People Reveal How The 'Quiet Kid' In Their Class Eventually Turned Out


Quiet kids can be an enigma. We don't know what they're thinking.

Are they brilliant? Are they crazy? Are they both? And when we're sitting in class with them in high school, we are usually thinking, what happens after? Where are they going with their life?

These are the chronicles of the quiet kids.

u/A_Reddit_Commenter19 asked:

How did the "quiet kid" in your class turn out?

Here were some of those answers.

Makin' Bankin'

He was a few grades ahead of me, so not my class. Quietest guy in the school turned out pretty well. I think you could say that he broke out of his shell. He learned a trade. He is now a foreman and project manager for the company he works for. Has a wife and 2 kids. They all seem happy. Owns about 4 or 5 rental properties. Has plans to retire at 45, and I really think he will make that goal.


An Inspiration To Us All

She went on to go into computer engineering and is still the smartest person I know. She has mountains of math books completed and loves to code. Her art is also fantastic and incredibly unique across so many different mediums. She is so incredibly bright and wonderful and has such a refreshingly calm/clear personality.

I will forever be enthralled by her, and I am so glad I chose to be her friend.


Climbing The Social Ladder

Ours was a quiet Hispanic girl that was so shy she wouldn't even eat lunch in front of anyone and she wore her blue jacket everywhere, even in PE. By junior year she did a complete 180 and started playing sports and became a social butterfly. She ended up becoming a super rude person and said that she couldn't sit with "losers" like us at lunch.


Content Creation INC.

He would never talk because he had a Vietnamese accent and thought it was weird in middle school. When I say not talk, I meant NOT TALK AT ALL. He went into high school and ended up becoming a singer posting videos on youtube. Everyone in the school was surprised and now he still does that. He even makes videos rapping to songs as well as dancing. No one saw it coming and Im so happy for him. Hope he gets the recognition.

I don't think he's popular but here it is


From Alone To Solidly Friendly

I was the quiet kid. Around 19 I decided to work on myself. I would force myself to go to parties, or to cafes in my town and just slowly work on talking to people. I would ask questions I wished people would ask me.

It took awhile, but there was this moment a few years later where I was talking to a new friend and she said "actually I was intimidated by you when we first met.

You just seemed very confident and just could talk to whoever. I just thought you were too cool to talk to me."

It was the weirdest thing I had ever heard said about myself.

These days no one believes I ever had any type of social anxiety. I work in video games and film and have a pretty good friend group. There are definitely times where I feel shy still, but I usually can combat it.


A Day To Remember

The quiet kid in my year - let's call him Matthew - hardly ever spoke and kept to himself, as all quiet kids do. He was like that for 7 years of high school. Then one day in our final year Matthew picked a goldfish out of our school's fish tank and just ate it in front of everyone and walked away, a bit strange, we all kept an eye on him after that, but he remained quiet enough. Then on the very last day of school, Matthew completely snaps, smashes a window with a brick, and runs away, never to be seen again. This spawned hundreds of memes about him and a yearly celebration in between our year in his honour: "National Matthew Day".


Proof We Get A Bad Rep

That was me.

I was told, years after graduation, that I was expected to have gone completely nuts and have killed several people.

Imagine their surprise when I said I just wasn't very social when I was younger, I have a wife and a family, and that I was making more money than them without going to college.

The answer was really simple: I didn't like the people I was around when I was the "quiet kid". They annoyed me and didn't have the same interests as I did.


The Introversion Meter

I married him! He's doing really well now. He's a project manager for a huge construction company - very social at his job.

I'm a social butterfly and back in school, we never thought we'd be a perfect match hahaha.

I have a huge group of girlfriends and he hangs out with us too or with the husbands/boyfriends. We both understand he has a "social meter" that quickly drains so he'd step away to "recharge" it.


From Hot In My Car To Hot For Teacher


Quiet kid in my high school group never really spoke to anybody. He knew that I had a massive crush on him but it never went anywhere. He was arrested for drunk driving and lost his license and I got to give him a ride home from wrestling practice one day. Highlight of my All of his friends were pretty outspoken. I never thought of him as being exceptionally intelligent or a standout in anything other than I thought he was hot AF.

It wasn't like he was ever on the honor roll. I heard he went off to Texas A&M University and that's the last I heard. Fast forward more than 20 years and I find out that he's a professor of neurobiology at Yale! Totally blew my mind. I ended up attending his wedding when he moved back to Texas to get married to a doctor in Houston.


She Done Did It


At 26 she slit her much older boyfriend's throat.

I TOLD my mom I didn't want to go over to her house when I was a kid because she was super creepy and she made me anyway. I told you mom!


True Karma, True Life

I WAS that quiet kid. Present day, I'm currently making good money at my job, am well respected and liked now, I just got promoted, and am essentially just 'moving in silence' if you will. At the same time, I'm also getting my bachelors degree for a fraction of the cost at a University. All of the jocks and bullies from high school are all currently thousands in debt, cause nothing but drama and aren't very well liked anymore. Karma is real, and I love it.


Swole-ence Is Golden

He's one of my best friends and has been since 9th grade. He was this shy little twig. He graduated college with a degree in environmental science and now has a government job. A group of us all hang out to play video games and he's super jacked now from working out. He's a good kid


Here Comes The Quiet Groom


I was in a larger high school, so we had a few of those. One was a mysterious guy who was always quiet but always there if someone needed help. Met him a time or two and he was within an extended circle of friends but I didn't get out much at that age. A year or so after we graduated (same grade) he had shown interest in my friend/roommate. She just didn't like him like that and we started hanging out. We started dating and 9 years later we are married and adopting a teenager. Love of my life.


When You Break Out Of Your Cocoon

I was the quiet kid. Barely said 2 words through school. Started college and decided it was a blank slate and finally came out of my cocoon as a butterfly. A VERY extroverted, popular, flirty, funny, chatty butterfly. Had a great time. Went on to get my Masters and mostly worked in higher ed jobs interacting with top administration. Chaired committees, spoke in front of faculty, taught and presented in front of large crowds.

I'm most proud of, and would have never imagined ever doing, speaking as the Registrar in full regalia at Commencement in front of around 5,000 people....3 times!!! The only time I felt back in school as the quiet girl was my 25th High School Reunion. Everyone just picked up their roles like they never left. *ssholes still *ssholes. Grabbed my husband and left after less than an hour. Dumb waste of time. So I'm still talking non stop to everyone, lots of strangers and having a great time although my husband buys Tylenol in bulk from Costco. LOL. Never underestimate the quiet kid.


A Role Fulfilled In Kind

Quiet kid became a mime. I'm not f*cking kidding. Saw him in the square, he was eating. Mask off. Asked his name. Name sounded familiar. Asked his school. This motherf*cker was the quiet kid.


Why Stereotype?

I was the quiet nerdy kid. After being timid in grade school, I started running in high school and gained a reputation for being a strong varsity runner, top of the class, and involved in pretty much every activity under the sun. I got a ton of self-confidence even though I was still on the quieter side. After high school, I burned out badly and shrank back into being an anxious wreck. I'm still trying to be more of myself and figure out which person is me: the artistic grade school nerd, the self-assured high school valedictorian/athlete, or some combination of the two.


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