The Weirdest Things People Have Seen At A Friend's House They Thought Was Completely Normal
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What people do in the privacy of their own homes is their business.

But when you have someone over, you may want to spruce things up a bit.

Maybe cloak a few surprising items.

But maybe what we have or do in our homes seems very run of the mill to us.

So who would know what to change?

Redditor LiterallyEkam was inquiring about the things we can never unsee and asked everyone:

"What's the weirdest thing you've seen happen at a friend's house that they thought was normal?"

I've seen things that have ended friendships.

No one should be saving hair clippings.

Chow Time

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"At every meal, my ex's parents would set a plate on the table for the Dog. The dog would sit in a chair and eat at the table with the people."



"When I was in about 1st grade, my best friend at the time had a lot of temper tantrums. We were having a sleepover and I fell asleep in her bedroom. In the middle of the night, I woke up in a different bed with her father. I was so confused, but he explained that she had a temper tantrum and her mom went to sleep in her bed with her so they moved me to the guest room."

"I was young and didn’t understand that’s not normal that he was sleeping in the same bed as me, just him and me. I told my parents when I went home the next day and they were EXTREMELY concerned. I was highly confused because my pure innocent mind didn’t understand the concept of that..."

"Now as an adult I’m like, why didn’t they just move me to the other room, why did the dad have to get in bed with me? Lol. They’re truly good people and nothing happened, but it’s weird."


The Toilet

"More of a date story."

"Was on a date with a guy who was cooking dinner for me and his dog took a giant horse pee in the living room. I jumped up, a bit panicked, trying to get the guy's attention to what just happened. The guy didn't even look up when he said 'Oh yeah, she does that sometimes' and that was it. "

"I asked him if there was a towel and disinfectant I could use to help clean it up and the guy says 'I'll just throw some Febreeze on it after dinner."

"I suddenly realized the musty smell I noticed earlier wasn't from his cool and rustic cabin being under a canopy of trees, or that the floor in the same location that bowed when you stepped over it was because it was old."

"Ate dinner at a table that was couple feet away from the dog toilet. Left. Freaking gross."


Bad Applesauce

"Went with a few friends to one of their family's houses for a birthday party when I was like 15 or 16. We smoked, swam, and had a great ole time."

"After eating we settled in to watch a horror movie and at some point I looked around me and everyone in that family was sitting in the same criss-cross-applesauce position and slowly rocking back and forth while watching tv."

"Definitely not the weirdest thing on this thread by far, but something about it was extremely creepy. They were nice as hell, though."



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"Found out my best friend thought the toilet seat was for kids. He would straight up sit on the rim of the toilet and poop until I found out when we were in college at 22."


How do you get to 22 without such knowledge? Nevermind...

I Hate You

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"Family had like Styrofoam bricks next to the couch in the living room for the explicit purpose of throwing at the TV if they didn't like the show, or if a character said something stupid."



"A similar thread popped up a few months/years? ago and I will never forget the family that shared milk -- if you didn't finish it, it got poured into someone else's glass or the carton... including the friend guest. for some reason, drinking someone else's backwash milk is repulsive to me and has remained a memorable post."


Too Hot to Handle

"15 years ago. Visit a friend house who live in san Francisco around 3rd street (bad neighborhood area). Upon entering pass by the kitchen 4 gas stove flame was in full blast not cooking anything, no vent, you can literally see a big burn hole in the ceiling all the way thru the 2nd floor room."

"His mom was upstairs one of those rooms far away from the bottom floor kitchen, watching tv in full blast. Long story short. They are basically using their gas stove as a centralize heater for the whole house. Im a certified fire safety director at my work. This almost gives me a heart attack."



"Not really weird I guess, but first time in my husband's parent's house (just a friend at the time), I got to see what a hoarder house looked like. It wasn't even a well known term/condition back then so it just really shocked me seeing the giant mounds of stuff everywhere and having to navigate through it all. His room was clean, the rest of the house, not so much."

"They moved and just moved all their junk to where they moved to."

"My mother-in-law told me that she used to be really obsessive about cleaning. She didn't say if anything triggered her obsessive behavior to switch to the other side of extreme."



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"I walked into my GF's living room and out of nowhere their chocolate lab, from outside, jumps through an open window and lands on the couch. I just froze and her sons like 'oh he does that' This was in Florida."


This is why I never leave my home.

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