People Explain Which Things They're Secretly Insecure About

Pretty much all of us are insecure about something. Even the most talented, beautiful, symmetrical, and well-paid among us have something they're not thrilled about.

One Reddit user asked:

What are you secretly insecure about?

So listen, if you're having one of those days where it feels like everyone else has their life together and you're just standing around in a Founding Fathers ponytail with no idea what you're doing like that John Travolta .GIF - this one's for you.

You're not alone. We are, all of us, the charred remnants of the dumpster fire of life.


I'm secretly insecure about not being wanted by the people in my life. That they don't want to talk to me or hang out with me and I'm just annoying them a lot of the time. Most of the time I'm perfectly ok but sometimes this secret insecurity just pops up out of nowhere.

Probably has to do with past friendships.

- antisocial0butterfly

I felt this. I'm super attentive to the cues that people give me, and if they show any slight disinterest or anything remotely negative, I pull away and start feeling like they are tired of me. It definitely ties into my past friendships and family. Feeling like a pest or the fear of turning into one is something I have always dealt with. Even now that I'm in therapy it still takes time to deal with

- ScientistWeekly


Liar Trolling GIF by Partiful Giphy

That I'm actually a very dumb person who learned just enough to sound smart.

- kor_hookmaster

Sounds a lot like Imposter Syndrome, where one doubts their skills or knowledge, afraid of being seen as someone who's lying or faking their progress.

- 1337b337

Imposter Syndrome? Sounds like something you normies made up to describe us frauds.

- kor_hookmaster

Ok boys tag this one he is onto us.

- BlueRockStar


The way I talk.

I stutter and I'm slow at registering information. I can't tell jokes without it sounding bad. I'm self conscious that people will think that I'm dumb, which I'm sure some already do.

I'm known as a quiet person but honestly I wish I could speak more. I talk to myself all the time just fine. I read out loud what I type, like I'm doing right now and there's no stutter.

Backstory: I was in an abusive relationship for 8 years and spent a lot of that time isolated at home with severe social anxiety. It's easier now that I have a job, I don't interact with customers much but being around people has made a huge difference and I'm not scared in public anymore.

But every time I struggle with words it embarrasses me just as much as it pisses me off. I don't know if I'll ever be "normal" again and that bothers me.

- LouTennant6767


On my zoom call with work today I had to speak without having mentally prepared for it and panicked so much that I just left the call and told my colleagues later that my WiFi is bad. (I'm a stutterer too btw😅)

- BlueFaux97

Somehow Incapable

That I'll never find a fulfilling, healthy romantic relationship because I'm somehow incapable of that for reasons I can't fully understand.

- jag75

I've had loads of failed relationships, surrounded by partners who only cared if they succeeded and would cast me to the wayside. This harmed my desire to be supportive and lead to a lot of stress and being cheated on.

I finally found someone who wants me to succeed. Thanks to this, I'm practically a ball of positive motivation when they're around and this has bled into them so well, that now they're wanting to succeed alongside me instead of in spite of me.

Those kinds of things are hard to force into happening and do happen when you least expect it, but not without some form of effort. I worked on my confidence, social presentation, and improved my over attitude in life. None of it was easy and I'm still working at it to this day. It never ends, though not necessarily in a bad way.

It sucks being in shoes like yours, I've been there plenty of times on various occasions in my life.

- Mr_Mori

I thought that for myself. I had dates here and there but never any boyfriends in high school, college, or grad school. I wasn't until I was adulting for a while until I found someone who actually had true mutual interest in me. It's my first real relationship has been going strong for 13 years.

- EarthLoveAR

A Remission Of Sorts

That I'm teetering on the brink of depression.

I was crippled by depression 3 years ago (at age 50) for the first time in my life. I've worked my way through it, but I would imagine it's like being in remission with cancer, you are always afraid it's going to come back.

- Frankle_915

I empathize with this.

I thought I was fully better a couple years ago after struggling through my teens, but this pandemic has brought back loads of patterns and behaviours I used to have in my depression and I'm worried the rest are coming with them.

- LostButYetFound

Keep It Moving

sitepandawhalecom GIF Giphy

My inability to remain focused on tasks that i have to sit still doing. Most of the problems I like to solve are philosophical problems in my head I can tackle as I pace around or go on walks or exercise. I can't even really play video games because there's always that nervous energy I have that I have to channel by moving around.

- SubstantialCourse17

Oh man, I'm with you. To me it feels hard to explain complex things or dive deep into philosophical thought without physical stimulation to distract part of myself so the more focused and analytical part can be active and calm. Like I need to give one part of my brain a chew toy so the other can relax and work.

- dy74n


My man boobs (moobs)

I was always a fat child and having man boobs was never fun, plus people would think it funny to try and grab them (I usually found it funny to punch them in the arm.)

Even when I lost weight and got fit and lifted and that, I still ended up with man boobage. Yes it was pecks now but I still didn't love tight shirts.

I always have a slumped posture because it helps hide the moobage.

- demonardvark

I feel this. It sucks. I don't even like for my wife to see my chest. My weight has been all over the place, I had them when I was toothpick skinny and when I'm fat. I prefer being chubby because they blend better. And I have slumped posture now, also.

- BPDSadist

A Writer's Curse

My writing. I've earned a living writing fiction for about seven years now. I've been writing stories ever since I can remember.

To this day, whenever someone gives me a compliment on my writing, the first thing that pops into my head is, "Well, pfft... what the f*ck do you know?"

Every time. No exceptions.

- PortaRossa

To me it would be weird finding an adult writer who is confident about their writing. It doesn't compute. Still, I also believe anyone who tries writing seriously for at least a week is now automatically better than 90 percent of people in the world.

- IAmPlatycus

So I listen to a ton of podcasts and apparently this is really common. In Harmontown, the host often mentions how he is never happy with the stuff that he writes for the exact same reason that you said.

- DoTheLaLaLaLaLa


Oddly enough, my hairline and the way my hair falls naturally on my face. I'm a female and unless I pin up the front pieces of my hair, I look really weird in photos

- Maraidlg

Same, I recovered from the virus and there is one side near my hairline that hair is falling out, you can see my scalp there and everywhere else too. I nearly cried as I tried I do my hair in some hairstyle.

- Victoria-Wayne

My hair is falling out on both sides at the temples and my part seems suspiciously wide. I have waist-length hair that has always been a security blanket, and noticing extreme hair loss has been devastating.

I have also cried more than once about it. I'm praying it's from something that's already happened and will grow back, but I won't know until at least a month or so from now when I can get into the doctors to be checked. I'm with you!

- luckycatsweaters

"The Woman Makes The Breasts..."

The size of my breasts. They are too small😢

- Moonwalkingzombie51

Trust me when I say that there is an impressively large number of men out there, myself included, who much prefer small breasts.

And to be really fair, their size doesn't really matter beyond the first half second of meeting a person. I've dated women with a wide range of breast sizes, and I liked them all. Because in truth, once you develop feelings for a person, you like virtually everything about them. Her breasts are great because they're hers.

The woman makes the breasts, the breasts don't make the woman.

- kor_hookmaster

This... This is oddly wholesome

- spunkygalaxy

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