Teenagers Share Which Things Are Impossible To Explain To Adults But Children Easily Get


It's so simple every a child could understand....

Communication is key. And for some reason that essential part of life seems to be an issue for many to accomplish. Why is it certain generations can't understand one another? There is an especially salty misfire of understanding between Boomers and older and Gen Z. But there is a group that always tends to be able to listen with an open heart and mind... the babies. They see it all clear as day, before the elders taint them. We need to talk more to the babies. Yoda, they are.

Redditor u/MadScienctist21 was trying to understand conversation communication issues between teenagers and elders... we're learning that perhaps kids are the key to understanding. The question posed was..... Teenagers of Reddit, What are the hardest things to explain to adults that you can tell a child and will understand?


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When we say don't tell anyone we mean DON'T TELL ANYONE!!!

I told my mom about a girl I absolutely hated. Then later that night, she FaceTimes me and says guess what I work with her aunt and flips the camera to her and starts talking about how she told her that I hated her niece.



We aren't trying to act "moody" when we fight back. We want to learn to stand up for ourselves when you guys don't listen. Even when we have valid arguments, some of you guys think that you are always correct since you are the adult. By arguing we are asking for some respect from you, not trying to take any respect away from you.


Private What?

Just because I have my own personal life and secrets doesn't automatically mean I'm doing something bad, illegal or straight up dangerous, I'm allowed to have secrets.


"you have no privacy in this house."


My Love is Out

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I once told my mom that I had a crush somebody (huge mistake, but she wouldn't stop bugging me about it until I told her about this person). Cut to a few weeks later and I invite my crush and some other friends over to my house, and the entire tome my mom is eying my crush and being everything but subtle about it. Once my friends left she started pointing put all the things she thought was wrong or bad about my crush.



When I talk too much I'm disrespectful. When I don't talk at all I'm standoffish. I have no other resort than to withdraw in my room.


Then you get in trouble for being in your room too much because you need to spend time with family. There's no winning.


Skype Ways

Almost not a teenager anymore, but I found hanging out online on discord, or a couple years ago, on Skype, is just so surreal to adults. Especially people age 50 and older.


Hanging out on discord kinda gets me BUT I still only use it as a big ole game group chat for 2 different games i play and that's it. But I don't sit on it and just hang out. I have no reason to knock people that do, i just don't get it lol.


Let Me Be

That sometimes I just don't want to be with other people. A kid would just say OK and it would make sense to them, but adults can't seem to understand that I want to be by myself sometimes, isolated.


I've always phrased it as "I don't feel like being a person right now," and that's usually gotten the point across of "I need time by myself to exist and not think about how I relate to other people."


Behind the Door

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I don't lock the door because I'm doing drugs, it's because I'm naked and you have no boundaries.


Let's Chat

You can't just walk up to someone and ask if you can hang out with them without it being weird.


This reminds me of my high school cafeteria that was also a student lounge throughout the day. I so hated walking in there and figuring out where I could go sit without being awkward, or if I just had to sit by myself like a weirdo (pre-cellphones so I couldn't just look at my phone.) Or I'd go sit near someone I sort of knew and say what's up, 15 awkward seconds later they get up and go somewhere else. That crap sucked.

I barely ever said a word to anyone in high school except my few close friends. I really envied people who could just confidently word-vomit all day from group to group.


"I'm an adult now"


That I'm doing the best I can and that I'm still learning how to be an adult and sometimes I still need help. I get that "I'm an adult now" but it helps if adults show me how to do that.


The brain doesn't fully mature until you're around 25. I don't think we take this into consideration enough and often expect too much from young people.


JoJo Problems

Just because someone is going through something worse, doesn't mean your thing isn't bad either. We were watching JoJo Rabbit, a movie set in World War II, and she said "it makes sense for those people to have depression, but why do you." Or whenever I complained about my dad's gambling problem, or if he yells at me, or my mom, she always says "at least he doesn't beat you."



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You don't have to be nice to people that are mean to you. Yes, even if they're family.

My grandmother still doesn't get why I don't talk to my parents anymore (I'm 23 and married).


Unlocking Secrets

How to use a phone/tablet. Not sure how a 4 year old can become an iPhone wiz in under 30 minutes but showing a family member how to send a photo will take hours because you have to keep showing them because they don't bother to remember.


We got It...

Its' just that we aren't totally clueless and a lot of adults treat us that way and it is sooo frustrating. Again I see your point but I also thing its double sided. Some teenagers are just bad. But some of us are trying our hardest and adults don't see it and think we are just slacking. Its a complicated thing for sure.


There isn't enough $$$

I'm an adult, but the one that has always got me is school. Every adult I know will listen to a kid complain about school and then tell them how good they have it. Forget that. You couldn't pay me to go back to high school, let alone middle school. I get paid to wake up every morning and go work now, plus I get paid if I'm sick or just want to take a vacation day and not go in.

High school is stressful as hell, especially on a period system where you have to cram seven different lessons in your brain every day, sometimes study for seven different tests, and then add in ACT/SAT prep on top of that. Then you have to also be social, tie in some extracurriculars or community service to beef up the college application, and still try to squeeze in some time for friends/significant other or hobbies. I wouldn't go back to high school for all the money in the world.


Useful Time

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Yes video games ARE important because they're a source of amusement and happiness.


As well as developing your hand- eye coordination and critical thinking skills. Just an argument for the parents... which would probably get you yelled at for using. Sorry for the ammunition.


More to Life

Exams are hard. As well as putting pressure on ourselves, we have teachers telling us we should be getting grades that are better than we could ever get. Our parents making revise each subject for an hour a day isn't going to stop the stress.


As an adult, I totally agree with you. And I probably shouldn't tell you this, but good grades aren't the end all-be all after finishing high school. I was valedictorian, got a one time $1200 scholarship for it, and am now drowning in student debt.



That when I have a valid argument it isn't disrespecting you. If trying to make you understand there is another valid point of view.


Agreed, I can't even talk to my dad about anything remotely political because he will scream, and after be all salty and keep trying to start fights which I don't entertain. It's ridiculous how close minded some older people are.


 "Man up?" 

I recently turned 21 so I guess I'm technically not a teenager anymore, but while my parents didn't do this too badly, I HATE being told to "man up" because I'm a guy who sometimes wants to cry, have emotions, and am not into sports or stuff like that.

Like come on, guys can act or like stereotypically feminine things and the other way around with girls.


This. So much this. Luckily my parents are pretty accepting but i hate dealing with men in general cause of most them walk around like big balloons of bravado and ego as if they have something to prove. And it's SO STUPID. My neighbors have a kid who's 8 or 9 and clearly into feminine clothing and his parents won't let him cause he's a boy. When this came up they started saying that there's a lot of stigma in our country and he might be bullied but at the end of the day, i think they just can't understand. And that's really sad.


A World Beyond Facebook....

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"No dad steam is not a scam you can literally but steam gift cards at the grocery store and there are millions of users"

"What if there lying about the users"

To him everything online that isn't Facebook is a scam.



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