Psychology is a powerful tool in the art of persuasion. It can prove especially helpful if you work, study, or frequent areas that require negotiation skills.

A user on Quora asked the question, "What are top 50 tricks of psychology that every one should follow every day to make life easier and keep ahead of others by mind game?"

We've compiled the top 17 answers for you. Next time you want to get your way, keep these tricks in mind.

The answer was provided by Krishna Vedavyas, an Engineer and Student of Psychology. If you would like to check out the rest of Krishna's tips, check out the link at the bottom of this article.

1. Give them a choice without giving them a choice: If you want someone to do something for you and you don't want to give them a choice, just give them a choice to do some of it or all of it. This is a trick my mother used to play on me. I absolutely hated Okra as a kid. So while cooking Okra, mom used to ask me if I want 3 or 5 Okras. I would say 3 Okra, feeling pleased, and would still do what mom wanted!

2. Senses dependent recall: Try this in a simple way. Watch a movie you've never watched while playing a game you've never played on your phone. Next time, whenever you watch the movie you will remember the game, or whenever you play the game you will remember that movie. In the very same way, try chewing a gum while studying for an exam. While writing the exam, chew the same flavor gum - you'll recall the answers easier than before.

3. If you can't convince them, confuse them: Let's take it in a business perspective: If you are developing an app/website that helps you order food from different restaurants of selected cities, just saying that might not convince all the investors you want. Instead, include a huge set of geeky terms into your manifesto, saying that you are going to analyze people's food habits depending on the day of order, season, time, weekends, holidays, place, gender and a bunch of other defining differences (thereby improving recommendations for similar demographics). This will bag more investors than the prior one. Christopher Nolan does this with his films by confusing audience with a lot of scientific/technical detailing.

4. If you can't confuse them, corrupt them: Continuing from the above example: some investors aren't dumb enough to fall for your confusing manifesto. Just give them want they want - advertise their companies, (or the companies that pay them), on your app. As simple as that. Micheal Bay does this with his films with a lot of product placements that will satisfy investors and producers and with lot of bomb blasts and action sequences that will satisfy audiences, and trick them into actually believing that the movie is good, irrespective of the story quality.

5. Detect your Stalker: Ever get the feeling that someone is watching you, but you're not sure? Try yawning, then glance at your suspected stalker. If they yawn, then you know they've been watching you, since yawning is contagious. Alternatively, look at your watch. If they are indeed watching you they will usually look at their own watch.

6. Social Joke breaker: If someone is cracking an ill-spirited joke about you or your friend in a group, just pretend that you can't hear them and ask them to repeat it. Then stop them in between for answering a text or something, apologize and ask them to repeat again, no joke is funny for the third time and no one in the group laughs.

7. Paternal Wisdom: If you want people to take your words more seriously just say, "This was what my father taught me when I was a kid". People tend to believe more in fatherly advice.

8. The Silent technique: Nothing is worse than a silent listener. People will go to any extent to break your silence while talking or negotiating, and sometimes they even give up their key point just to regain your voice in the conversation. If you want a friend to open up about something, just ask him/her a question and if you feel like they just gave you half of the actual answer, maintain eye contact and stay silent.

9. Do not round up statistics: This is a classic. All the stores/companies use this to lure customers, and also to get concession on tax. Non rounded up things look more legitimate than rounded up things. So, stores make it 99 cents instead of 1 dollar. In the same way, when a friend asks you to review a book or a movie don't give them a rounded figure. Give them a figure with decimal value like 3.25/5 or something. This will make them feel like it's well thought out.

10. Hold your glass with left hand in parties: People like warm handshakes. So always hold your glass with your left hand so that your right hand doesn't turn cold. Also make sure your right hand isn't sweaty because that's just disgusting.

11. Confrontation complication: You want to avoid getting confronted or ratted out by certain person? Sit beside them. Not many people can sit next to a person that they are about to bad mouth.

12. Rock Paper Scissors: Do you want to win a Rock Paper Scissors game? Just ask the opponent a question! Their brain automatically goes into defense mode to prep to answer question and almost always people defensively throw Scissors.

13. The concept of Sale: Give something useful away for free with something less useful, and it makes people buy the overly priced and less useful thing to gain something useful. It will automatically make them feel like the pricey and less useful thing is a useful thing too.

14. Achieving technique: To achieve a goal, stop visualizing the end and start visualizing the processes to achieve that goal and the future beyond the goal. This will make people work harder than before.

15. Take to gain trust: If you want to make someone trust you, take something from them - after asking, of course. It doesn't matter how small it is (like a tissue on the table or a pen in their pocket). Once a thing passes from their hands to yours, their brain registers it as an investment in you. People tend to trust their investments, thereby trusting you. Also asking people favors will tell their brain that they like you.

16. Swear a little when you can: Even adding an innocent word like "Damn" can make you more persuading.

17. Identify your admirer in a group: If you want to identify your admirer in a group of people just crack a joke and observe, the person who admires you will look at you longer while laughing than the rest/ they would look at you first.

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