Two words. Two little words. Two little words that carry an enormous amount of power, if only we were strong enough to say them when we should.

"I'm sorry." "I apologize." Or... "I was wrong." "Forgive me."

Why is that such an arduous task? Most of us learn far too late in life that apologizing has great value and no shame.

Can you imagine the amount of drama and pain we could all avoid by just admitting our faults and asking for forgiveness? We say we want world peace... well here is one way to get it.

We're all too prideful. And when we finally learn the error of our ways, the damage has been done and you lose you chance to say it.

Redditor 4fingersand9toes wanted to know about who is the person that haunts you because you can't say... "I'm sorry."

They asked:

"Who is someone from your past you want to apologize to and why?"

When it comes to apologies... I couldn't even give you a ballpark number.

So I'm sorry to everybody.

Just in case...

Moved On...

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"1st fiancee. Sorry that I found drugs and booze. You were right and I'm happy your life has gone well. It's been 20 years and we were both young. She rightly moved on and lived her life without me just fine. It'd be just self serving now at this point." ~ palostabandgrab

I’m proud of you...

"My younger self. I’m so sorry I said all those mean and degrading things to you to make you work and study harder. I should’ve told you that I love you and that I’m proud of you. I’m sorry I made you want to hurt yourself for not reaching your parent's ridiculous high expectations." ~ foreverbrokeaf

but I can’t...

"My older brother. He passed away in 2004 and we had a big fight before that I never apologized for. It’ll always eat at me and I know people will say 'he wouldn’t want you to dwell on that and he’d want you to live a good life' but I can’t. No matter how hard I try. I know I’ll never see him again and it’s the biggest regret and torment I have in life. I love you brother and I’m eternally sorry." ~ potluck88

I Didn't Know!

"I'd want to apologize to a girl I knew when I was 15. She was really into me and very kind and very proudly bi. She’d always jump on me and hug me and really just genuinely like me. But I pushed her away and was bit sharp with her… lo and behold that was my internalized homophobia popping up as I am now a proudly out lesbian. I’m sorry, you." ~ Competitive-Cry1989

Love you mom...

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"My mom. She died giving birth to me along with my twin sister. I know it's not my fault but I feel like it is." ~ Waffle-Azul

Losing someone in death and never getting that chance to right things; that is a hard one. Don't let that happen.

You are Worthy!

High Five Mtv GIF by INTO ACTION Giphy

"I'm sorry to younger me, sorry I couldn't see your worth, I'm sorry that I couldn't see you as a person who was as capable as anyone else, I'm sorry for the lack of confidence- I'm sorry for all the damage such thoughts caused you." ~ wasabi_mama

I was Dumb

"From the age of 12 to 17 I took care of my dying grandmother through her stages of sickness. My grandfather had gotten addicted to drugs, and it was literally me and her against the world. I had to come home right after school, could not play or hang out with friends, because she needed help."

"I would often stress at school because I had found her on the ground after falls and she had laid there for hours until I got home. It was a constant state of stress and fear. By the time I was 16-17, near her sickest point, I was so angry all of the time. I’d get so frustrated when she called my name."

"I was impatient with her for so many dumb things. I made her feel like the burden, and she died so tired and sad. I hate myself for how I treated her in that last year. I wish I could tell her I’d give anything to spend that last year differently , and that I was so sorry for the things I said." ~ Nspired_1


"My friend had just had a baby (we were mid 20s) and I was annoyed that she wasn't being supportive when I was going through something which in hindsight wasn't important enough to be as upset as I was. I was selfish and acting like a toddler throwing a fit when I wasn't getting attention. I would apologize for trying to imply her life should revolve around me." ~ alanastew

She was hungry...

"A girl at school, when I was younger and still in school there was this girl who would go around stealing people's food, she stole my food again and i was sick of it so I punched her in her nose and attempted to shove my food down her throat, she was always stealing just food... now that I'm older I think about her and realize she was always extremely skinny, and I never saw her bring her own food or lunchbox, maybe she wasn't well fed... I'm sorry to her." ~ Vanilla4Pistachio

Anger Issues

Look Whos Talking Now Reaction GIF Giphy

"Probably everyone. I was such a short tempered child, and anything would make me angry." ~ robothelicopter

Practice humility, it's a gift. Apologize now. Now is all we've got.

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