People Break Down Their Most Random Childhood Memory

The Feels

Our memories fade with age, but the things that do stick sometimes unexpected.

We spend a good portion of our lives as children, but the many years of adulthood and stress can make our younger years fade into the back of our minds. Still, many of us hold at least one pleasant memory that may come back now and then. That's why Redditor u/Lekka9 asked, "What's a random thing you remember from your childhood?"

20. Mom made a poor choice of words

"When I was maybe 4, my aunt and I traded dogs because mine bit my cousin. She gave me a dog named Pork Chop and I had him for a few months. He ended up getting out of the house and getting run over. The next day I came home from preschool and asked mom what's for dinner. She replied pork chops and I said 'WE'RE EATING MY DOG??' And started sobbing uncontrollably... :/"


19. Dinosaur safety matters too

"Ok this one has alot of layers. So you know how at the beach in the ocean there is that barrier with a net and like floating balls to prevent people from going out to sea and also getting hit by boats? Well when I was younger I thought the telephone poles with the visibility markers where ancient ocean barriers for dinosaurs that where left over when all the water disappeared in the mountains. My logic was flawless as a child."


18. The best pretzel stick ever

"Walking into the living room to ask my parents if I could have a pretzel stick. I think I was 4/5. Its the only thing I remember perfectly from my early childhood. I remember what they were wearing, how they were sitting on the couch, and even what was on the TV. I also remember that it was a damn good pretzel stick."


17. Worst way to be seen by a crush

"When I was in kindergarten/preschool, my crush came over to my house for some fundraiser. I had just gotten out of the shower, and I loved to run around the house naked after a shower, but thankfully, that day I had some underwear on. She saw me running around in my underwear and literally half the neighborhood and my extended family knew about the incident within a week.

Also, I borrowed a copy of Shrek from my neighbor once and never returned it. Pretty sure I still have it laying around somewhere."


16. I bet the park was extra fun too

"I was 4, and supposed to be going to bed. But played the 'I'm not tired card,' and was whining. In the end my mom bribed me with a trip to the park the next day, I tried very hard to shut up. It worked though."


15. A bad toy shopping experience

"I remember going to store with my dad and getting this huge toy truck and being so happy but then he has a credit card problem and we have to come home without anything and being very sad."


14. Mom lost her mind for a second


"One day I was in the car with my mom, and out of nowhere she says, do you want a rocket ship ride, I was confused but said yes, she ******* floors it the engines revving and we are probably going 130-150 on the highway passing tons of cars, being a little child and not knowing the dangers of speeding I thought it was the most immense and coolest thing I ever saw."


13. I'm sure both dolls were perfect in their own ways

"An episode on this old show called 'The Big Comfy Couch'. The main character got a new doll and her old doll felt sad. The new doll was 'perfect' had a nice pink dress, pretty blonde hair, and everything. I felt super bad for the old doll and every time I watched that episode I would cry a lot. My mom remembers this too, I think I was about 2 years old at the time."


12. It was a bad day for everyone

"I remember in like 3rd grade, I woke up at 2 in the morning to throw up, and I ran into my parents room and threw up on their wall. It took a long time to get it all off"


11. It felt like a big deal at the time

"I just remembered that I almost ran away from school because someone took my spot on the swing."


10. The bee fighter

"Someone my mom knew came over for a visit. Her son and I went outside to play. He accidentally rattled a bee's nest. They started swarming. He yelled 'run for your life!' So I did. The last thing I remember was looking back while running away and seeing him punching the bees. I don't know who he was or what happened to him. My mom has no recollection of this."


9. Car names are confusing


"I called a bulldozer a duck once"


8. That took big nuts

"I was in kindergarten and I had collected these huge nuts from a tree during recess. A girl across from me had a huge birthmark on her arm and I kept staring at it. She got upset at me and was about to tell the teacher. I said, 'No please! Here, have a nut!' She smirked, gladly took the nut, and didn't tell on me."


7. Weird dreams stand out

"I once had a dream where a gorilla walked into my room, grabbed and casually ripped out my hair (it didn't hurt though), ate it, and then walked out. That's it. Has stuck with me for 20 years"


6. It was calmer times

"I remember laying in a play tent on my back with my legs crossed in the air, bobbing my foot, surrounded by stuffed animals, looking at a picture book pretending I could read. Either in preschool or kindergarten.

It's a nice little calming flash of childhood that pops into my head every now and then."


5. Did the mailman find it?

"My mum trusted me to post a letter for her and I put it down a drain cos drain grills kinda look like a letter box"


4. Why would they cut out a whole customer group?

"I remember when the Yorkie bars were advertised as 'Not for girls!' Forward-thinking, aren't they? When I was six I got really upset because I wanted one but they were not for girls but I took that literally because I was a kid. Nowadays, I eat Yorkies a lot purely out of spite because I have never forgotten the torment they caused me all those years ago. They taste great, tho."


3. A chef in the making

"I also remember pretending to be a chef and I took a bowl and put mud, grass, clovers, dirt, and water in it while commentator about the creation of the 'dish.'"


2. Super pee

"I once peed my bed and got up to go tell my mom, but when I walked into the hallway there were inches of water on the ground because the washer had flooded it. I just sat down on the floor, in the dark, and cried because I thought I had flooded the house with my pee."


1. Arcades need a comeback


"I remember my younger brother and I taking a Ziploc bag of quarters to the arcade, and playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles until we beat Shredder on the final level. Had a crowd around us by that time."


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