's school accidentally sent out the weekly announcements email from 4/14/2020 instead of 3/14/22. It started out normally enough, but about two sentences in it started getting weird. 'Distance Learning continues this week… Whether you and your family are sewing masks together, baking special breads, or holding zoom meetings with friends… thank you for your grace…. our teachers maintain a sense of normalcy …. during these unprecedented times…'"

"I was like WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS?! Distance learning WHAT? The mask mandate ENDED this week! Zooooooom meetings with FRIENDS? Aaaaaaaargh. cue Smurf-village-style running."


“not as bad as”

“'It could be worse.” or 'At least you’re not…' in response to me expressing why something has me in distress or sad. Like bro, I have no freaking clue how that’s supposed to help me either feel less anxious or solve the problem. But thank you for your 20 seconds of wasted breath. There’s always going to be a problem considered 'not as bad as' but it doesn’t make it any less of a problem. Rant over lol."


It's Important

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"Beautiful people will tell you that 'looks aren't important.' Rich people will tell you that 'money isn't important,' and those people will tell you that you got 'tHe wRoNg PrIoRiTiEs iN lIfE' if you chase either of those."


I'm exhausted of all of it.

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