So sometimes parents can be worse than their students. In fact, most of the time, the parents are way worse than their students. But these teachers have seen hell, and they're ready to caution you about it.

u/danbrownskin asked:

Teachers of Reddit, what was the worst behavior of a parent you've witnessed during a PTA meeting?

Here were some of the stories.

Is Chemo Not Reason Enough...?

I was in the school library catching up on some homework while a PTA meeting was going on. One of the moms, who had a special needs kid who needed extra resources, had been recently missing a lot of meetings for her chemo. Some woman was livid about her absences and not "contributing" to the organization and suggested that PTA should stop "funding luxuries for the child of a parasitic freeloader," which meant the kid would have to go to a different school.

I'm pretty sure she had some other beef with the mom too, and tried to get her HOA to punish her for leaving holiday decorations up for too long.


Gifts For All

Had a mom get up during a meeting and loudly announce that the school was failing her daughter because her daughter WAS GIFTED and the subjects just weren't holding her attention.......the girl was an okay student, but averaged at a C level because she couldn't quite grasp the subject matter.....the daughter was not present for her mother's announcement (and was a sweet girl who probably would have died a thousand deaths over the spectacle) and the mom just would not sit down, demanding to know what the school was going to do about it, seeing as her daughter was just so superior to her peers.....


Straight Out Of Parks And Rec

One year we had to hold a special election PTA meeting due to the fact that the former PTA president decided to embezzle the PTA/school funds for personal use.

During the election for a new President, the old President thought it would be a good idea to show up to the meeting to plead her case that she was not a criminal. She ran to the microphone, yelled at everyone that she was framed, told everyone that the FBI was now involved and that we were "ALL GOING DOWN", pulled out a vodka bottle from her purse and threw it at my principal's head (she missed) and then when she was done, got in her car and backed into a fifth grade teachers car, that happened to teach her middle child.

Sadly, that was one of our "good parents" when I taught at that school. Good times.


Great Granny Would Not Approve

I watched a mom get into a fist fight with another mom because she accused her of buying store bought brownies for the PTA meeting.

The last thing I heard was "Are you accusing my great grandmother recipe of being store bought" and fist went flying.


Grandma Nestle Toulouse has legendary brownies


My school's not allowed to have potlucks anymore..not since last year when they tried to have Black History Month potluck where the teachers brought stuff and left in the staff breakroom. Somebody got offended because one of the black teachers (there's only like I think 2) offered to bring watermelon. OFFERED. Wasn't told "Ok. YOU'RE bringing the watermelon." She offered.


Just Have A Life, Mom

Not at a PTA meeting, but every time I enter grades within 10 minutes I'll get an email from the same mom asking why her daughter didn't recieve a 100%. We've learned to document everything.


This is the worst. I think technology is a wonderful thing, but these online grading systems and email seem to have made people think that teaching is a 24/7 job. We don't get paid enough to do that, but that never crosses their minds


Parents like this are the reason I no longer teach. Once had a parent email me 8 times a day over Christmas break, including Christmas Day itself, asking about her kid's B on a final exam. I decided right then I couldn't be a teacher and deal with ducking lunatics like that.

Edit: I refused to check my work email over the break. Grades were done and in, and everyone was as up to date as possible. Neither the mother nor I could do anything to "fix" her kid's B during the two weeks the school was closed. I only saw she had emailed me so much once we got back to school, and I forwarded them all to the principal and counselors, who dealt with her crazy bullshit. I now hate the idea of teaching with a passion. I'd rather shove my hand in a meat grinder than deal with entitled asshole parents of kids ever again.


I've got a good one and a bad one. I'll let you decide which is which.

Number 1: I had a really bright student, but this was back when technology was really starting to get prominent. He was more interested in that than in my class. Therefore, when interim grades came out, he ended up with a C in my class. Now this was a student who was a senior and in his entire life had never received anything less than an A. Grades went out, with parent-teacher conferences the following week.

Well this was a small area, and I knew the mother and that she would be coming in to see me. I was working an after school program at the time, so fortunately I could not be in my classroom. I tried to hide, but she hunted me down. I saw her coming and just dreaded the onslaught that was about to occur.

She shook my hand and thanked me, because she knew that her son needed to realize that he couldn't skate through life and needed to experience some failure before going to college.

Number 2: I caught 2 guys cheating. Now if I catch you cheating, I will make sure that I have documents (and my personal copies of them) to back it up. So I wrote them up for cheating. Within an hour after that, the mother of one of the students came up to my classroom pounding on my door and confronted me about writing her child up for cheating -- meanwhile her son is sitting in the room taking a test!. I finally calm her down, since lunch is right after, and we meet in the principal's office. She is still not happy, and still cussing me out. We finally get her out, as I have to go back and teach.

Planning period at the end of the day, I get called into the conference room. Now the dad has showed up. So I am in there with the mother, the father, and an assistant principal. I laid out my case, and the father literally came at me over the conference table to punch me. If the assistant principal hadn't intervened, he probably would have.

I still have mad respect for that principal.

NOTE: I know the second one is not a special parent-teacher meeting. It was just extreme to me. Also, the parents of the other students met with me and simply asked me if I was going to look at or treat their child any different. Of course the answer was "no." I liked both of these students tremendously, and we all got along very well before and after. I wrote letters of recommendation for both for college. They learned their lesson, I just wish the one set of parents would have.



A kid pushed a girl down the stairs and then kicked her. At the PT meeting, his mother fought tooth and nail to defend him. Kept saying how the girl probably deserved it for 'provoking' him (she was just going down the stairs, f*ck you). Extremely rude, up in your face attitude, coupled with shouting out of her mind eventually caused us to kick her out of the meeting. Her son did get that suspension, though they switched schools later that year.


Don't Mess With Moms

Not a teacher, but I went to high school in an inner city area with a lot of gang activity. One time, two of the gangs got into a small gang war, and people kept on beating each other up in the hallways.

This meant there were a lot of kids who had their parents called to come and pick them up from school all at once.

I was eating lunch in the cafeteria while 3 of these parents (all moms) proceeded to get into a loud, screaming fist fight right in front of the office doors and a cafeteria full of hundreds of kids. It was wild.


Body Cam Junction, What's Your Function?

Had a meeting with the mom of a 6th grade boy who is still a total nightmare last year. She shows up to the meeting 20 minutes late and immediately sets up her laptop and wireless mouse insisting that she still must get work done since she typically works from home. She never touched the laptop once the meeting got going, but she did defend her son at every turn insisting that it's the teachers picking on him. By the end of the 15 minute meeting she still didn't touch the computer, didn't believe any of the teachers "accusations," and wanted the boy to wear a body-cam to school to "see what was really going on." Fortunately, a Dean explained to her why that was ludicrous and wouldn't happen.


Whatcha Taco-ing About

I was organizing a fundraising event for the school and the pta President stood up and laughed when i said I wanted to accept a generous donation of local tacos instead of buying Costco cheez whiz and chips to sell. She shut me down after stating tacos wouldn't happen with "moving right along!" Another parent told me she had told a group of parents that I was "off my meds" crazy, and there was no way anyone would donate tacos. 🤷🏼♀️


Based on the comments so far, I think we need a Parks and Recreation-style show about PTA parents.


Tracy Jordan as the head of the PTA. Tina Fey is an overworked teacher. Amy Poehler is her nemesis, and a pushy helicopter mom.

Basically I want Mean Girls with less Lindsay Logan and more Tracy Jordan. Someone write Sue Sylvester a part.


Sikh Day

Was at a PTA meeting. The PTA at my daughter's school is basically stereotypical, almost sitcom like.

There were 4 or 5 of us that would show up and just kind of sit in the back and listen, because everyone else was busy talking about nothing that really mattered.

One of the other fathers was Sikh. He wore a Turban. Was a really nice dude to talk to, down to earth. So we'd find each other during the meetings so we could sit and talk about stuff. He worked in a tech-field as do I, so we'd sit and talk about tech, upcoming tech and just generally BS with each other.

One day, one of the Moms walked up and was like super-chipper, like over the top enthusiastic.

She said "Just so you know, we're accepting of all races and religions, even Muslims."

I started to cringe.

The father replied with "I am Sikh."

She responded with "Well, I am really sorry to hear that, I hope you feel better." and then bee-bopped back to the front of the meeting.

I was full on cringe at this point, like I was worried I was going to stay that way forever.

He slowly turned and looked at me, like I had some explanation for it. I just apologized and he said "It's not your fault."

I eventually stopped going to PTA meetings.

After I stopped going to the PTA meetings my daughter had told me his daughter asked about me. Evidently our kids hung out and I didn't even know.

Turns out he lived like a block over from me, and my daughter and his daughter hung out. They weren't like best friends, but they were friends.

I was driving by his house one day and saw him in the front yard and stopped to talk to him. I asked him how he was doing and he said "I'm feeling a little sick." and then shot me a look.

He had a killer sense of humor about the whole thing.

I chit chatted with him numerous times after that when I saw him. I'd stop to talk and his wife would feed me curry. Once my eyeballs stopped being on fire, we'd chit chat some more.

He and his family ended up moving to a newer development closer to his job. He has my number and I have his, we just kind of fell out of communication.


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