People Explain What Living Through The Pandemic Has Taught Them
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We are two and a half years into this pandemic madness.

Cases are rising and now we also have monkeypox.

What a time to be alive!

It has been a trying few years.

Hopefully when all is said and done we'll come through a little smarter, wiser and passionate about life.

Can we all look back and see what we learned?

Redditor hughjassjess wanted to share about all the lessons they took in surviving the Covid madness. They asked:

"What has living through a pandemic taught you?"

I learned I drink too much. It's a start.

Time Flies...

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"2 weeks can turn into 2 years real quick lol."



"The trajectory of your entire life can change in an instant."


"This. I was a dedicated museum worker just finishing my degree in museology. The pandemic made that all museums had to be temporarily closed, and then closed for even longer and I had to get a new job."

"Now I work for a tech startup and I LOVE it and even got a permanent position. Never thought I would become an office rat, but my team and company and the salary are just awesome. If you told me that before the pandemic I would have just laughed in disbelief."


What Matters

"Who are my real friends. That socializing does actually somewhat matter and that grades/career aren't everything."


"I 100% lost some people I thought were really close friends during lock down, they just never put the effort in and I finally saw that."


Just Me

"I really, really like hanging out by myself."


"Totally opposite for me. I used to love my alone time, likely because I never got it. After 2 years alone with just myself and a cat I was going crazy. Now I've found a happy medium where I get 2-3 hours a day alone and the rest is full of friends / colleagues, and it is working out well. Some days I don't get alone time and a few extra hours on my own the next day makes up for it."


Just yuck

Over It Ugh GIF by ZEPETOGiphy

"Life just sucks sometimes, that’s the way it is and there’s nothing you can really do about it and you just kinda have to accept it and keep going."


Life sucks. That fact has never been clearer.

Shake Baby

Disco GIFGiphy

"Dancing like an idiot to disco in my house is my favorite form of exercise."


Bad Grind

"That the 9-5 grind is absolutely freaking toxic as hell. The amount of free time working from home and cutting down on my travel time has given me. It's improved my relationships. Given me more time with my kid and fiancé. Less time spent outside of those 8 hours doing chores and errands. I recognize that this isn't possible for every career and I'm sorry if this doesn't apply to you. But that's why our society needs to change. People need more time to themselves."



"It taught me a lot. It taught me: I don't have to go to an office to work. I can have a deep relationship with my kids. I can re-shingle my garage. I can walk my dog during the day instead of staring at my office wall. I can sell my second car and save on gas and insurance. I can be happy and fulfilled."



"It taught me that I love my partner and we work together well in difficult times. We started an illegal take out food business to make ends meet, we started cooking at 8 am and had all the food in containers and ready to go at 6pm for about 20 people per night."

"I am a furniture maker who lost access to my woodshop with so many people testing positive. My girlfriend is a PhD student who couldn’t go to school and get paid for TA hours. We both had never worked in the food industry. We decided to isolate together and made a ridiculously successful business. A year later we got married, because we kicked the crap out of lockdown."


Noises Off

"That when the time comes the rich and politicians will throw us under the bus and then complain about the noise it makes."


What a time it was. What a time it still is. Good luck all.

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