Weird Things That Nearly Everyone Has Done But Nobody Admits To

Weird Things That Nearly Everyone Has Done But Nobody Admits To

C'mon, we've all done it.


1. Looked at someone and fantasized about them.

Fantasized about the life that you'd have together. Cooking dinner together. Going shopping for clothes together. Waking up before them and what you'd have to do to be quiet so you don't wake them. Sitting on the couch both reading and being ok with the silent company.

Or maybe that's just a lonely person thing, I don't know.


2. Waited in the bathroom stall for whoever else was in there to leave first before coming out because they heard you destroy it. Hoping they didn't recognize your shoes.


3. Think that someone's baby looks ugly.


4. Looking at their own poop

I had a guy in high school ask us if we ever looked at the toilet paper after we wiped and of course everyone kind of panicked and was like "ew, no who would do that" and he yelled "y'all are a bunch of dirty liars! If you didn't look you'd have no idea you were done wiping" he wasn't wrong.


5. There are millions of sweet little old men and women in their 60's and 70's who did a lot of cocaine back in the day.


6. Had long imaginary conversations with someone in their head.

Sometimes mine involve ... (Continued)

facial expressions and hand gestures, which gets awkward when I don't realize someone is watching me.


7. During maths exams in the past I've used my calculator for even the simplest sums...just to make sure. 9x10 is 90 right? Yep. Just making sure.


8. Thought about just jerking the steering wheel into oncoming traffic.

And then worried about what if your body did it all by itself, against your conscious will.


9. Get incredibly defensive for no reason when someone asks you if you were sleeping and you were woken up.


10. Put your hand down your pants while you watch TV not to play with your junk, just to have it there. Or sometimes just holding your boobs, same reason.


12. Picking your nose. Especially in (Continued)

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the car.


13. Counted down to a trafic light changing and gotten disappointed when you weren't psychic.

"3... 2... 1... Now. Dammit. 3...2...1...NOW! Dammit."


14. Stalk your crush's/ex's social media accounts. Yes, people acknowledge that this is a thing. But nobody actually admits that they themselves do it.


15. Scratch their private areas then smell their fingers.


16. Thought seriously about about leaving everyone and everything behind to start over elsewhere.


17. Peeing in the shower and (Continued)

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in the swimming pool.


18. Typing out a comment only to erase it because you feel like nothing you say is important or you chicken out. Also reading it over like 5 times to make sure that your spelling is perfect.


19. Nearly fingered their butt-holes in an attempt to scratch it.


20. Think really negative / mean thoughts about someone else, even though you don't really think that thing.


21. Looked in the mirror while crying really hard.


22. Wondered if you were secretly being videotaped like in The Truman Show.


23. Farted and then (Continued)

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blamed it on someone else.


24. Running your fingers through your pubes in a nonsexual way.


25. Picking up something you dropped, with your feet, because you're too lazy to bend down.


26. Running up the stairs to avoid the monster that is chasing you out of the basement.


27. Open the fridge just to look inside, close it, and walk away.


28. Pretending you are opening automatic doors using your Jedi force.


29. Checking if there's a (Continued)

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murderer lurking behind the shower curtain.


30. Pacing while talking on the phone. Sometimes I'll lap around my house like 50 times in one call.


31. You take out your phone to check the time, then put it back in your pocket. A couple seconds go by and you realize you have no idea what time it said, and you have to check again.


32. Got lost while driving? Better turn down the volume on the radio, since that will surely help you find your way.

Chan Teik Onn

33. Going through the whole alphabet just to find the position of one letter.


34. Holding your breath during an "underwater scene" in a movie just to see if you would survive.


35. Reading other peoples' diaries, searching through their computer, going through their stuff, etc. We've all done something like this and it's way too creepy to admit.


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