Teenagers Share The One Piece Of Advice Their Parents Should Hear

Listen up folks... you don't know it all!

Adults don't know everything! That is a cold, hard truth! Kids know more than we think. All of us can use some truth and advice.

Redditor u/Daeurth wanted kids out there to shout out loud about a few things by asking.... Teenagers of reddit, what's something you think parents need to hear?



You're just as addicted to technology and social media as teenagers are. Nitrexk

Just a Minute! 

If I tell you I need a minute then it is probably for good reason; PLEASE just give me a minute. Andy_7071

Unlike their one minute which is sitting there to watch TV or talking with someone on the phone about the stupidest thing and can be put on hold, but ends up going on for an hour. Nicktune1219

Talk Back. 

You're not perfect just because you're older. I'm not trying to disrespect or "talk back" to you just by trying to say you're wrong. ZGMF-X09A_Justice

A Forced Hand. 

Don't force me to hangout with my cousins who outcast me and say it's my fault. YungKahuna

This right here, my cousins are the reason i stopped going to family events for years. we are all within 5 years of each other or less yet I'm treated like a small child while they can say/do whatever they want. I got heat for walking out of a job where i was being yelled at everyday for problems that aren't mine. cousins tell me I'm stupid even though i had money saved and another job i could take if i didn't find what i wanted right away. Whole family agrees with them. yet 1 of them quit with no notice to go on a train trip with their grandma and thats just dandy with the whole family. droppedputz

The List.

  1. School makes stuff hard, and sometimes parents make things hard too.
  2. Just because I'm exhausted today doesn't necessarily mean I was on my phone late last night.
  3. If we tell you about our depression, our anxiety, our panic attacks, etc., it means we trust you. Don't break that by brushing it off like it's nothing or telling us that we're lying.
  4. We're not always hiding stuff from you. Please, for the love of god, let us have some privacy once in awhile.

I think that's it. I might edit this comment later if I think of more things.

Spare us All! 

When your teenage boy does not want to stand up and just does not want to under any circumstance, it's most likely (especially in the morning) a boner. Spare him some humiliation, even if it's around close people. throwaway374858

Kids Rule. 

That kids protect their parents from things a lot more than they let on. A lot of times, the reason we aren't opening up to you is because we don't think you'll take the time to understand the situation and reflect upon it. Instead you'd just jump to the first conclusion that comes up and even with your best intentions, we don't think you'd handle it in a healthy manner so we just end up keeping things to ourselves. I don't know how much of this holds true with a lot of people, but it's a common reason amongst my friend circle (at least 6 teenagers). GreyRosato

Just Spill! 

Yelling only makes me angrier. If you wanna get through to me, explain why you're angry. I can't do anything if you're just spilling your anger onto me. good-evening-clarice

Fun and Games!

Whenever I'm trying to unload my feelings and mention that I'm depressed or suicidal, please for the love of GOD do not make me feel even worse for being depressed and suicidal. For example, if I say I want to die, don't just say "then I guess I'm a sh**ty parent." News flash: guilt tripping teenagers doesn't work. It just makes them feel worse about what's currently going on and you getting off the hook.

Also, if you did something wrong, don't pretend it didn't happen. If you abused me for 4 years and then I confront you about it, don't shrug your shoulders and say that "it was all fun and games." When a kid is crying, it isn't a game. When your actions are making them fear for their life, it isn't fun. You're making them look like an absolute idiot for having trauma and saving your own ass because you invalidated their pain. chaosforces5

Why not Wendy's?


Just because you're not getting your way in an argument about school/uni/work, doesn't mean you need to pull out the stupid a** "Fine, guess you'll go work at McDonald's for the rest of your life!" Every. Single. Time. It's infuriating. EmrysTheBlue


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