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The recent stories of seemingly petty dress code violations, especially directed at teen girls, have another to add to their collection. A student in South Ogden, Utah, was forced to change her Marilyn Monroe sweatshirt due to a revealed shoulder. The ridiculous part? The student wasn't showing a shoulder, but Marilyn was.

That's right. Her shirt's shirt was violating dress code.

Last week, the student, who attends South Ogden Junior High, was given a dress code violation and forced to change clothes. Confused because her outfit appeared to be in line with the code, the student's mother, Katie Fabert, went to talk with the vice principal who issued the citation.

The vice principal said that because Marilyn wasn't in code, the outfit wasn't in code. Fabert also said the vice principal got in her daughter's face, nearly making the young girl cry.

Shirt with bare-shouldered Marilyn Monroe sparks dress code dispute in Utah

This didn't sit right with many people.

Fabert eventually received a phone call from the principal conceding the violation was not legitimate. That said, the mother is not happy with how this was handled.

It seems it was too little, too late.

Fabert was quoted as saying,

"This whole thing just got out of hand. It was a sweater, and they made it something … and she felt bad."

While the principal has promised to review the guidelines with the teachers, and the district has issued a statement saying they will work closely with the family to resolve the matter, Fabert is upset that this happened in the first place.

"Instead of enforcing what is actually dress code, these teachers are coming in and bringing their own opinion."

H/T: Teen Vogue, Fox 13 Salt Lake City

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