The Most Fascinating And Bone Chilling Alien Conspiracy Theories Of All Time.

The Most Fascinating And Bone Chilling Alien Conspiracy Theories Of All Time.

C'mon... there's got to be something out there beyond just us.


1. The Planet Blue Project

The Planet Blue Project was apparently written by some high level government security personal who attempted to expose the existence of aliens. They describe in great detail the different alien races (each with different agendas), as well as our governments involvement in human experiments, strange phenomenons, cover ups, and the real reason for Kennedys assassination. Seems almost too weird to be true because I thought that too, until a coworker told me a story of her grandfather on his deathbed mentioning Blue Planet Project. Strangle enough, she said he had top security clearance government job that he was never allowed to talk about. He would leave for weeks at a time with no mention of his wearabouts or his return because of his job. He also died of some freakish cancer like disease that doctors were not familiar with. Level up the creep meter and add on the fact that 2 men in black type individuals kicked my coworkers family out of the hospital room with full permission of the hospital because his meds could accidentally make him reveal secrets. I never mentioned this book to my coworker until AFTER she told me this story. Weirdness

2. President Kennedy

There is a theory that president Kennedy was actually killed because he was going to reveal knowledge about aliens the government was hiding. The murder was then covered up with the warren commission.

3. Ghost rockets

In 1946 and 1947, there were numerous reports of so-called ghost rockets appearing over Scandinavian countries, primarily Sweden, which then spread into other European countries. USAF top secret document from 1948 stated that Swedish Air Force Intelligence informed them that some of their investigators felt that the reported objects were not only real but could not be explained as having earthly origins. Similarly, 20 years later, Greek physicist Dr. Paul Santorini publicly stated that in 1947 he was put in charge of a Greek military investigation into reports of ghost rockets sighted over Greece [Timothy Good 1988, p 23; Donald Keyhoe, p 142]. Again, they quickly concluded the objects were real and not of conventional origin. Santorini claimed their investigation was killed by U.S. scientists and high military officials who had already concluded the objects were extraterrestrial in origin and feared public panic because there was no defense.

4. It was fake... until it wasn't

In 1947, the United States Air Force issued a press release stating that a "flying disk" had been recovered near Roswell, New Mexico. This press release was (Continued)

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This press release was quickly withdrawn, and officials stated that a weather balloon had been misidentified. The Roswell case faded even from the attention of most UFOlogists ...until the 1970s. There has been continued speculation that an alien spacecraft did indeed crash near Roswell, despite the denial.

For example, retired Brigadier General Arthur E. Exon, former commanding officer of Wright-Patterson AFB, told researchers that a spacecraft had crashed, alien bodies were recovered, and the event was covered up by the U.S. government. Exon further claimed he was aware of a very secretive UFO controlling committee made up primarily of very high-ranking military officers and intelligence people. His nickname for this group was "The Unholy Thirteen"

5. The Mantell Incident

The 1948 death of Air Force pilot Thomas Mantell (the so-called Mantell Incident) may have contributed to a distrust of governmental UFO studies. Mantell's airplane crashed and he was killed following the pursuit of an aerial artifact he described as "a metallic object...of tremendous size"

Personnel investigated the case and determined that Mantell had been chasing the planet Venus, a conclusion which met with incredulity. Later, this theory was changed to include a Skyhook balloon instead of Venus, an explanation which continues to be debated to this day. Hmm.... very suspicious.

6. Aliens over London, England

Eight files from 1978 to 1987 on UFO sightings were first released on May 14, 2008, to the National Archives' website by the British Ministry of Defence. 200 files were set to be made public by 2012. The files are correspondence from the public sent to government officials, such as the MoD and Margaret Thatcher. The information can be downloaded. Copies of Lt. Col. Halt's letter regarding the sighting at RAF Woodbridge to the U.K. Ministry of Defense were routinely released (without additional comment) by the USA's base public affairs staff throughout the 1980s until the base closed. The MoD released the files due to requests under the Freedom of Information Act. The files included, among other things, alien craft flying over Liverpool and Waterloo Bridge in London.

7. The Carteret Case had dozens of witnesses

The Carteret case is one of the most convincing and multifaceted UFO cases that NY-SPI has ever looked into. This event, originally investigated by Dennis Anderson in 2001, involved dozens (possibly hundreds) of eyewitnesses throughout central New Jersey and Staten Island, New York. Among the most credible witnesses interviewed were a police officer and a reverend, both from Carteret, NJ. The reverend, who also happens to be an experienced, small airplane pilot, estimated the size of the object to be at least 1000 ft in length. Although only five eyewitnesses were shown on television in NY-SPI's investigation of this case, many more came forward previously, including an actual (Continued)

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including an actual police chief from northern New Jersey who observed strange objects in the air that night while piloting his small airplane near the Delaware Water Gap. Together with the many witness testimonies, there was also amazing video footage taken of the event, as well as radar returns of erratic, fast-moving objects in the air without transponders, obtained from a source inside the FAA. To top it off, this event occurred in highly-sensitive air space near NYC, within just a few miles of three major airports, and above critical oil refineries, power-generating plants, major highways, and the busiest commercial seaport in the country. It should be mentioned that the FAA evidence originally provided by NIDS (Nation Institute of Discovery Science) was uncovered after all three metro NY airports and McGuire Air Force Base in NJ each reported nothing unusual in the skies that evening.

8. They're right here... beside us

Let's assume we live in a almost infinite sized universe.

Let's assume that our earth story has played out billions and billions of times.

The difference between us and apes is so small and yet we can't speak with them.

Think of the difference just 60 years makes. The time between humans inventing flight and the atom bomb.

Now think what an additional 1000 years would be like for humans. It would be incomprehensible. We would look at our current selves as cave people.

Everything is made of energy, but many levels of energy are unable to interact with each other. This means we could actually co-exist in the same space and not even know it.

The aliens could have discovered a way to move into dimensions we can't currently understand. Similar to explaining radio waves to cave people.

There must be at least one alien race that has created this technology to travel everywhere in the universe , and we probably appear like worms to them because we are so un-evolved.

So what if they're right beside us, and we can't even grasp them yet?

Think about it.

9. The Black Knight Satellite

Since man first gazed up at the stars, people have wondered if humans are really alone in this universe. Thousands of years later, despite all of our advanced technology, we're still not any closer to answering that question. We generally believe that if there are other civilizations out there, they're probably far away in some distant galaxy.

But what if aliens have been hovering close to the Earth this whole time?

In the 1950s, as the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union was starting, the U.S. made a strange discovery... (Continued)

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A large unknown satellite was detected in a polar orbit around Earth, apparently broadcasting something. The obvious explanation was that it was a Russian satellite. However, neither nation had the technology to launch and maintain an object in polar orbit at the time.

Needless to say, this discovery ignited a media frenzy. Despite widespread public speculation, the government released a statement stating that the mystery satellite was just a piece of space debris.

However, that did not stop people from speculating that the mystery satellite, at this point known as "The Black Knight," was more than it appeared to be.

The object that people believe to be the Black Knight has been photographed several times by NASA. Above is a zoomed-in photo of the object. According to astronomers, it weighs at least 10 tons. Technology in the 1950s was nowhere near capable of launching something of that weight into space.

10. A Giant, mile long UFO

On January 8, at least 200 people saw a UFO in the rural town of Stephenville, Texas. The witnesses included a pilot, a lawyer and several business people. Reporter Angela K. Brown quotes one witness as describing the UFO "as a large silent object with bright lights flying low and fast." Another witness describes seeing "red glowing lights and then white flashing lights moving fast."

This gigantic object was thought to be a mile long, rimmed with twinkling lights. The reports are strikingly similar to those that appeared during (Continued)

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The reports are strikingly similar to those that appeared during the Hudson Valley flap in the 1980s. The Hudson Valley sightings were accompanied by a wave of abduction reports, including that of Whitley Strieber, who lived around 30 miles from the highest concentration of sightings. He was unaware of them at the time he was abducted.

11. The Hologram Plan

This one is weird. In 2009, a strange, blue light formed in the night sky over Norway. While the explanation is likely meteorological, conspiracy theorists declared it to be a failed attempt at implementing Project Blue Beam. The theory goes that the "New World Order" plans to show a holographic projection simulating an alien invasion as a means to seize power. Clearly, they are still working out the kinks in their plan.

12. And of course, there's Area 51...

Conspiracy theorists believe that the remains of crashed UFO spacecrafts are stored at Area 51, an Air Force base about 150 miles from Las Vegas, where government scientists reverse-engineer the aliens' highly advanced technology to give us innovations such as the Stealth fighter and Kevlar. Fodder for this has come from a variety of supposed UFO sightings in the area and testimony from a retired Army colonel who says he was given access to extraterrestrial materials gathered from an alien spacecraft that crashed in Roswell, N.M. Some believe that the government studies time travel at Area 51, also known as Groom Lake or Dreamland.

The government has developed advanced aircraft and weapons systems at nearby Nellis Air Force Base, including Stealth bombers and reconnaissance planes. And the government's official line that the details of Area 51 are classified for purposes of national security is only seen as further proof that the military is hiding aliens or alien spacecraft.

13. Ancient astronauts (or ancient aliens)

Ancient astronauts (or ancient aliens) is an unscientifically supported concept based on the belief that intelligent extraterrestrial beings visited Earth and made contact with humans in antiquity / prehistoric times. Proponents suggest that this contact influenced the development of modern cultures, technologies, and religions. One claim is that (Continued)

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deities from most, if not all, religions are extraterrestrial in origin, and that advanced technologies brought to Earth by ancient astronauts were interpreted as evidence of divine status by early humans.

14. Nasa faked the moon landings

This one is only slightly related to aliens, but still interesting.

Some of the theories surrounding this subject are that the Apollo astronauts did not land on the Moon; Nasa and possibly others intentionally deceived the public into believing the landings did occur by manufacturing, destroying, or tampering with evidence, including photos, telemetry tapes, transmissions, and rock samples; and that Nasa and possibly others continue to actively participate in the conspiracy to this day.

Those who think that Nasa faked some or all of the landings base their theories on photographs from the lunar surface which they claim show camera crosshairs partially behind rocks, a flag planted by Buzz Aldrin moving in a strange way, the lack of stars over the lunar landscape and shadows falling in different direction. Many commentators have published detailed rebuttals to the hoax claims, and these theories have been generally discounted.

15. The CIA's Guide to Taking Pictures of UFOs

The title pretty much sums this one up. Staff writer Jordan Pearson sifted through a trove of documents released by the CIA regarding the agency's own UFO projects during the 1940s and 1950s. Buried amid other curiosities were detailed instructions for how to take a photo of a UFO for analysis. "Step 1: Have camera set to infinity."

16. The Valley of the UFOs

In a small Colorado town called Hooper, there exists a place called the UFO Watchtower. The site is host to an extreme number of extraterrestrial sightings, and just so happens to sit right on top of the "Bermuda Triangle of the West." Motherboard producer Chris O'Coin visited this strange lookout post to meet the people whose watchful eyes are glued to the skies.

17. The Dominant Life Form in the Cosmos Is Probably Superintelligent Robots

Forget little green men, or anything remotely resembling life on Earthextraterrestrial life will probably come in the form of robots that outsmart us in every single way. A group of philosophers and astronomers are now suggesting that the dominant lifeforms in the universe are likely artificial. And when we meet them, they'll be far most sophisticated than humans can understand.

18. Russia's Dyatlov Pass Incident, the Strangest Unsolved Mystery of the Last Century

You've probably already heard of this one: Nine skiers mysteriously and gruesomely perish in the middle of the Russian tundra. The exact circumstances of their deaths remain unknown, but trace evidence seems to suggest that something foulor alienwas afoot. Motherboard editor-in-chief, Derek Mead, explores some of the most likely and sinister theories.


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