People Divulge Which Things They'll Never Tell Their Parents
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There are just some conversations one can't and maybe shouldn't have with a parent.

Certain aspects of your life are only meant for you.

Go to the grave with them.

It's cool if you and your parents are open.

But boundaries are smart to have.

Tell us all the things the the grown-ups don't need to know.

Redditor tinfoil3346 wanted everyone to fess up to all the naughty things the adults on our lives can't know.

So they asked:

"What is something you will never tell your parent?"

I can't divulge any of my secrets. My mom reads me.

I'll Pass

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"My mom's cheesecake is just NOT that good. Everyone praises her and tells her it's the best they've ever had. They've even gone so far as to tell her to sell them. It's just not it. I can never tell her, though."


Being a Witness

"Seeing them so miserable together is the main reason why I don't ever want to marry."


"I can relate. I grew up in a dysfunctional family. There was so much emotional and physical abuse. My mother couldn't leave my father for many reasons. Now they are fine and things are not as toxic as they used to be."

"But watching their marriage, made me realize I don't wanna ever get married. I hate marriage. That's something my parents don't accept. They want me to live the life they think is good for me, without considering if that's what I want. It's just so messy."



"I got so drunk and stoned one night I let a raccoon in the house because I thought it was my dogs. I got the raccoon out but the raccoon ripped up the couch. I just flipped the couch pillows over it’s been a year and they still haven’t found out."


"What a legend. That seriously makes for a great story and someday when they're getting rid of the couch you can tell them about it. Plus, I wouldn't put it past some kids to do that sober. I'm sure you were a little older than most would be, but hey, you were also intoxicated."


F U Cancer

"That my cancer came back. My Mom is 76 and Step Dad 85 both with heart problems. They didn't handle it well years ago so now would destroy them."


"I hate cancer with every fiber of my being. I got diagnosed with it at 29. I was fortunate that mine was one that was beatable, but it was not an easy road. It was quite a physical and emotional rollercoaster. I don't know what kind you are dealing with or what stage you are in, but I wish you the best."



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"I died on the table. They didn’t know. I died for a short while and I’m back."


Now that is some daytime drama drama.


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"That I know my dad is not my real dad. Found old letters in my mom's things. The man that raised me will always be my dad."



"How much it hurts me when they degrade my success."


"I feel you. I just got into on of the top schools in Melbourne and I thought my parents would be happy and I would be stress free. But they are saying I'm not good enough to go there and stuff like that. I feel you. It hurts."


"Lemme tell you a secret, they know you ARE good enough but are jealous of your success and can't handle it."



"When I was 17 I was suppose to go to cheer camp with the cheerleading squad but after my Mom dropped me off with the cheer coach I told her I didn't feel good. My boyfriend came and got me and we drove to Vegas that weekend. We both had fake IDs and had a great time. How my parents never found this out... I will never know."


No wonder no one likes you...

"That they’re the reason I keep everyone at a distance emotionally. I can’t open up because every time I did when I was younger I was just yelled at."


"My mom would use my fears and problems against me later. I would cry about being picked on at school and two days later she would get mad at me about something and say 'no wonder no one likes you' This is when I was like 8."


"Same, and now that I’m working on it, it hurts just as much as it did then. I hope you find peace with the past, you are strong and capable!"


Leave me alone...

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"That I'm familiar with them, not friendly. Every encounter with them is soul draining on almost every level."


Oh the secrets we'll take to the grave. Mom and dad must never know.

What secrets would you like to get off your chest without telling your parents? Liberate yourself in the comments.

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