1/30. In American Horror Story, Evan Peters accidentally flashed Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson, while wearing a cock sock, on the first day of shooting Asylum.

2/30. In American Idol, Americans cast more votes in the election of Taylor Hicks than the 1984 presidential election of Ronald Reagan.

3/30. In Archer, the show seems to be linked to a noticeable increase in parents naming their kids Archer in 2014.

4/30. In Arrested Development, David Cross had to fight Fox to keep Tobias mustache as the executive had a no-mustaches policy.

5/30. In Battlestar Galactica, Admiral Adama uses a mirror that is sold at IKEA and is called FRCK.

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6/30. In Bobs Burgers, Loren Bouchard pitched the show as a family of cannibals who runs a restaurant.

7/30. In Bones, one of the writers, Dean Lopata, first acted as a victim on the show before joining the staff.

8/30. In Boy Meets World, Disney wouldnt let any of the actors take mementos from the set after the show wrapped, but Rider Strong stole the leather jacket.

9/30. In Breaking Bad, AMC would only allow the writers to use one f*ck per season as long as it was dipped.

10/30. In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the cast partook in real firearms training before filming.

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11/30. In Community, Abed is based off of a real actor named Abed Gheith.

12/30. In CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, the show fired both George Eads and Jorja Fox and then immediately hired them back in 2004.

13/30. In Curb Your Enthusiasm, footage from an episode cleared a man of murder in real life.

14/30. In Family Guy, Seth Green bases Chris voice off of the character Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs.

15/30. In Freaks and Geeks, Paul Feig and Judd Apatow didnt think James Franco was attractive and that his mouth was too big for his face for him to be a star.

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16/30. In Friends, Matthew Perry was Courtney Coxs man slave on set due to losing a bet.

17/30. In Friday Night Lights, during the first few seasons opening credits, Jesse Plemons name is the only one that corresponds to when hes onscreen.

18/30. In Futurama, writer Ken Keeler developed a real mathematical theorem called the Futurama theorem solely to be used in an episode.

19/30. Game of Thrones is filmed in the same factory that made the RMS Titanic.

20/30. HBO fired Lena Dunham from a different project right before Girls was picked up.

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21/30. For Gossip Girl, CW felt that Ed Westwick looked like a serial killer and had doubts about him being a romantic lead.

22/30. In Greys Anatomy, the writers created a gossip novel based on the show thats considered canon and its written in blog posts and text messages.

23/30. Actor Josh Radnor, in How I Met Your Mother, has a severe allergy of dog dander which made filming scenes with Robins dogs extremely difficult.

24/30. The character of John Munch from Law and Order:SVU has been in many other shows including The Wire, 30 Rock and The X-Files.

25/30. The pilot episode of Lost was so expensive that the Chairman of ABC was fired for greenlighting it.

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26/30. Despite the characters simple-mindedness Modern Family, the young actor who plays Luke is a real life genius.

27/30. To keep from laughing in Nathan For You, Nathan keeps from laughing by acting like hes picking something out of his teeth with a finger and if that doesnt work he then asks for floss.

28/30. During auditions for New Girl, Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield texted each other throughout, to make sure they werent matching clothes or colors.

29/30. In Orange Is the New Black, there are multiple theories as to why Red got her nickname, besides the color of her hair. A reference to the red communists due to the characters Russian backgrounds? Or the nickname is referencing Morgan Freemans character in The Shawshank Redemption as he smuggles contraband for the other inmates? All three?

30/30. In Parks and Recreation, Perd Hapley is actually a real news reporter and also leads a jazz band.

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