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These Unusual And Hilarious Nativity Scenes Are Truly Inspired πŸ˜‚

The nativity scene is a staple of Christmas season. A solemn event, it depicts the birth of baby Jesus and the wise men bringing him gifts, marking him as the savior. Naturally, people find some interesting and weird ways to present it.

The internet loves nothing more than showing off their best way to mess with a classic. Mashable compiled a list of their top ten weird nativity scenes.

Some were funny:

And some were just downright bizarre:

Cheese Nativity

The hipster nativity set is a personal favorite.

Mashable's list isn't the only game in town. The internet has been depicting the nativity in their own style for years.

Action figures often have a way of making their way into scenes β€” or making the scene itself:


Tumblr: TheClearlyDope

Dinosaurs are their own category entirely:

The Chive


And what would an internet fad be without cats?

Still, others get a bit more abstract:


Sebastian Bergne

Even the Vatican is getting in on the act. This year, their traditional nativity scene in St. Peter's Square is a sand sculpture. The project took a professional sand artist and three sculptors two weeks to create.

And it came out gorgeous:


Whatever the medium, the nativity is an iconic scene that has inspired artists for centuries. We hope the internet's strange interpretations won't be ending any time soon.

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