These People Just Summed Up What's So Sexist About Spy Movies In The Most Hilarious Way.


When you look at the statistics of females and males in film, the numbers reveal a shocking disparity between genders. Here are some quick stats to get you up to snuff (if you aren't already)...

Only 30.8% of speaking roles are women.

26.2% of female actors get partially naked in films. 9.4% of men do.

Only 10.7% of the top 500 films feature a cast that has at least half female actors.

In action and spy movies, this trend is exacerbated, as women (or, shall I say woman, since there is often only one token female in these films) are often portrayed as hyper-sexualized damsels in distress.

Needless to say, this hasn't gone unnoticed. When one Tumblr user started musing about an inverse spy movie, the comedic activism pot was stirred, and everyone hopped in. Below is the hilarious and poignant result.


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