The Internet Is Going Wild Trying To Find The Camouflaged Snake In This Picture – Can You Find It?

A herpetology student from Florida named Helen just shared a photo of a snake being so blended into nature, its a real struggle to find it. The picture was posted with the following caption: Received this from a fellow HERper this morning. No caption needed, the task was implied: can you spot the snake?

So, what are you waiting for will YOU take the challenge and find the hiding reptile? Helen was kind enough to give a hint: If yall havent found it yet Copperhead, aka Agkistrodon contortrix. Cute but venomous, so no touchy!

Seriously, this snake is the master of camouflage!

More info: Twitter

A herpetology student just shared a photo of a snake being so blended into nature, its a real struggle to find it

Luckily, the herpetology student was kind enough to provide the answer to those who gave up

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