People Share The Telltale Signs That Someone Is Wealthy
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"Money, money, money, it's a rich man's world."

Sometimes it feels like no truer words have ever been sung. Thanks, ABBA.

Money is a huge part of life.

Not every rich person flashes their riches though.

A lot of people keep it lowkey unless they're on a reality series.

But it's always easy to figure out everyone's relationship to money.

Redditorwhoistomf0rdwanted to discuss the ways we can sniff out money. They asked:

"What quietly screams ‘rich/wealthy?'"

I first realized a friend was wealthy when we were out at a bar and several of us were scrambling for discounts while she just ordered a "Van Gogh" martini double with out blinking. Like... damn...



"Have a friend who is moving to the Bay area. To work for a non-profit. Part-time. She didn't know what her salary would be."


Applebee's it is...

"Not hesitating to eat in a restaurant with no prices on the menu."


"I can’t bring myself to eat at some of these places. I was somewhere with friends months ago and a glass of Coca Cola like you’d get at an Applebee’s was 17 dollars. Like, just a glass from the squirt gun at the bar, of Coca Cola. Like. Yeah, we might have all been relatively high net worth for our ages there, but a 17 dollar Coca Cola just seems irresponsible regardless of if you got 10k for a net worth or 10 million."



"Sadly in my country being in shape and healthy. All poor people are fat and run down."


"Same in my country (Philippines). I used to wonder why many very poor people who live in the slums are very very fat. Until my girlfriend made me realize all they ate were greasy food and lotsss of white rice (cheap, filling, and filled with nothing but carbs)."


Omg am I poor?

"I cleaned huge houses for a living, and to me it was the custom built Lego rooms with cabinets -floor to ceiling -full of organized lego sets."


"I have a Lego room but it only has shelves not custom cabinetry. Omg am I poor? Before anyone asks, it was an extra bedroom and my kids had/have insane amounts of legos and I was tired of dealing with them all over the house. So I told them we would make that room the Lego room but no legos could leave the said room. They got their room and I got a Lego-free house."


Who Knows?

Kristen Bell Idk GIF by Team CocoGiphy

"Not knowing the price of everyday stuff, like groceries or electricity."


Must be nice. I... must know the price of everything. "Is it free?" is my mantra.

I got it...

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"Paying for everyone’s food/ picking up the tab (when done in a passive and nonchalant way)."



"Friend of mine used to run a ridiculously exclusive cocktail bar. He always said 'The ones in the fancy clothes who look filthy rich are normally reasonably wealthy. The ones in jeans and t-shirts who look normal are normally filthy rich.' Basically the truly rich people didn't see the place as anything out of the ordinary, so saw no reason to dress up."


Extra Space

"Having a pool house. And letting guests stay there because it’s a nice nice pool house."


"This so reminded me of a time when I was a kid. A girl from church invited me to a sleepover at her house. She lived in a legitimate mansion and the pool house was nicer than my own house!"


billionaire level...

"Spontaneity. Just talking about something or some place and doing it or booking it there and then."


"One of my roommates child-hood friends has generational wealth, billionaire level. They lived on the Big Island of Hawaii and she would remark that he would just decide to go skiing, in Aspen on a whim, and wonder aloud why everyone else didn't just drop everything and go the next day. The guy was super down to earth but a bit disconnected from the reality of his friends living paycheck to paycheck."


Utensil Issues

Comedy Central Eating GIF by Inside Amy SchumerGiphy

"I know it's not a big thing, but people who use really nice plates and silver cutlery very casually. I've seen poor people with mustangs. But I've never seen poor people eating with polished silver."


Miles Away

"Day trips that are hundreds or thousands of miles from one’s home."


"That does depend a bit where you live. I recognize that where I live is abnormal, but western North America was built around the automobile so cities and road infrastructure represent that."

"It's extremely common for people here to travel hundreds of km's on the regular to go skiing for a weekend or visit family in the next city over (that's 250+km away). In general it's much quicker (and therefore cheaper) to travel hundreds of km here compared to the eastern seaboard or most other places on the planet."


So many plans...

"Speaking about your plans for your life with full expectations that they will be successful no matter how unrealistic they would be to the rest of us."

"I plan to become a writer, but in the meantime I'm thinking of opening my own art gallery. I'll totally be successful, all my wealthy friends will buy shit from me, then I'll hire someone to run things while I travel for the experience I'll need to do my writing."


Do You Play?

"I drive Uber in an upscale old money area (Charleston SC). I have a regular who travels to the airport with 14-16 pieces of matched leather luggage (most are carry on size). She is polite and friendly and even helps unload the luggage at the airport. One of the bags appeared to be a tennis racket bag. I asked her if she plays tennis and she says she likes to bring her own racquets with her when she travels in case she can find a lesson."



"In the UK, using the word 'Holiday' as a verb. Having a great grandparent - it either means you're rich enough to have really great healthcare and people to look after you, or it means that all the women in the family got pregnant at 15 so it could go either way."


"Same with using seasons as verbs in the US. 'We winter in Aspen and summer in Nantucket.'"


“time to kill”

"Not worrying about losing a job and just taking up a hobby because they have 'time to kill' instead of looking for a job that helps pays bills."


"My wife’s closest friends dad did this. I would make the cousin eddy joke that he was holding out for upper management (he was a CEO and was looking for another similar job). It wasn’t until he had been casually CEO job searching for about year 3 that I realized he didn’t actually need the job lol."


Say It

"I work in high end hospitality. There is a sense of relaxation that the ultra wealthy have. They tend to be direct with what they want and what they enjoy, but in a polite way. Rich people, or new money, and often uptight, demanding, and worried about appearances."


Can't park his car here?

"The thinking of how laws effects them. Had a guy in my class at university (he was pretty cool though) who was FILTHY rich and one thing always stood out was how he treated laws. Can't park his car here? 'I can park here it will just cost me X amount in fine.' Like BRUH????"


“find themselves”

Model Showtime GIF by moving-inGiphy

"20 somethings who crap on the 9-5 all while constantly travel vlogging in order to 'find themselves' while telling others to do the same thing, but we can’t because we don’t have the luxury of doing so."


Time Saver

"Spend money if it saves you time. Time is more valuable than money. Working at a luxury resort, one thing I’ve noticed is that the people who want to give the air of being very wealthy will have lots of designer patterns on their clothes and accessories, like Louis Vuitton print, but almost all of the truly ridiculously wealthy people will basically wear nondescript leisure wear and really plain looking clothes (like plain jeans and tees with no logos)."


Oh, to be loaded. One day...

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