People Confess If They'd Take Up Arms And Risk Death To Protect Their Country
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We are in troubling times friends.

Everyday the news out of Ukraine is heartbreaking.

And it makes you wonder... "What if that was us?"

Could many of us stand up and join a military resistance if we had to?

It's one thing to think about sacrificing your life, it's a whole other thing to do it.

Redditor CallMeBicBoiwanted to know who would be willing to go to war.

They asked:

"As a civilian, would you be willing to take up arms and potentially die to protect your country? Why or why not?"

I would not head to war. Mostly because I'd be useless. I faint at a pinprick of blood. So...

Coming for us all...

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"Once the invading army starts killing civilians, I'll feel like I have no choice. They're coming after me and my family."


A Direct Hit

"If my country/state was under direct occupation, yes. I am willing to protect my community, family and country. If there was a draft for a war we have no business being in, no. I don't consider protecting America's capitalist interests on foreign soil important."


Without Hesitation!

"I live in Canada. My country hasn't been invaded since we had a little scuffle with our downstairs neighbours in 1812. The idea of going to war to protect my country is an abstract, something that could theoretically happen but isn't an imminent threat. Compare that to Ukraine. It isn't an abstract concept to them."

"I'm sure many are fighting for a sense of nationalism and a desire to protect their country, but how many more are fighting because their families are being threatened? Would I go to war out of a sense of patriotic duty? No, I lack the sort of nationalistic pride that that requires. Would I go to war if that's what I had to do to keep my children safe? Without hesitation."


The Helpers

"I’d probably just care for the wounded. Equally as important but I don’t want to kill anyone."


"This should be the top comment. Help is most frequently found through a warm hand and heart. Medical expertise is a huge bonus lol. I don't give a f**k about someone shooting at me, but the person who helps to calm a mind during a traumatic event... they have a special place."


Things to do...

"No. I’m a coward. I’ll do anything needed here at home to help but I’d be a gibbering mess and would likely mishandle my weapon. No branch of the military wants a person who is just as likely to shoot their comrades versus the enemy."


"Dig trenches, fill sandbags, and triage wounded. Hack computers, conduct targeted misinformation... there's plenty you could do to contribute."


Nobody wants to be in a war, clearly.

It's good to know there are options besides the battlefield though.

Burn it Up!

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"If my friends were directly at risk and we were being invaded, yes. Otherwise if it was just a draft to go overseas and kill poor people? Hell no I'd burn the draft notice."


Joe can do...

"Yes. My nation may not be perfect by a long shot, I’ll be one of the first to tell you that; but it is my home, it is where the ones I love call home as well. I’d rather die than have that be taken away. Well it’s not financially possible for some to leave and/or they already have a life that’s been built/established here. Those reasons would make it difficult to leave. Also there’s not much an average Joe can do. We can try to vote the people in that we think could change our country for the better but..."


For Country!

"If it was to 'protect the country.' Not for some CIA game of risk or so giant multinationals make mega profits while the standard of living goes down for the average person. Certainly not so certain commodities can be secured when history has proven it isn't remotely worth it. Warmongers will figure out a narrative to make killing for greed patriotic."


Not traveling...

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"I would be willing to protect against an invasion on the continental US, but I won't be sent overseas to play world police."


Pray for Peace

"My country? See this is what I find strange. I find the concept of pride in something I had nothing to do with odd. I was born in Canada, I am Canadian. I'm proud of what Canada represents and the ideals we uphold, but to die for for my 'country' is something I wouldn't subscribe to."

"I'd protect my family, friends, neighbours and anyone else from a threat to their lives or way of life from a threat, internal or external. But what flag flies or where the lines are drawn on the map really mean nothing to me. Let me live my life in peace. Honestly, I think we will never see true peace until we forfeit the idea of countries and governments. Which, unfortunately, I don't think will ever happen."


War is ugly. And there seems to be no way to fix it. So for now all we do is pray.

And to all soldiers... Thank you for your service.

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