Teachers Share The Worst Situations They've Walked Into After Returning To The Classroom


"I was only gone for a minute..."

Most teachers share a few nightmares: Losing complete control of a lesson. Being unable to help a student understand a key concept. That dream you have in the middle of the summer where you're late to first day of school.
However, god teachers work through those fears and deliver powerful, relatable lessons. Sometimes, though, a disastrous situation can happen even when you're in the building.

Reddit user, u/Ratchop, wanted to know when returning to the class was the nightmare when they asked:

Teachers, what's the worst situation you've returned to after leaving the classroom?

Coming Late To The Game

Showed up to my class a few minutes late to find the entire class, urged on by one of my final year helpers, had switched off the lights and hid in every nook and cranny of the room, one of them managing to get themself stuck behind a sink pipe. Of course, I happened to be late because I was walking and talking with a depute head, who wanted an explanation from me as to what the hell was going on.


When You've Laid The Trap Yourself

In the 6th grade we had this English teacher who was always flying off the handle in a rage, and would slam her fist down on her metal podium like a gavel so the kids would shut up and sit down.

One day, the teacher left class for whatever reason, and another kid in my class quickly went up to the podium and pulled out a screw driver and quickly loosened every screw he could find on it and sat back down. Low and behold the teacher came back and eventually found the kids to be too talkative and slammed her fist down and the whole podium fell to pieces. It was a hilarious sight to see until the teacher started to cry.


Making A Bad Situation Worse

Last year, while I had to do quick photocopies for the kids who forgot their documents, one of my grade 10 tripped and made a hole in the wall. It wouldn't be too bad if in their great teenagers mind, they didn't decide to made the hole bigger. I came back when they were figuring out if they could hide one of them in it.

I was torn between laughter and anger.


It Was Going To Be Torn Down Anyway, Right?

During my last two years of high school, a new high school was being built to replace our current one. We did the first half of the year in the old school, then during Christmas break they tore down the old school, turned the space into the new parking lot, and we returned after the break to the new school. On the last day before Christmas break, everyone was antsy to take part in the destruction of our 70-year-old, asbestos-filled high school.

My history teacher left the room, and all hell broke loose. A couple kids started bashing chairs into the wall, breaking big chunks of it down and creating a huge hole in the wall between our classroom and the neighboring one. Kids were running back and forth between the two classrooms while others were trying to stick as many chairs as they could in the wall. Soon after this started, the chaos began spreading to the rest of the school. Kids were running through the halls yelling, bashing lockers and throwing papers. It was insane! Meanwhile, the VP was losing his mind on the intercom ordering everyone to stop. The teacher came running back in pretty quickly and everyone stopped, but the damage was done, and a lot of the damaged stuff was stuff that was supposed to be transferred over to the new school.


...Wait, Seriously?

My math teacher in seventh grade had her coffee spiked with acid.


...At Least It's Clean This Time?

A former teacher at the school where I taught last year had her coffee spiked with hand sanitizer on her first day with us. She didn't come back after that, obviously, and the dean of students told the 7th grade class who did it that she died to get the students responsible to come forward. It worked, and inspired me to get a coffee mug with a lid


...This One's Just Funny.

9th Grade Health class, we were learning about CPR and teacher left the room. One kid took all of the infant CPR dummies and removed their heads. Hid the bodies in one place and just placed the heads all around the room.... Teacher came back and obviously realized what had happened. Kid got in school suspension for a day I think and we were not allowed to take the remainder of the CPR class because we were all considered to immature...


Isn't This An Invasion Of Privacy?

They'd looked through the music on my phone and decided I was a loser. 18 year olds, doing A levels.

I didn't know whether to be angry or ashamed.


What Have We Learned? Teenagers Are The Worst

Well I had to step out for a phone call about a student in class I didn't want him to hear me talking about him or any other students. This was when I was still working at a middle school and have since moved on to high school, I thought it'd be a larger improvement than it was, but certainly haven't had a situation like the one I had in middle school... so far.

Anyway I'm outside of the classroom for a maximum 1 minute. They all start talking when I announce I have to leave the room for a moment and pause the lesson. I'm fine with that, but about halfway through my phone conversation all taking stops and it's perfectly silent. I come back in and a kid is sitting on my desk with a stapler against his head, threatening that if his girlfriend (also in the class) doesn't get back together with him he'll end it all right there. For some reason maybe because it was early in the year of 7th grade and they are still young, she completely believes that if he presses that stapler against his head it's over. So she starts begging him to put the stapler down and that she's sorry. While this was happening I was basically letting it resolve itself because 1. I didn't think the kid had the balls to do it and 2 the girl was trying to talk him down. The situation resolved itself, but I decided to send him to the principals office because it was not something he should be doing, I think the parents should be concerned and I knew it would be hard to focus the class afterwards. While I'm walking him to the hallway to explain why I am doing this he screams "Jennifer I love you!!" and she started crying. Hormones are some crazy sh-t.


H/T: Reddit

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