Teenagers Explain Which Things Define Their Generation Right Now

It's hard to desribe a movement until after it's happened. No one in the 60s knew they were going to be the tumultuous decade of peace and war until years later. What's required is serious insight, a meta-cognitive attitude, and the willingness to be honest about what period of history we're living in.

Fortunately, today's youths have grown up on the internet, a digital mirror reflecting everything good and bad back at us.

Reddit user, u/askmenextyearifimok, wanted to get an insider's glance when they asked:

Teenagers of reddit aged 13-18 what do you think defines your generation right now?

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Fake influence, people are making tik toks and claim they are influencers


Oh I can't stand the term "influencer." It has to be the most self-righteous, pompous term ever coined. To think that you are that important that you have influence over the masses. 🤮


Yeah but it sounds nicer than narcissist


Hot/Cold Attitude

Being both incredibly pessimistic and progressive at the same time. Most of us feel like life could end at any moment because of a mixture of depression and news outlets' scare tactics, but at the same time, many people in our generation are incredibly open to and advocating for change


It's The New "California"

Trying to be famous, everybody thinks they can make it big on YouTube or some other platform but most can't


I completely agree everyone wants to be famous even at the cost of others

I have seen people in the emergency room next to their sick family member making tiktoks and it's disturbing (I'm a frequent flyer for sever allergies)


Catching On Quick

Gallows humor.

There's a general belief that the world sucks right now, and it's only going to get worse as we grow up, so what do we do? We make jokes about it. Constantly.


I mean what else can we do?

We have no discussion power, we can't vote so why would any political leader listen to us

Yes ... Some politicians talk about it but that's al they ever do.... Talking but no action


A strange mix of humour and mindfulness. As well as memes and self-deprecation, honestly.

Gen Z create a lot on memes, commonly self-deprecating memes, just because it seems to our type of humour. I think it has a good way of uniting us all, everyone enjoys memes. But I also think kids my age are more involved in politics, global issues, controversial topics etc. and are much more open to discussing these things, as well as educating themselves and forming their own opinions. It truly is admirable.


Where's The Line?


I've never seen more people go through a school day without being sober in my life. The ability to easily get a dab pen or a juul probably defines our generation. Weird thing is I know kids who legit smoke weed and drink every day but you mention a tab of acid and everyone acts like you're doing heroin.


My Problems Are Worse Than Yours

Self deprecating memes along with romanticizing mental illness. I'm 18 and know too many 11 - 15 year old's who claim to have a huge list of mental illnesses. They seem to brag about it, as if it's a competition for who has the most sh-ttiest life.

Not that I'm saying they can't have mental illnesses, it's very possible! But I hope they can learn it's normal to be sad or anxious sometimes, and that it doesn't automatically equal something more.



I can tell you this, our generation is obsessed with relatability, and finding comfort in others who find those same things relatable. I mean, the basis for most memes nowadays is relatability after all.


So. Many. Memes.

Idk. Probably making sh-tty memes.

I don't think there's been anything significant that we've done as a whole.


I can't wait to see what meme the future history books choose to include as a way to illustrate this generation's fascination with the medium


Waiting To Be Like Everyone Else

A lot to unpack there, but I'd say it's worth noting that we always view generations before as ignorant or bigoted, a good example of this being the ok boomer fad. But ultimately, we're drawing lines in the sand to seem more sophisticated, and when the waves wash them away, a lot of us will become the same intolerable a--holes we profile our forebearers as.


This Isn't The 80s Or 90s Anymore


A complete lack of social cliques. I find this is something filmmakers are struggling to nail down. We don't HAVE nerds and jocks anymore, it's all kinda blended together. There isn't specific seating arrangements in the cafeteria, and no lunch money stealing physical bullying. Everything's more digital now so there really isn't a highschool "society"


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