Teenagers Dish About The Biggest Drama In Their Lives

Teenagers Dish About The Biggest Drama In Their Lives

"Hey, Have You Heard About..."

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Teens live lives with more complex interactions than many adults experience in a year. Between a growing social media presence and rising hormonal outbursts, drama is waiting around every corner, and man, is it juicy. Reddit user, u/PMMeYourPrettyEyes, wanted to know about the juiceiest when they asked: Teenagers of Reddit, what is the Drama in your life right now?

What Even Is The Truth?

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Best friend gets a girlfriend, then all of a sudden decides he never felt like we were real friends.

He said this.

Also he lied about having a gf for about 3 months. idc about it, but he lied a lot


Who Needs Her Back?

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My mom wants to get back into my life now after not seeing me and my sister for 5 years.

Tbh we're both happier and better off without her. But the guilt-tripping from people who don't even remotely understand our situation is making me crazy.


So, What Happens Next?

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Last night after watching the Incredibles 2, I told this girl I've been hanging out with for a couple of months that I liked her.

The feelings weren't reciprocated and I now I have a new hobby of going through coloring books.


Choices, Choices

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My dad in US inviting me to live with him, i want to go but my mom wont let me. I'm finishing high school and i just made 16.

Im not fluent, my english is pretty bad, and i want to study english in my dad's country

Obs: im from Brazil


Who's Going To Tell Mom?

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I'm kind of f_*_ed for College


When All You Have Is Time

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I like this girl, pretty sure she likes me, but I'm currently abroad for an exchange program. I'm afraid she might be over me when I come back


No Follow Through

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A friend who has told me to my face that she was interested in a relationship with me has been leading me on for weeks. Today told me that she isn't and never was interested in me. I guess I don't blame her, but I feel pretty crushed at the moment. It's kinda put me into a depressive spiral and I've stopped taking my antidepressants because I was mostly trying to be happy for her sake.

I'm just a f_*_ing mess at the moment.


Is Forgiveness Divine?

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Someone did something morally questionable and I'm getting a little flak for not treating him like my bitter enemy, because I think he can change.

Problem Solving Like A Mother

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I'm supposed to go to summer school tomorrow in order to fulfill a PE credit. Thing is that I live like 5 miles from the school, and they apparently don't provide busing. Both my parents work, and the only time when they can pick me up is 3 hours after the class ends, during their lunch-break. They provided busing before... why couldn't you do it this year.

EDIT: Im taking an Uber now, thanks for the advice!


No One Knows Anything Online

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Some group of a**holes at my school created a racist social media account. They got busted for it eventually, and a couple people got maced for it. The ringleader either left the school or was expelled, but needless to say he didn't come back to school. Tarnished the reputation of our entire class.

There's also some sh-t going down with social media in the freshman class. This time it was an account posting memes about teachers at the school, and a lot of people were in on it. It was discovered eventually, and mostly turned out fine, except that our Humanities teacher was absolutely pissed about it. He's not writing college recommendations for any freshmen once they become seniors, and pretty much hates the entire class now. I've had him, and he's one of the harder teachers, so my heart goes out to their GPAs.


Good Luck, Dude

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Gonna meet my dad for the first time in 10 years + loads of fam drama


Good Luck To You, Too

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My girlfriend's mom doesn't want her to see any guys. She literally won't even meet me because that involves a guy in her house. She's divorced her husband and kicked my girlfriend's brother out of the house. My mom didn't know that when me and my girlfriend were hanging out with each other, it was without my girlfriend's mom knowing.

I always am honest with my parents and so I told my mom that my girlfriend's mom didn't know. Now my mom won't let me hang out with my girlfriend because her mom doesn't want us hanging out. I'm really happy with her and this is really stressful and saddening. I've always been a really good kid with great grades and sports and never breaking any rules but in about 40 minutes I'm sneaking out to see her.

Wish me luck I guess.


Freud Knew What He Was Talking About

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Haha I just lost all of my friends because of a Freudian slip in an argument.




Got into an argument. Was having a depression induced mental breakdown. Part of a pretty broken friend group. I.E. they aren't really be able to function outside of the friend group. Said everybody in the group were sh-tty people including me and the person I was arguing with. Actually meant broken.


Saying Good-Bye Is Never Easy

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Going from high school to college.

This is my last summer with my best friends because we're all going to different schools in the fall. We'll still be friends but it won't be the same. Also I had a realization that I won't see most of my school friends ever again and it's really bumming me out.


Again, Good Luck

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Gonna have an intervention w my friend who's letting drugs ruin her life... wish me luck.


When What You Want Is Gone

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already on summah break but the guy i've been crushing on on-and-off for like the past two yrs told me a week before the end of the school year that he was transferring to a boarding school out of state. he's someone i have a ton of history with and i guess him leaving isn't really drama ?? per se but i don't really know what i'm gonna do without him bc besides the fact that he's probably the person i've had the strongest feelings for, he's also one of my closest friends and i'm still kinda hung over the fact that he's not gonna be here. :/

we both just finished our freshmen year of high-school and i knew him since the start of middle school but we didn't really start talking until last year because we were both in mostly the same classes.


It Does, Thank You

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My friends and I are in a multi-day debate about what to name our group chat, hope this lightens up the thread a little bit


When The People Who Are Supposed To Help Cause The Probelm

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Teacher who's being a jerk. This is the full story if you want to read, I posted this on r/askreddit two days ago.

I was part of a two year program in grade 9 in which I took a few classes together in sequence and did a project at the end of each year. It was near the end of the year and the project was underway. We were made up of groups from years one and two of the program, so freshmen and sophomores working together. I was sick for a week and went to the teacher (lets call her Ms. Module) of the year 2 students for information about what I missed because she was in charge of the project. She told me it was on her teacher page and I thanked her and left. The next day I get a bunch of texts from sophomores and juniors that Ms. Module had complained about me by name saying I "wasn't afraid of her" and was a "disrespectful student" for not checking the website first and asking her before school. She really hurt my feelings and hurt the way my peers view me as a person. She then did it again the next year, this time telling a class of sophomores about how I was "terrible" at presenting and "got a poor grade", something which was false (I got a 92). I then noticed she set the Google Classroom we used for handing things in to automatically share every document we produced in class along with our scores on those works with a woman in Arkansas (I'm in NY) named Jodi. I asked her about it and she told me to tell nobody. I asked my friend if he saw it and she overheard me. She threatened to send me to a week of detention if I told anyone else (because she was obviously violating FERPA, NYS Ed policy, and our district's policy). The next week I took my midterm and failed (63%, lowest out of 60 students in her class). I've never gotten less than a 94 on midterms/finals/any English test. I asked to see it (she just gave me an old regents test which any English teacher could grade) because I wanted a second opinion. Apparently she throws them out after grading. Sorry that was long, I just wanted to say something.


Get It ALL Out

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I'm seventeen, graduating high school in two weeks, and I hate my best friend.

She's the single most annoying person I know. She acts stupid on purpose so no one takes her seriously, but then blames people for not taking her seriously. She never gives proper advice when I have to talk to her about her problems, but she is constantly talking about her problems, which consist solely of "two boys like me, who do I choose."

She's extremely hypocritical, yet she doesn't realize it. There's this guy in our group of friends who likes her, and she knows that. She always invites him out to hang out with us, she shows him her Spotify playlists, and the stuff she posts on her "private" Tumblr about her emotions. Then she gets upset and thinks he's creepy for always hanging out with us, and listening to her Spotify playlists, and browsing through her Tumblr blog.

She complains about some girls in our grade jumping from guy to guy, whereas she's been in a situation where she was in a serious relationship, decided to take a break, and dated another guy for a week. Only for a week though, because she went back to her old boyfriend after that. But Guy 2 didn't like the original boyfriend, so a couple months later she wen't back to the other guy. Then she gets upset that her ex-boyfriend is unhappy with her because she thinks he left her for another girl, and that she did nothing wrong.

She's constantly trying to simultaneously become, and one-up me. If I buy an item of clothing, she'll go out and buy the same thing. If I mention I like a certain thing, she'll go out and buy it, or say that she suddenly likes that thing, even though I might've been talking about it for months. When I bring it up, she always says that she had always liked the thing, and that I was thinking too deep, even though she would never mention the thing until after I had.

She's a snitch too. Whenever I confide anything in her, it should be known that it's between us. So imagine my surprise when her boyfriend confronts me about things I told her in confidence, like who my crushes were, and what my opinions on certain people were. Sure, I might tell other people stuff she tells me, but at least I have the good sense to make sure they don't bring that up to her.

The real kicker though, is that we aren't real best friends. I never tell her anything important about my life, because I've learned my lesson. She never has any real input to conversations, because she'd rather discuss my life with the boyfriends she keeps jumping between. I've known her for ten years now, and we've never hugged, because she "doesn't like affection," even though she has no problem showing affection to the other people in our group of friends. She doesn't refer to me as her best friend, only as her "person," because she has this strange superstition that any person she refers to as her "best friend" leaves her. But that's just because the only three people she's ever referred to as her best friend were the two guys she dated, and this one girl who's a severe narcissist...

...She's likeable, but not a good best friend by any means. I can't just stop being her friend though, because her other three best friends did, and that was horrible for her self-esteem, and she already suffers from anxiety, and I refuse to "seem" like the asshole in this situation, even though I know I'm not. This September I'll be moving three hours away for University, and I won't be the one to keep this friendship going if she isn't willing to make the effort to. If we fall out, that's on her. I've dealt with this long enough.

The Family Trip Is Riding On The Line

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Sister is an anti-vaxxer and is begging my dad for money while simultaneously trashing us on FB.

2 of my 4 friends are dating and they're in a rlly toxic relationship where one threatens to break up with the other basically every day, guilt trips, stuff like that.

Like friend one asks the rest of the group "hey should I break up w friend 2" on a weekly basis. Makes it rlly awkward. They've broken up about 2-3 times already.

We're all going on a trip in two weeks so basically we have to hope and pray that their relationship is strong enough to last until then bc if they break up the whole trip is essentially ruined.


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