The Newest Tesla Model Apparently Has A 'Fart Mode' That Will Have You Cackling


The control tablet in Tesla's new Model 3 does almost everything: it controls the A/C, tracks your speed, gives your directions, opens the power ports, and can even drive the car for you (using Tesla's autonomous driving systems). It is also capable of one feat which few sci-fi novels could have ever predicted: fart mode.

The tablet contains one "drawer" filled specifically with Tesla Easter Eggs—fun add-ons meant only for humor or novelty. While the Atari video games or crackling fire and enticing music of "romance mode" may grab some people's attention, the most exciting new technological breakthrough in the Model Three can be found by pressing the whoopee cushion icon.

Using "Fart Mode," the tablet user can make it sound like any one of the car's passengers is tooting in one of seven distinct different ways, each given a name referencing an inside joke from Tesla culture.

On Twitter, several Tesla drivers were also experimenting with the ability to toot every time a turn signal was activated:

Twitter users knew the future when they saw it:

The possibilities implied by fart mode are staggering to say the least.

Fart mode is going to sell more cars than some engine ever did.

With fart mode a part of life, things are only getting better!

Well done, Elon Musk.

Congratulations on the technological breakthrough of the century!

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