Teachers Reveal Their "No, Not My Child" Moments With Parents Who Refused To Believe Their Kid Misbehaves


No! My baby is special.

Teachers are heroes, NO, they warriors. Back in the day we use to revere our teachers. They were the 'home away from home parents.' They had no reason to lie about little Johnny Or Susie. And whatever they did was for the betterment of YOUR child. My how times have changed! Now some people can be wrong about aspects of their job but when did teachers become the enemy? Sorry to tell you but little Susie is a disaster sweetie! And her teacher is just doing their job. What happened to teachers and parents being a united front?

Redditor u/FranticSausage implored teachers out there to gather and vent some frustration asking.... Teachers, what's the worst case of "no, not my child" You've ever seen from a parent who's been called in for their kids behavior?

Fake Footage! 


I had a parent follow me to my offices multiple times after I caught her son cheating. He was caught red handed, the policy is a zero. It just happened to be on the biggest grade of the year, pretty much failing him for the class. His mother came to lecture me that he would never. I showed her the proof (video of him in class cheating) and she began screaming that it was doctored footage. I kicked her out of my office.

It didn't stop there; she came to a faculty meeting, tried to take me to court, and followed me through a store one day. I had to call the cops. Also, this was when I was an adjunct at a college and the student in question was 23. midknightmason

They're ugly on the inside.... 

A girl in my 5th grade class would bully me by calling me fat, a loser, called my clothes ugly, told me my bedroom was ugly after my mom just redecorated it. The final straw was one time she and someone who used to be my best friend organized a game of Truth or Dare where they dared all the boys in my class to come up and say they liked me and then turn around and say, "Just kidding, no one would ever like you because you're ugly."

I told my mom, who came to pick me up early, who then marched down to the teacher to tell her. The teacher was livid and threatened to have all the kids put in detention and excluded from the end of year party unless they apologized. They all apologized while rolling their eyes with their arms crossed except for one of the boys who was crying and apologizing profusely. He even went out of his way to say sorry to me the next day because he felt so bad.

They all got phone calls to their parents. The rest of them never spoke to me again but this girl's parent's reaction was to essentially congratulate her. And then since she had already been caught, they encouraged her two older jock twin brothers who went to high school to target my older brother. They started cutting the straps on his backpacks and we were poor and couldn't afford another backpack after the second one so he had to carry his backpack in his arms.

They had no shame. Even when my mom would come to pick us up from school they would sit there, parents and kids yelling stuff at my mom while we were sitting in the car. I remember they had their dumba** kid's names and their softball/baseball numbers as stickers on their back window. One time the girl came into school with a giant swollen black/bloody eye that looked fresh. She said it was from softball but I wonder. bonezillion

It's just an homage....

English teacher here.

Had a student submit a verbatim copied-and-pasted review of a book from one of those homework help websites. The problem for her was that I hadn't asked for a review. I had asked for an essay about the main character. When I called the mother to talk about it, she demanded to meet me and the principal to talk about my incorrect accusation.

I brought her daughter's essay AND the original submission to the homework website. The mom first tried to argue that the daughter wrote both. When I pointed out that the publication date was from several years earlier, she tried to argue that with so many students submitting writing to me, someone was bound to accidentally write something identical to someone else.

You read that correctly. She was trying to argue that her daughter just happened to write an IDENTICAL review, word for word, instead of admitting that her daughter copied and pasted the assignment.

The principal responded by saying "M'am, that's statistically improbable. Pretty much impossible." The mother refused to back down and argued that there's a first time for everything and that in no way would her daughter ever plagiarize. Her daughter was suspended the next week for copying and pasting an entire essay for her psychology class. TheUnknownStitcher

The Apple is still on that tree....

There was a kid in my class whose father was a Wall Street banker and his mom was a doctor. Basically, the kid's parents were never around. This kid was the freaking worst. He would stick tacks on other kids chairs when they got up to blow their nose or sharpen their pencil. I caught him rifling through other student's lunches one morning and he had a pack of twinkies in his hand. I told him to put the twinkies back and sent him to the principal.

One time he was having a beef with some other kid and waited for the kid to use the bathroom, followed him in, and punched him in the gut. There are no security cameras in the bathroom and he didn't leave a mark, so nobody could really prove anything one way or the other. During parent teacher conference I told his mom that her son needs to stop playing poker on his apple watch during class as well as some other proven behavior problems. She flew off the handle and said "How dare you accuse my son of doing that stuff, you dumb broad." That conversation explained a lot about where he got it. johnny_tremain

Don't you trash 'Coco.'


She said her child was only acting out/not doing work because he's being influenced by the Satanic imagery in our classroom. Then she pointed to the Coco poster on the wall. AnAliebn99

Hit him back! 

A 4-year old boy in my class was picking fights on a daily basis and would lash out at teachers that tried to intervene. Punching, kicking, throwing chairs, screaming at the top of his lungs. He was being raised by his grandma who was thoroughly convinced that everything we told her was exaggerated or that the other kids were the ones starting the fights. When I was 6 months pregnant, he was mad that outside time was over, so he pushed me with both of his arms right in my belly. When I told his grandma, she asked if I was having a girl (I was). She chuckled, "he's fighting with her, because boys and girls don't get along!" It'd be a miracle if that kid doesn't end up in prison. casanochick

Are you blind?

Not a teacher, but my wife volunteered at the school store where kids could buy erasers, pencils, etc. Two older girls repeatedly came in and stole things - on camera - while she was working. She reported it and they called the girls and the parents in, told them what happened and they said their children wouldn't do that. Then the school showed the parents the video and the parents still claimed their children wouldn't steal - all while watching it happen on video. They were banned from the store and the parents actually said that the school was just being racist because their daughters wouldn't steal. atx_buffalos

Got your name Fool! 

Three kids in a 4/5 split didn't like one of their teachers. During journal time they decided to get together and drew a picture of that teacher, surrounded by penises and the words "(Teacher) sucks d**ks for money." Obviously, the teacher found it and showed the principal who called the parents in. These were 10/11 year olds, 2 girls and one boy. The parents of the girls were mad but the mother of the boy refused to believe it was him. She went back and forth with the principal completely denying her son's involvement until the principal finally had enough, slammed her hand down on the book and yelled "It's in his journal, and the little genius signed his name!" escape_chickens

It starts at the Top! 

There are scores of bullied children in my school and not one single bully. alterperspective

FWIW, my son and a few others were being picked on by one kid in particular at their school. We spoke with the kid's parents, the bullying has more or less completely stopped.

Some parents aren't insane. Kooriki

Not my Kid! 

All these folks posting exactly what it sounded like you asked for. Here's one completely different but still exactly what the title said.

These parents had two average kids who they loved and adored. I don't know that they ever "NEVER WITH MY CHILD'd" the school for those, but they sure did on #3. You see, #3 was an accident, an unwanted / unexpected pregnancy that resulted in a beautiful, smart, baby boy. #3 has a note on his file now. "Do not call home." Because if you call home, and say "Little Billy worked really well today, got second in the class on the test, and nailed the practical" the answer, in a tone between incredulousness and utter hatred is "Hell he did not. You do not just call me and lie about my child. What did he really get?"
These parents HATE their 3rd child. Outright hate. Family services have been called because of what we know / believe has happened level hate. They simply cannot comprehend that this kid is nice, clever and a decent human being. They refuse to acknowledge the possibility. So that's the "worst case of `not my kid" that I have :/ mrbaggins

Define Normal.

Not me but this guy I was seeing.

He was basically cornered into teaching a special needs student "like 'normal' kids her age" by the school board and her parents. Mom's a professor and dad donates to the school and is running for mayor/head of the school board or something so he can cater to his daughter's needs. They can't live with the fact that their kid needs more attention than "normal" kids (their words) and would prefer her to be in class with other kids her age but be alienated due to the different levels of understanding. Wouldn't listen that it would be too much for her to take in. The kid is happy and does very well when she's in her special classes so it's more the parents forcing her to mess up and hate school because of their pride and "status" in the community. The guy also said that the school board tried getting him to change his curriculum around this one student and he wasn't up for it since he teachers multiple things and the help is there if only the parents pulled their heads out of their butt. tangledlettuce

Parents are dangerous! 

There was this one kid who clearly cheated on a test. I wrote him up, and I notified the parents via email. Later that afternoon after the students had left, his mom AND grandma (two VERY large and imposing women, btw) had the son let them into the back door of the school, and they walked around the building until they found me (I was in a coworker's room). They demanded to speak with me and followed me around until I showed them the assignment. I, as a first year teacher, had no idea what to do. I escorted them to my room and showed them the son's assignment and the paper the son had cheated off of. They categorically denied it, and they said the son would NEVER do anything like that, despite having the evidence in their face. They then made veiled threats about "hoping they don't have to get his uncle involved."

It was weird. I told my department chair (usually an incompetent) the next day, and she went through the roof. She told me to walk them straight to security next time that happens. My assistant principal apparently called the parents and told them off. That was literally the one time I was treated well and supported by my superiors at that school.

Side note: that kid's mom led to me getting fired eventually. And yes, it was connected to her son's cheating. violetnap

Oh Honey... maybe you're drunk...


Had a student at our school visibly trashed at a dance. She threw up in the bathroom and parking lot. Her date had to carry her out to the car. Showed mom all the video evidence plus text messages from drunk girl to her friends about how drunk she was. Mom claimed it was because she is lactose intolerant and must have ingested dairy. Keepgi

Making side money....

He got caught selling his Ritalin to other kids at the school. Parents absolutely refused to believe it and ended up suing the school. He was suspended but why he was not criminally charged, I'm not sure. This was probably almost 20 years ago now, though, so I'm sure it would be handled differently today. bessann28


I told a ninth grader that unless she started showing up to school regularly and got her grades up, she would be transferred to an alternative high school as a sophomore (she was failing everything and once you fall so many classes behind it's virtually impossible to get caught up in our district). Her mom called a conference with the assistant principal to discuss the tone of voice I used, and completely ignored the fact that her kid was missing school multiple days and was likely failing all her classes due to her poor attendance. Choosethebiggerlife

Help me Mom....

I had a teacher in the 6th grade who recommended that I get tested for ADD. The teacher was super nice and comforting about it, he said he noticed I seemed distracted and I was struggling. He said it was no big deal, lots of people have it, and I would benefit from possibly getting a diagnosis. My mom would not have ANY of that. Nothing could be wrong with her sweet baby.

My mom was the sweetest lady, but she had her own mental health problems and distrusted doctors immensely and it held me back for sure. ieatsmallchildren92

Deny. Deny. DENY! 

My mom is a 7th grade English teacher, she had a kid constantly scream and yell in class and even yell the N word. The parents always denied it. One time the kid yelled the N word and got beat up for it, again the parents said no my son is a good kid, you're lying. My mom then recorded the kid doing it as proof for the school to punish the kid. The mom continuously denied it. I'm not sure if the mother saw the video at technically you're not aloud to record the kids.

BTW the kid was white which is why he got beat up. The school thought he was possibly psycho or had tourettes, but mom denied it all and wouldn't get him tested. NETGEAR1993

She Hangry! 


They weren't called in, but! It was drop off and they were already present.... I worked in a daycare and one day this lady walked in with her daughter and immediately I watched her daughter canvas the room, spot her target and walked right over and bit her. Out of no where, her moms response "Well! What did that little girl do to her?!"... Me:..... Awkward eye contact with other parent. itzMeHK

Are you blind?

We have a student in their second year of high school that's never set foot in the building.

They live with mom, and every morning mom leaves for work, watches the kid walk down the block and turn the corner, then goes to work. Kid doubles back, sits down and plays Fortnite every day. It took us all of last year to convince mom he was doing this. She was totally convinced we just forgot to mark them as present for 189 days. Finally, one of our YCW parked outside the house and watched him do it.

Hauled mom and kid in, explained that he'd been busted, Mom still didn't believe us. It's now November of year 2, still not seen the kid. RandomActPG

How dare you tell the truth! 

I was an English teacher on my dad's private high school (in Venezuela private schools are more common but then college is free) caught him selling drugs and with stolen property in his backpack. Because of child protections laws in Venezuela you can't search students or accuse them with police, or even expel them because that would make the student feel bad. We called his mom and she started yelling at us because her kid was such an angel and how dare us, and that we were all against her poor child. A week later he was shot 17 times in gang shoot out and she came asking us to go to the funeral. Mantuko


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