Teachers Reveal The Best 'Well, You're Not Wrong' Answers They've Ever Seen On Exams


In life, sometimes there's wrong and "technically not wrong" - and the difference can often be hilarious.

If you're a teacher, have worked with kids, or you're a parent then you probably know what I'm talking about. My youngest is notorious for this kind of thing. If you ask her what she's doing, she's pretty likely to answer you with something like "being made of awesome."

I mean ... she's not wrong.

Reddit user TheKarmaCauser asked:

Teachers, what were some "well, you're not wrong" answers that you read on some sort of assignment or test?

Quite a few of these students are also made of awesome, I just know it.

SO MANY Decades

Last week I had a 10th grader start his essay with "Humans have been on the earth for many decades."

- Skinnerwatson

Points For Friendship

Question: "What is something that is not counted in GDP (Gross Domestic Product)?"

Answer: "Friendship"

I gave the student the points since I laughed out loud, and it was only two points (on a 25 point assignment.)

- Spreebiz

Human History

English as a foreign language class, with students who were below grade level. I gave them a vocabulary worksheet, and asked them to write complete sentences using words from a list. The main point was to just practice writing complete, grammatical sentences, but I was hoping for some evidence that they knew what the words meant as well. One of the words was "tribe". One student wrote: "Our tribe is better than your tribe!"

And I though, not only was she not wrong. She had just summed up thousands of years of human history in a single sentence.

- Floodnak

Great Lung Capacity


I had to evaluate a kids saxophone playing for finals.The test is structured so you just get sent a sheet of music and the students can play it at any tempo.

This kid decided to have a tempo of like, -20.

A quarter note was three seconds long. It took a straight 5 minutes to play 3 lines. I was honestly surprised he didn't pass out on the whole notes. I guess he has great lungs.

Dude was really trying to both pass AND piss me off. He's a little brat, and has an ego the size of China; but he does have a lot of skill to back up his attitude.

He went through great sufferings just to annoy me. The whole and half notes were so annoying since at one point it was just half notes going up the scale. I've never wanted to wrongfully fail a student that much, but this kid always tests me.

Still hate him. I can't wait for him to graduate even though the band will suffer because he's the only talent there. I just hate his attitude.

- ding-dong-ding-dong

I can't imagine anything worse than listening to a high school student play saxophone very, very slowly.

- Ninedaysqueen

A Shockingly Un-Buddhist Solution

I am a Religious Studies teacher in the UK, I was teaching a lesson about Buddhism and I asked the class: "What do you think of the Buddhist claim that it is possible to end all suffering in the world?"

Most of the kids were skeptical but one was certain it was possible. I asked how.

"You destroy the planet and all life."

- SubjectsNotObjects

Stop Sign

I had my grade four students doing a math assignment where they had to identify and name different shapes (like square, triangle, etc.) I put an octagon on the sheet and i had one kid write "stop sign???" in the middle and I laughed hard enough that I gave him the full mark for it.

- Pastaarms


One time, my cousin got in trouble for answer "Jesus" to every single question on his religion exam. He was called up the following day after class in front of the teacher and the principal to be scolded. They asked why he would "make fun and not take his exam seriously."

He just explained that he answered like that because "Jesus is always the answer." They let him go with nothing but a warning after that.

- Novembernyx

Mind Your Business


Psychology test, we were talking about interacting with others and defusing situations.

Question: What techniques can you use if your colleague is having a bad day and seems to be in a bad mood?

Answer: Mind my own business

Technically we do have a technique where you let the person "simmer" and wait out their anger so it's not a built up ball of frustration directed towards you especially in a work setting....they got credit.

- Clem82

A Handful

Good looking men are this:

The answer was 'handsome'. Student wrote 'handful'.

- Gyddanar


"How do you get to Alcatraz?"

A student answered "by boat"

- BriceBanner

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