Tattoo Artists Share Which Designs They're Tired Of Inking
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Legend has it that the last tattoo artist asked to ink a "tribal" tattoo on the body of some muscled bro laid waste to humanity and ushered in an era of social upheaval, war, and famine known as the Dark Ages.

"Tattoo artists, what pieces are you tired of doing?" –– This was today's burning question from Redditor Niff09 and let's just say that your friendly neighborhood tattoo artists had feelings.

"Not exactly tired..."

Not exactly tired of doing it because it's not identical but I hate seeing 18 to 25 year old couples coming in and asking for each others names tattooed. You know you're probably not going to be together forever right?

We also do tattoo removals, ironically, and I've seen plenty of people come back in a few years, or even months later to get the name removed.

I get money so whatever.



Infinity symbols, stars, old English writing, tribal, dandelions bursting into birds, any combination of the list also... Basically as soon as someone famous gets some ink, you're gonna be doing it a LOT. But as my fellow ink-slinger above says, you gotta cover the bills so you do it. Hell, I'll even chat nicely and offer a cuppa to you and your friend


"Everyone in my shop..."

Expected: Roses. So many roses. Infinity symbols. More than that, people asking if things can be done smaller when they really can't (like tiny font in certain areas- the ink is just gonna blur and it'll look bad when it heals. I know you saw someone get it on instagram. They're gonna have to cover up a gray blob in a few years). Crosses, especially the simple, 2-line one on teen girls.

Less expected: Lions. Everyone in my shop had done their fair share of lions. Crowns. Lions in crowns. In the last AskReddit thread about tattoos, some commenters pointed out that this might be a localized phenomenon and I might have met some Latin Kings.

Clocks and pocket watches.

Coordinates. (like, latitude and longitude)


Cat skulls.

Bird skulls.


"Other people's tattoos..."

99% of tattoos are trash but they pay my bills. I don't care what it is, but if someone brings me a photo of a tattoo already on a person, I'm sick of doing it. Other people's tattoos are not flash. "I want something totally original, but exactly like this custom piece this person has..."


"The over-done..."


The over-done nature of infinity symbols makes me a bit sad.


"Dream catchers..."

Dream catchers, anchors, swallows, feathers, butterflies, lotus, mandalas.


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Nautical sleeves. I'm from an island and fuck is it brutal trying to make it "unique" when every fifth person has one. Anchors compasses maps etc. Feathers and pocket watches are close seconds.


"Late to the party..."

Late to the party, and my first tattoo was a tramp stamp on my 21st birthday, but one of the things my 2004 tattooist told me was that he was doing at least one Godsmack sun a day, a design from whatever album they had out at the time, and as I was sitting there getting tatted, a dude walks in asking for that exact thing. I busted out laughing, but my guy was professional. He told him he would do it but that he would feel more comfortable doing something more custom. The guy didn't sway, though, and after I finished up, dude got himself a Godsmack tattoo.


"I am not religious..."

Tattoo artist from Alabama here. I am not religious at all but I think I've ascribed the entire bible on human flesh at this point.


"The Chinese..."

The Chinese word for "water" or "hope" or whatever else cliche term.


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