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These 'Medium-Rare' Post-It Note Versions Of Old Vines Are Hilariously Spot On πŸ˜‚

By now you've probably seen the wonderful art going around for #Inktober, the worldwide self challenge for artists to make a new ink drawing a day. Many different kinds of artists with different styles participate in the challenge.

Recently, the art of Taylor Reynolds has caught on by capturing famous Vines in her Inktober challenge.

Though the Vine service shut down in January 2017, the effect the short video service had on meme culture was profound. Many are still referenced in day-to-day life and even mainstream media.

People have been loving these drawings.

Some thought they were so good, they had to tag others!

This isn't the first Vine-inspired set of drawings, as Taylor points out.

Taylor plans to continue her Inktober month with the Post-its. These doodles are a great reminder of the kind of raucous laughter a mere six seconds can bring.

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