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In her daily life Chrissy Teigan is just a mild mannered tv host, mom, author and superstar.

But online she adopts her alter ego as a superhero of internet justice.

Those who follow Teigen on social media know the Lip Sync Battle host has turned the clap back into an art form.

And it was no different during her most recent encounter with an internet troll who tried to mommy-shame Teigan in an adorable family post shared by her husband John Legend.

Legend shared a photo of his wife and mother-in-law with their two children on Instagram.

Here is Legend's post.

Legend, who recently joined the cast of NBC's The Voice, snapped a photo of Teigen and their children, Luna and Miles, and her mom, Vilailuck Teigen, backstage at the show Monday night before posting it to Instagram.

Teigen is shown bottle feeding her son as her mother and daughter are curled up on a couch next to her.

Most people on Instagram loved the charming family photo.

They left comments about how adorable the family scene was.

But one commenter just couldn't get over Teigen using a bottle to feed her baby.

Among the hundreds of friendly replies to the post, one commenter felt the need to ask Teigen "You no longer breastfeed?"

But as always Teigen was ready with a response.


"John never breastfed Miles," Teigen replied shutting the shamer down immediately.

You would think at this point trolls might have learned to stop calling Chrissy Teigen out on social media. Although someone always manages to have a problem with what she is doing.

Last time Teigen received criticism because she was breastfeeding her son.

In July Teigen caused a stir on Instagram after a post showing her breastfeeding her son alongside her daughter's doll with the caption "Luna making me feed her babydoll so I guess I have twins now."

Here is that post.

Many felt the moment was a bit too private. They said it should not have been shared on social media.

As always though, Teigen shut them down with a list of things she would rather not see shared.

If you don't like what you see, just scroll on by.

Good advice for anyone.

H/T - Yahoo, USA Today

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