People Explain Which Terrible Products Are Actually Sold By The Millions

Terrible products usually flop before they make it big, but sometimes a truly awful item hits the market at just the right time and starts to sell, sell, sell.

Many of us have looked at something we or a loved one bought just a few days later and asked ourselves, "why on Earth did we pay money for this?"

Reddit user eyeleegal asked:

"What terrible product sells by the millions?"

Get The Good Pencils

"Sh*tty pencils."

"They're cheaper so it's what all the parents buy at back to school time, but they're so bad."

"-They break too easily. -They can't be sharpened because the lead falls out or isn't centered. -They ruin good sharpeners. -Erasers either don't work or disintegrate instantly."

"Get Ticonderoga or Staedtler. 1 pencil of either of these is worth 20 of the no names."


Literally None Of These Work

Get Rich Quick Books/schemes particularly ones showing how easy it is to make passive income. -Mr_Seymore_Butts

Don't Buy These!

"Hartz brand pet flea treatments/medication. It's dangerous and has been the cause of death for many pets. IIRC it's a nerve agent that's supposed to make the pet's blood toxic to fleas."

"I used some on my cat once and she started freaking out, then had trouble waking normally (her legs were twitching and kicking, clearly out of her control), and tears of brown thick liquid started streaming down her face. I picked her up and frantically gave her a bath hoping to wash any of the remaining chemicals off the back of her neck before any more of that poison seeped "


Tap Water Is Fine In Most Places

Bottled water, there's so much totally unnecessary waste from that. I use a reusable bottle all the time and refill it often. It's way cheaper too.


Sneakers Don't Need To Cost $1k

​"I just saw an ex-partner of high school showed their new Balenciaga sneakers on social media. I remember it is one of the famous expensive brands in the world so I went to their official page and search for those sneakers' price: $1050! WTF?! That is nearly five minimum salaries together in my country. ☹️"


"And they look like something out of JCPenny that has been bedazzled."


You're Paying For The Name

"All massive/famous brands such as Gucci etc"

"They are all honestly made ridiculously cheap and ur getting overcharged for fabric u won't use in a few months. U can probably find clothing/items made of the exact same thing but it will be hundreds or thousands of £/$ cheaper because it doesn't have the words 'Gucci on it"


"As with any fashion house, Gucci produces plenty of very high quality, unbranded clothing. They even outsource their suit making to Zegna, which is one of the best suit makers in the world."

"The reason why Gucci is always the brand mentioned is because they don't differentiate the cheap (to produce, that is) branded crap from the nice stuff. It's all lumped under the "Gucci" umbrella, when it's more like the difference between Dolce & Gabbana and D&G back in the day."


It's So Scratchy

homer simpson episode 6 GIF Giphy

"big rolls of one-ply toilet paper"


"It actually serves a purpose. Imaging having 3 small girls that believe you need 15 feet of tp to blot yourself dry. Cottonelle roll will last 3 hours."


Not So Golden

"Reddit Gold. It was cute and the perks were nice when Reddit was a small niche website but now that the site's got funding out the wazoo there's no reason it should still cost money."


It's Just Soda, But Worse

"Energy Drinks. They are just terrible in every way and some people drink 3-4 a day. They are so popular now they've replaced soft drinks except they are 10x worst for you."


The Real Crime

"Circus peanuts. Seriously, who is buying these horrid things?"

"Close second…candy corn"


While some of these products have legitimate use cases, like the 1-ply toilet paper, that doesn't necessarily make them good.

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