CARTOGRAPHY is the study and practice of making maps. It is a skill that combines science and design. Of course, there are tools that can help us to increase accuracy when mapping out a place, but it will always rely on some level of interpretation. Thus, map makers help to shape reality for everyone who looks at them.

These map makers (or map re-interpreters) have taken traditional maps and highlighted certain aspects of them, to re-shift our focus. Check them out!

1. Homicide rates around the world.

From UN Office on Drugs and Crime /

2. The most popular website around the world.


3. How big each country would be if it were proportionate to its population size.


4. The most popular sports around the world.


5. This map shows the results from a survey that asked the world who they thought was the biggest threat to world peace.


6. Worldwide freedom of press.

From Reporters Without Borders

7. Paid maternity leave around the world.

From The New York Times

8. Map of the world, 1154.

From the Arabic cartographer Mohammed Idrisi, from the Tabula Rogeriana (Book of Roger).

9. There are more people living inside the white circle than outside of it.

From Imgur

10. Internet users around the world.

InternetPopulation2011 DeSabbata Graham OII by Stefano De Sabbata and Mark Graham - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons / Via

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