Sex Workers Reveal Surprisingly Profound Moments They've Shared With Their Clients.


The following AskReddit users open about what it's like to work as a sex worker, and the unexpectedly deep connections they share with their clients (which are often more than just physical, but also emotional ties that run much deeper than the superficial assumptions society tends to make when it comes to their profession and those who choose to use their services).

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We spoke about his desire to finish school and become a teacher, as well as, on some Canadian history. He was just an awkward (probably on the spectrum), lonely guy living in a very small town. He talked for 80ish minutes nonstop while I made dinner.


My most memorable one didn't start off as just talking. I got to his house and it was clear that he wasn't comfortable, so we sat down for a glass of wine to get him relaxed. Within five minutes, I was hugging him while he vented about his recently dead wife (I resembled her, hence, the reason why he booked me). I got the full ABCs on their meeting, dating, and marriage. I got the photo album delve. I stayed for half an hour longer than intended and never saw or heard from him again. The whole thing kind of just broke my heart.

Another one, we just hung out in a pub (Obviously, I ensured that I could see my drinks being poured) and watched the rugby game while exchanging anecdotes. He was a nice guy. I did that for a good amount of the Six Nations Champions a few years ago. It was a nice weekly paycheck.

Last but not least, I had one guy who just wanted to drink tea in Yumchaa and sketch possible tattoo ideas with me.


A "sex worker" might be pushing it, but I used to work at a massage parlour.

Some guys just wanted to talk. Usually, it was about their unhappy marriages and estranged relationships. One guy (in particular) would just talk about feeling lonely. He would then cry and hold me. It was so sad that this was the only way some guys got to feel like someone was actually listening to them.


When my wife passed, I went to the local brothel a couple of weeks later and hired a prostitute. But all I wanted was to hold her skin-to-skin and cry. She was very understanding, and I made her cry too (Although, I didn't mean to). I still have never had sex with a prostitute- but just having someone there that I wasn't emotionally attached to, hold onto me, really did help immensely. Especially at that point, when I was still dealing with my grief.


I was a Top 20 Camgirl on F4F and MFC for a few years. I had one customer who consistently only wanted to talk and would do so for many hours quite frequently (I was not cheap either). I ended up winning tons of contests and such from this guy.

We would talk about everything from videos games to books, especially as we were both quite nerdy. As time went on, we became more comfortable with each other. We took our conversations away from the site and onto Skype/messenger.

I ended up moving to his country and marrying the guy. Life is full of surprises.


One paid me to awkwardly cry about her husband's inability to be affectionate towards her anymore during a well-cooked meal. Another one paid me to watch movies with her. It was kind of sad, but also rewarding at the same time.


I work as a chat manager for Russian cam girls who can't speak English. One time, I had an hour long conversation about rock music. I also spent two hours educating a man on different mythologies (that one was funny). He actually wanted some action, but then he called the girl an angel- and we went off from there

There was also a client who just rambled on about his pet bird and how he wanted more.


Stripper here. Most of my clients are lonely business men. They just want to chat with you like you're their friend, everything from T.V. shows to artwork.

My favourite booking was with a guy who booked me for 3 hours after finding out that we both played medic in TF2. We watched Bates Motel after we ran out of TF2-based subjects to talk about.

Sometimes, you get nerdy virgin guys who want to talk about being bullied their whole life. I normally like to get them drunk because it gets super emotionally draining to talk to them.

It's honestly boring small talk most of the time. Clients are just bored and want some company.


I'm not exactly a "sex worker," but I've been in a "sugar relationship." So, I'm still going to answer because, technically, I have received payments as gifts.

He was basically in the same line of work as me and understood my research. He was a reputable surgeon himself. We talked about everything from his divorce, to his kids, sports, my research, past relationships, education, and the shows that we enjoy on Netflix, etc. We also dated without sex too on the occasion. We would go out for a nice dinner and a couple of drinks, and then we would just head back and go to sleep.


One guy talked to me about how he lost his virginity to an older woman. It was a pretty sad conversation because he was under age. I've also had a hour and a half convo with a man in VIP about video games. It was definitely a good night for me.


I got to go sailing in the ocean, and it was a lot of fun. It was my first time on a boat in the open sea. Afterwards, we had lunch at a dock probably 5-6 hours away (by car). I got awfully sunburned though. I didn't expect it to be such a nice day.

I'd say my most memorable experience was when he came over, and instead of it being the usual business, he took me out for a night on the town. We had supper, watched a play (It was Lion King), and then we had a good night kiss and left. I never did see him again.


At 25, I was still a virgin and wanted to lose it. I found an escort on Craigslist and went to meet her at the motel room she was staying at. I got so nervous. She happened to have True Blood on the free HBO channel in the room. It was just starting on its second season (at the time), and I loved it. So, we talked about that for a while. Then, I asked her how she got into this line of work. She told me her husband had died a year earlier, and she had to pay the bills somehow. I felt really sad, and I knew that I didn't want to lose my virginity like this. I thanked her for her time, paid, and left.


When I was 19, I traveled to NYC for a week and visited Shake Shack a few hours after arriving. I called my mom while I was in line and told her that I had arrived.

A man behind me overheard our conversation and asked me if I had any friends or family in town. We sat down together, and he bought me a beer. He told me that I was handsome and that he wanted to help me out by having me stay at his place. I would have said no, but he said that he was a doctor and showed me his credentials. He told me that he wanted me to walk around his apartment naked and just spend time with him while he wasn't working.

He paid me $500 a night. When we went to the underground garage, a lot of the cars had MD on the plates and I even saw a few US Representative plates. I haven't been to NYC since, but he said I've always got a place to stay.

We did not have sex, and I would definitely do it again.


I used to freelance in Japan years ago in my early 20's. The most requested thing was dates. The women just wanted to take me out on dates. It was either shopping, to the movies, or introducing me to their friends, etc.

The least requested thing was sex. Out of my six clients, I only had sex with two of them, and the last one is the one that drove me to quit.


I picked up a girl from a bar one night. It turns out that she was a prostitute. I didn't pay. She was just looking for a good time. She convinced me to give it a try (sure, why not). Most of the girls were pretty average looking. A lot of them just wanted to go out on dates, or they would pay for an hour just to sit there and talk. Most of them just seemed lonely. It was a little too much for me, so I stopped doing it shorty after.


I used to play World of Warcraft with a male stripper. He would occasionally talk about his job while we were playing and when he was drinking. He said his most common clients were married couples, and they'd usually want him to give a lap dance to the husband while the wife watched.


Like any other job, we meet some really lovely people and some not-so-lovely ones. I had one guy who wanted to send me $2000 every month so that I didn't have to do what I did. Then, I had another guy who sent me really nasty emails after our first and only encounter. I honestly preferred the older men. They always had more respect for themselves and for me.


I've been a stripper for almost four years now. I like it, and I like most of my customers. I spend more time than most people would believe just talking and cuddling (fully clothed) for money. Lots of lonely people. Lots of older guys who may have just lost their wives and miss the physical contact, the attention, and (most especially) the smell of a woman. I don't know if I just attract the sad ones or what, but I'm usually genuinely interested in my customers' stories and lives.

I don't put up with rude/drunk/disrespectful guys, and one of the main appeals of my job is that I don't have to.


I am closer to some of my regulars than I am with my own friends. My regulars know what I do for a living, my friends don't. I vent to a few of them, and they are always there to listen. It's hard not to care about people you talk to on a daily basis and are just over all good people. For a lot of my long-term regulars, I stopped charging them months ago, simply because we transitioned from a buyer-seller relationship to friends.


I am a professional dominatrix. All of my clients are completely normal, respectful, and well-rounded men. They are typically "alpha men," who are used to being in charge in their everyday lives, so they come to me to let loose. People think only the weak-willed and wimpy would be interested in submitting, but in fact, my clients are your bosses, judges, politicians, CEOs. Normal, but powerful guys, who just want to have someone else take charge for once. It's been a pleasure to know them.


I was a camgirl for 4 years.I respect my clients if they respect me. There's no reason for me to suck up to anyone if they don't treat me like a human being. On the other hand, I adore the hell out of my regulars. I care about how they're doing and have helped some of them out with personal stuff before. Real online friendships have been formed. If someone can't tip for a prolonged period of time, but is a nice and interesting person and doesn't expect anything for free, I don't see why we shouldn't be good buddies. I know many camgirls feel the same way.

There's no reason whatsoever for me to ever look down on any of my customers. If someone wants to get rid of their loneliness or horniness by paying for it, well then, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, period. It's everyone's own prerogative to decide how to spend the money they worked for.


I used to meet men on Craigslist. Most of the guys were very polite, respectful, and generous. I found that a lot of the times they just wanted companionship, more so than sex.

I became pretty close friends with a few of my regulars. One guy in particular was always very funny. He literally had me laughing hysterically every time we met. He was such a sweet guy too. He'd often let me borrow his car when I needed to go somewhere.

The sad thing with him though was that he had some sort of medical issue (diabetes maybe) where he couldn't get an erection. He was so embarrassed about it though. He was an attractive and funny guy, so I'm sure he didn't have any problems meeting women. I think keeping them around was the problem though. I really miss him, and I hope he's found someone who takes good care of him because he really does deserve it.


I've been a professional dominatrix for 4 years now, and I honestly think I have the best gig on earth (For me, it's obviously not for everyone). I've spent a great deal of time projecting my particular interests and specialties, while enforcing my hard limits and boundaries. It's left me with a very special clique of regular clients who enjoy what I enjoy, can laugh with me, and who's company I honestly look forward to sharing. 

My clients know a very real part of who I am that I don't get to express in other settings. It's true, some of my clients even know a side of me that my friends will never experience. My favorite regular and I grab wine and dinner about once or twice a month (off the books) just to catch up and laugh. He's not someone I would have met otherwise, and it's a privilege to maintain that relationship because he's genuine, respectful, and a really great guy. 

In my field, we actively seek out women who love what their doing and are not forced or coerced by the cash. That being said, the 'Pretty Woman' scenario would be the ultimate way to meet a real life partner. Many ladies have courted some of their clients outside of the dungeon. If I found a true connection with a client, I would be totally open to seeing them in a less professional capacity. I have nothing but respect for the amount of courage it takes to walk into a dungeon and articulate your needs and desires.


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