How are we still using obsolete things?

Did you know it was only recently they took away the final payphone in NYC?

Though I think they may still have been useful.

But everyday I come in contact with things that I know have better options of use.

Like stores or bars that only take cash...

Are your for real?

Redditor kk653 wanted to discuss what parts of the technical past still haunt the present. They asked:

"What's something outdated we still use today?"

I've lost count of the amount of times I've said to myself... "How is this still a thing in 2022?!"

Like... WHY?!

Season 9 Nbc GIF by The OfficeGiphy

"Uploading your resume and then slowly typing in everything on your resume into forms…"



"Fax machines, invented in 1840-something."


I used to work IT for a clinical lab, and HIPAA is pretty strict on how I can send patient results. Usually, there is an online portal that they can retrieve it from, but if they were unable to get it there, I was only allowed to fax it to the requesting physician. So I would get patients and angry doctors yelling at me because I wouldn't email or text their results. They couldn't understand I would be breaking the law if I did."


Mary functions...

"There are lots of organizations and companies using tragically vulnerable computer systems and software to operate important functions. Everything from infrastructure to finance."


"I keep telling my students: The career to go into right now is cybersecurity. You’re gonna see a huge spike in growth over the next ten years as companies realize that trusting Mary the 55 year old middle manager to not open every email attachment is perhaps not a sound strategy for preventing incursions."


Grandma's House

"My brown bathroom set."


"My grandmother's house was built in the 80’s. Each bathroom had a matching color porcelain sink and toilet. My uncles shared a bathroom which had a brown set and the guest bathroom was a navy blue set."

"One vacation I was visiting and got an intestinal infection where I was shi**ing out blood for a few days. Only way I could tell something was really wrong was from the toilet paper… Otherwise the stomach pains just felt like really bad gas and you couldn’t see anything that dropped into the toilets."



toilet GIFGiphy

"Those carpet looking toilet seat covers..."


"Other than my grandma's, I have never seen anyone else use any sort of toilet seat cover."

Seat covers should only be easy and made of paper.

just grinds up...

jim carrey screwdriver GIFGiphy

"Flathead screws."


"Philips are worse. The screwdriver just grinds up the screw heads. Torx or Robertson are far superior."


How to Record

"Cassette tapes. You can still buy them at the store for some reason."


"Tape is actually much more reliable and stable than pretty much any other storage medium for digital information. So if you want it to last a long time tape is a good choice. Especially if you don't have access to the internet to stream/download stuff."

"I know you're talking about music cassette tapes, but tape is still big in the IT world for large data storage because it's so stable, and for it's high capacity. You can get a 15TB tape cartridge for £60 ($71.50)."


between 1987 and 1994...

"The LLV (long life vehicle) in the post office. I mean they were made between 1987 and 1994. They called them the long life vehicle and then only put 5 digits on the odometer. They don't have AC, they sometimes catch fire for no reason, they put out less than 100 horsepower when new, and are rear wheel drive."


Payments Rendered

"Checks. They are so unbelievably not secure, your whole routing and account number just there for anyone to see. And if someone uses it fraudulently, there's nothing for it but to get a whole new bank account."


"Not really, a check is payable on demand but requires your signature. You are not responsible for checks that you didn't write. You do have to let the bank know, when you get your statement that the checks are not yours."



Teddy Bear Cartoon GIFGiphy

"Still filling out physical paperwork at the doctor's office. Please go to digital so I can fill it out BEFORE my visit."


"What’s great is when you fill it out online but they still insist that you write all the same information in pen on a form that is clearly a xerox of a xerox of a Xerox."


Why so much paperwork everywhere? Makes no sense.

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